Search a New Story Part One the Eve of Self Destruction?

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


A female reporter and her ex community college sister just happen to join Search. And temporarily become Serach Unit Number Five!

After the Search member returned back again to his unit his partner called out him,"Hey Search Unit Number One my partner! When you were absent with leave, something new came up!

Each one of us has a price tag of eight million dollars on his head! And here's the really juicy part! It's only collectible ifen we all have to be completely annihilated at the same exact time and place! What do you make of that partner!"

"We should become so lucky! Those boozes would really be doing us a big favor by putting us out of our misery." Laughed his Search Unit One partner.

"My fellow Unit Number One partner, is this some kind of sick joke you are playing on me?" He asked him wanting to know his answer.

His partner looked directly into his black mask face and twinkling eyes. " It is no joke, there is a slight catch, we have to permanently destroy Search by first destroying ourselves in the so-called manly art of combat!

Each unit first seeks to destroy its very own partner! And finally the last surviving member remaining must than be willing to destroy himself also for keeps!

But before than we must constantly engage ourselves in mock combat for the pleasurable enjoyment of the entire world! It is all about building up hidden anger and aggression lurking deep within our subconscious minds!"

He looks at all of members of Search by wondering which one of them would reply to him. A response comes in from unit four, "Listen up unit one and the rest of you! Why should we have to die because we have a eight million dollar price tag placed upon our heads by one of our so-called fanatical fan clubs?"

"Yes! We need to engage in mock combat! That will make our simulated social media mock destruction. Actually seem to be more reality based to our world wide viewing audiences!" Unit four rests its case.

A response comes in from unit three," How can we fool them when they have placed tracking devices both upon us and our drones, unit four?"

"Elementary my dearest unit three! Our tracking devices will be completely destroyed in our final special effects monumental mocked battle.

I even have our parting comment circling around in my mind! We who are about to die salute you! It is what the Roman gladiators did in the coliseum for their current emperor and their spectators in about the first century AD!"

"Unit four! Just actually where are we going to go and what are we going to do whenever we get there?

Providing for the hypothetical situations of the probability, we are going to actually survive the after effects of our mocked battles?" Smiles unit two.

Even though they were not allowed to finish their education did not mean they were not able to educate themselves.

"Unit two do you think you can put your explanation in plain ordinary American English?" Remarks Unit three.

"All right I meant to say when we survive our mocked battles, we have to have a strategic exit plan. One that is actually workable and applies to our uniquely desperate scenarios that we currently involve in!

Where do people think that Search really belongs? Come on you all know the answer to that just as well as I do! They want to give Search a one-way ticket to outer space! Because that's where we actually belong!

Don't you jokers get it they just solved our problem for us! We can go some place where they will never find us ever again! Completely away from earth's spire of outer space influence!" Advises Unit two.

"When we finally do reappear you are right, it has to be far enough away from our former home based planet earth!" Unit two tries to present its recommendations.

"And all of you units of Search! All that we have ever had was each other! The last thing we want in the world is to destroy ourselves! But all of those mock battles will really help us to survive in our new outer space environment." Unit one commented.

"We can use our signal flight rings and our other equipment to design a workable and habitual space ship!"

Unit one contributes to their exit proposal. Unit one smiles at his partner and the three other units.

Meanwhile there were some interested individuals who were followers of Search purely based up their curiosity seeker indexes. They wanted to know everything they could obtain about Search.

It was for two basic primary reasons. The first one was for publicity purposes! And the second reason was purely for personal profitable net income gain on the stock market and casino gambling!

Hence they did not even care about whatever happens to Search at all! Hence forth they posted it on all of their world wide network social media sites and outlets.

"Search plans to permanently exit planet earth!"

Their internet posting encircling their entire internet affiliated with their own spire of influence!

Meanwhile Search is actively engaged with their mod-us operand-us strategic exit policy! Search was much more self absorbed with themselves than usual! How could their watchers possibly be aware of their exit policy?

Suddenly their collective light bulbs went on! Why not give their world wide general public something to remember them by? After all didn't they want to watch their spectacular monumental epic final mock battle performance!

But they their usual self absorption with each other mo-mentally came to an abrupt closure!

Suddenly a huge apartment complex bursts into a fiery inferno! In-spontaneously and fearlessly reactions Search springs into their action mod-us operand-us by flying directly into the fiery buildings.

