The Puppeteer

by Alone at the beach

(This is my first story on this website)

Have you ever wondered if your friends are friends, if they really love you, if your partner loves you? If yes was the answer to any of the questions I have listed then you might be being manipulated, so I have someone who you can turn to for help. He might not be the best there is or the nicet, but he is a real piece of work. Now I most likely have your attention, let me tell you a story about what he does to those who manipulate.

This story locates at a wooden beach house in the middle of a golden shine baren beach. A lovely couple are on a vacation alone, Shelly and Victor. Shelly is a white haired 17 year old girl with green eyes and is 5.8, Victor is a red-headed 17 year old boy who has blue eyes and is 6.0. However, Shelly comes from a rich family and has no clue that Victor is using her for money and fame. In a bright morning Shelly whispers into Victor's ear "Morning baby, what do you want to do?," Victor thinks for a moment and replies, "How about shopping, we can get you new clothes and makeup, or whatever you want.", Shelly giggles and says, "Your're a person too, come on lets go get you something."

5 hours go by and the two are back home from shopping, Victor was able to get very expensive items due to Shelly. "Oh Victor I want to mention that I'm going out alone tonight and will be gone for a while," said Shelly.

"Why?" questioned Victor

"Its a secret," she says as she winks seductivly at him. Victor starts thinking of what is to come and asks if he can use her credit card to get stuff he couldn't find in the stores, she agrees and Victors goes on a complete shopping spree. Later that day at around lunch, Shelly leaves like she said she would and Victor is left alone. The first half hour is normal then there is a knock at the door. Victor opens the door to find a mailman, he is wearing the classic blue outfit with three letters and a box. He is confused as to how the delivery was so fast, but ignores it.

"Hi are you Victor?"asked the mailman

"Yes" replied Victor

"Good" he responded and gave him the mail. However, Victor felt his stomach swirl when he grabbed the mail, he felt like he wasn't looking at a mailman, or even a human. "Are you ok?" said the mailman clearly concerned. "Oh yeah I'm fine." said Victor shrugging away the feeling. He takes it all and signs the paper, he goes to the kitchen and lays down the mail on the counter. The box are the shoes that he ordered and one letter was from his mom and the other Shelly's. The last letter offputs him, for it is not in an envolope, just a folded piece of loose leaf paper. Victor unfolds it to find a different kind of letter.

This letter reads:

Dear, Victor

Its has come to my attention that you have been using the one you dare to call your partner. People like you should not exsist in this world or any other, yet you still do. You take advantage of people who are lonely and looking for some one to comfort them. Shelly mearly wanted you to be happy and be a part of her family, however; you see that as a reason to buy shoes over $1,000 of the internet and say its because you lover her. Before you think about it, don't call the police, you are the villain and I am the hero. Although that doesn't mean that I won't have mercy at first, comfrot Shelly about your manipulation and be safe from my harm. Fail to accomplish this task and I will manipulate you, as Shelly watches!

I wish you the best,

The Puppeteer

Victor is immediatly terrified of this letter and throws it away as questions swirl his mind, "Should i tell her, who is this guy, how did the mailman know its to me, am I gonna die?!?!?!" Victor can't be alone after that so he calls Shelly to come over.

"Hello?" answered Shelly,


"Ok ok calm down I'm coming!" said a very worried Shelly

When they get home Shelly cuddles with him on the soft leather couch, she assures him its alright, "Do you need to say anything?" asked Shelly. Victor takes a second to think and realize this is his chance to make things right and confess to what he is doing. Sadly Victor can't bring himself and shakes his head. His vison faids to black. Victor wakes up to a horrifiying discovery, he is sitting in a chair behind big red curtains, there are strings attached to hooks that are impaling his palms, feet, and lower chin. The strings go up to a celing of which is out of his eyesight range. Too scared to move he sees the mailman walking to him.

"He tried to warn you" the mailman says as his body transforms into a tall, pitch black figure, with a jackolantern mouth, eyes brigt red, and scythe looking fingers. The monster is a shapeshifter who took a mailman form. "Now we can have you intruding the fun!" the monster says as he sinks his claws into his neck, ripping his vocal cords appart. Victor wants to scream in pain but can get a single word out. The monster walks away as Victor bleeds to death, the curtains draw to show an audience filled with monsters. Monsters with wings, skull faces, four arms, no arms, small, and large. The strings begin to move as a 12 armed, gray skinned, wide grinned, and a mime looking shirt. The mime controls Victor like a puppet and makes him do funny skits as he mimics his voice perfectly. The monsters laugh at the jokes and Shelly is in the audience laughing along.

Now you know, make sure to not manipulate others. Or else the puppeteer will manipulate you.

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