Search a New Story Introduction

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Hollywood is both, "Dream makers and Dream breakers!"

From the time they turned eleven years old that summer until the summer the summer eight years later, Hollywood was the only home that all of Search knew. And now at nineteen years old, they were called into "the office" where contracts were made, and where they were broken. And where dreams are made while hope is heaped up like smoking ashes! Hollywood never thought that Search needed to further their education. And because they were only minors, all of their income was automatically turned over to their parents.

Why did Search need any money anyway when all of their basic needs were provided for them?

This is what Search was told: "For the first five years, Search, all of you were great! And that's something nobody can ever take away from you, including yours truly! But after five years Search, everything was going rapidly down hill!

You were being beaten by the box office earnings and ratings. The general public just lost interest in you! When you were box office hits, the money kept on rolling in! But for the past three years, you have become liabilities instead of assets!

We have been operating in the red ink instead of the black ink! We reserved the right to cancel your contracts after five years! But it wasn't necessary for us to do so! But we have been carrying you on our backs for three whole lousy years!" He tore up their contracts right in front of them!

"You basic black eight costumed freaks of nature can keep your costumes and your drones and your secret identities. They all belong to Search in the first place!

But hey you all know what they say in this lousy business? Don't call us! We'll call you! And please do us all a big favor, don't slam the door on your way outta here! Outta what's left of my hair, and my life! Has-ta La Vistas baby's."

Faster than New York Minutes they were out of his office and out of his life for keeps! Once they reach a large enough open space, they enlarged their drones, and mounted them. Search had a one track mind, getting as far and as fast away from tinsel town as they could get! Search knew they were all Persona Non Grata (someone who is considered, unwanted, unneeded and unimportant) They also knew that the Hollywood grape vine was just exactly that, a grape vine of malicious gossip!

However, flying overhead a young and newly discovered Hollywood starlet had decided to end it all! She had already taking a full open bottle of barbarous. (They were also called downers and dolls by their users.)

As one unit they all flew inside her bedroom, took her to her bathroom, and emptied her stomach. No matter just how badly she wanted to go to sleep, they kept her awake by walking around her around her apartment. She kept on mumbling about the Shady Rest-home as being her home away from tinsel town!

Search dressed her in some of her warmer and darker clothing. One of them carried her in his youthful strong masculine arms out of her apartment window. He carried her onto his very own private drone, and held her very tightly in his strong and comforting arms. He kept on reassuring her she was going to be alright now!

Search flew her directly to the Shady Rest by the quickest and shortest route that was available to them. The self same member of Search carried her in his tender arms right into the Shady Rest. He turned her over to some of their female nurses.

The rescued Hollywood Starlit wanted to call her parents and return back home where she rightly belonged.

As for Search, the Shady Rest offered them a free all expenses covered. As well as a reprieve and badly needed sanctuary away from it all! There was a secluded guest house Search was taken to. The first thing they did was to refresh themselves and change into some lounge clothing. It was very tense traumatic moment in their youthful adult life!

For the very first time in eight long drawn out years, they were able to behold themselves as actual human beings! There were mirrors in those rooms and for the very first time in a long time! All of them were able to perceive themselves they way they actually looked. All of them were real human beings and much more than mere costumed freaks of nature! They could become finally free at last! The general public had a very short attention span, and sooner or later? John and Jane Q Public were going to forget all about Search!

One of their units had already turned on the High Definition television set. On each and every channel all the entire world was doing was mourning the untimely demise of Search! Both Search and the Hollywood Starlit had disappeared at precisely the same time!

The Hollywood hatchet man was in danger of losing everything and everyone he owned. He personally pleaded with Search to please forgive him and come back to Hollywood where they rightfully belonged!

Search smiled at each other! As soon as it got to be pitch black outside, they would fly away from the Shady Rest. All in order to help the Hollywood hatchet man. He threw all eight of them out in the cold with nowhere to go and nothing to do!

She was much happier staring as the leading lady in her local community theater company's theatrical productions! She earned extra money by selling tickets at their local drive-in theater. The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.

The former Hollywood Starlit could not but help but wonder about whatever had ever happened to Search?

When Hollywood uses various enticements to try and get her to return to her prospective of fame, fortune, glory and her name lite up in neon lights! All she could do was to laugh in their faces!

"I am already surrounded by a family of performers and the people I love! And actually really love me for myself just actually the way that God made me in the first place! Please don't slam the doors on your way outta here and back to tinsel town!" She loudly yelled at all of them!

You know what they say about Hollywood? "Hollywood is nothing more than dream makers and than dream breakers!"

"You just would like to know that Search turned themselves back into tinsel town!" They loudly yell back at her hostile face. Turning themselves abruptly around and making this insult their parting a direct arrow like shot.

"Give yourself your best shot, Why don't you give yourself your best shot? Fire away! Hey babe don't call us because we won't ever call you! Consider yourself on Holly wood's black do not contact list!" They abruptly turn around and storm out of the community theater's building.

"Goody Goody for them! They ain't got nowhere else to go! Goody Goody for me! I am home and finally free at last!" She started weeping some unshod tears of relief!

Her leading man lovingly puts his strong comforting arms around and holds her tightly close to him. "Beverly Ann Marie I know you are thinking of that Serach costume freak of nature, who personally flew you to the Shady Rest Home.

Suddenly the singualar youngful costumed, caped and masked all in basic black appeared before the both of them.

"Listen to me very carefully when I rescued Beverly Ann Marie from tinsle town and flew her to the Shady Rest Home. In order for her to contact her parents so that they could take her back home where she rightfully still belongs!

Look at me I was just doing my job! Harald Arden Gordan, I know in my heart you both love each other. And I know that Hollywood wanted her to strongly comprise her rock solid Christian believes! And that's the reason she tried to end it all!"

Beverly, Harold and the Search black costumed member warmly hugged each other. Until the time had come for the three of them to leave. Harold and Beverly left together.

Harold was going to ask Mr. Jonathan Norton for his permission to marry his oldest daughter Beverly Ann Marie! Wheras, the Search member rejoined his unit and his Search team mates!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 14-16, 2021

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