Uuntil the other emergency first res-ponders arrive live on the scene, Search works alone. Upon their arrival, Search works together with the fire, and police departments by following their orders!

Once the smoldering inferno is extinguished, Search remains behind to render their badly needed helpful assistance.

In the after math helpful assistance comes from an unusual quarter from the media. A lone female network reporter presents some disturbingly information concerning Search.

However, Search was completely unaware of her hidden motives, and her secretive agendas concerning them.

In her own mind, she had devised a way, to get close up and personal with them. But it backfires right in her very own face!

"Were you aware there was a collective eight million dollar price tag bounty placed upon Search?

"Were you aware they were instructed to annihilate each other in a fatal aerial combat scenario?

And the money was only payable upon the total demise of Search?

Were you aware that Search instead to stage their final battle as a mock one instead?

Were you aware that Search planned to permanently exit planet earth just as far as they could get and live in outer space instead?

Were you aware that unknowingly Search has been subconsciously sending all of us warning signals all along?

Were you aware that Search honestly believes nobody cares a single ordinary thing about them other than themselves?

And were you aware that is the prima facie evident reason they only care about each other?"

This reporter is only trying to convey some ominous warning signals! Strictly pertaining to Search! This is my story as this reporter sees it."

She silently walks away from the scene with her camera crew.

Latter on that very night someone breaks into her bedroom, with only one thing upon his mind. Letting his hot shot reporter ex girl friend know exactly who is boss!

But before he can do anything, Search comes to her rescue. And they use her smart phone to send the police a text message.

The police make an unusual request to Search. "You costumed cape crusaders can take care of her!

This jasper has been in operation for far too long now. Search! Much as I hate to admit it! The only place she will be safe in is in your protective custody!" Suggests The police Sargent.

"Don't worry about a single thing, Sargent Metgzer! She'll be in safe hands with us. But she will have to be willing to let us her dress her up in basic black! As long as she is in our custody, she can borrow a couple of our rings. When it is no longer necessary, the rings will instantly dissolve themselves."

"Search! What about her younger sister who lives with her? It won't be safe for her to stay here all by herself either!" Strongly proposes Sargent Metzger.

"Alright Sargent Metzger! We get the picture as Unit five of Search both young ladies will be placed in our protective custody. However, they'll have dress up as masked cape crusaders!" Remarks Search. "Just exactly like us! Only with certain feminine gender costume alterations!

Welcome aboard ladies to Search!" "Batman, Robin and Batgirl have nothing on you, Search! In fact they weren't even operating in your super hero league! Not on their corny 1960's television series or even in any of their block buster movies!" Says Sargent Metzger as a farewell parting shot in the dark.

After the police Sargent and his officers leave the apartment. Whereas, the reporter and her younger sister decide to confide in Search. Who are their new temporary super hero partners.

"Fellow partners in Search! The truth is I just lost my job and my sister was kicked out of community college! So, neither one of us has anywhere to go! And because both of our parents died in a car accident! And it happened when they were driving home from a party a long time ago! Of course the good Sargent and his men are well aware of those facts!" The two intrepid young women bursts into a fountain of tear drops.

Both young women look at Search and Unit three puts both of their arms around them and holds them close to their chests to console them.

"Don't worry about a thing, partners! You both look all worn out to us! Come on we will introduce you to your combination drone apartment drones."

Unit three shows them the secret compartments to their individual living quarters. And they give them their first green natural ingredients sleep inducing/calming capsules. Instead of sleeping in their costumes, all of Search now slept in their own pajamas.

They had automatic costume changers! Their beds were all very comfortable beds! Their pillows, blankets and quilts were very soft. Search slept with their very own two large brown teddy bears. The ladies also slept with their Raggedy Ann dolls!

When they awoke the next morning, both women were very startled to discover themselves in their brand new Search uniforms. But then they hear the other Search units wishing them a good morning with no wolf whistles! They should have realized that their male Search counterparts would treat them with the utmost of respect!

Their good morning message finished with welcome Search Unit five to our world! Both ladies find themselves eating their very favorite nutritious breakfasts all alone inside their drones!

Apparently, what had transpired yesterday was not a dream after all! The female reporter and her younger community college sister; had just accomplish their goals concerning Search! The two of them together were really temporary Unit five of Search, itself! And to think it was an ex boyfriend and police Sargent Metzger, who all made it possible!

Soon all of them would be tested to their utmost in Search verses the killer drones!"

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 19-22, 2021

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