Search a New Beginning Conclusion

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


At this particualar conclusion of Search, they get discovered by Hollywood. But Hollywood want people to forget their real names and only go by the name of Search!

Very wisely did all of Search's parents tell them to spend the rest of their Monday in their beds. Because after they finished their breakfast trays, they fell into deep sleeps. Their families decide to serve all of their meals in their beds. Tuesday they still discover that Search sleeps only waking up for their meals in bed yet still another day.

Their pastor of their local church and the church deacons. Lay all of their hands on them and pray for them. Also they anoint their heads with the purest oil available to them.

Wednesday morning they wake up running to the bathrooms, and giving themselves ten instead of five minute quickie showers. Sliding down the staircase railing they let loose with their famous Tarzan yells!

Their families prepared meals on trays for them for two days in a row. By the time they all ran downstairs, and their parents left their ground floor master bedroom--breakfast was served with professional courtesy service with a smile! In fact for the next two days, Search prepared all of their meals, as well as all of their snacks.

When their mothers played each other in their bridge games,Search prepared their meals, deserts and non alcoholic drinks. Naturally, all of their mothers were very impressed.

On their beauty parlor days they would show off their sons. When the young lady, who was responsible for painting nails, was sick with the flu. It was Search who expertly painted their nails in their favorite colors and designs.

They also applied false nails for the ladies' pleasure. They would expertly remove the older false nails before reapplying the newer ones. They also did the ladies makeup for the clients as, well as carefully removing it. They also had to sweep the floor.

Their opinions were asked about the beatification process of their clients. They could comment on the color choice of their clienteles apparel too! Including, but not limiting to ensembles.

Also when their fathers had their poker games, everything was prepared in advance by Search. For binge watching college and professional sports teams, Search prepared the snacks.

When their older brothers played each other in chess games, Search prepared the snacks. Their older brothers were also on bowling leagues. They invited their younger brothers to take care of any of the circumstances that might arise.

When their elder sisters tried on new outfits, they would ask their honest op-pinons. Either from a male or even female prospective! Search also volunteered to be their human mannequins If their clothes needed alterations, they were there.

They were taught how to use sewing machines, how to hem clothing, and iron clothes for example.

They were taught how to fix their older sister's hair styles and to put on their makeup. As well as paint their finger nails and toe nails. They would also paint designs on all of their nails whenever it was requested for them to do so.

But they had a big personal request, they were being invited to a festive party along, with their older brothers. Apparently their invitations were conditional. Their Search extremely courageous younger brothers had to volunteer to perform. All of the Food and beverages would be provided for courtesy of their hosts; as often as they needed it. It would all become available for them after their performances.

Afterwards they would pose, masked in costume, for photographs, signatures etc. They would only remove their masks for only short period of time for photographs etc. For example there was a poster shop that exclusively specialized in Search posters, photographs, artistic work and other memorabilia. They even sold mint collector comic books.

And also: the paper covered or hardback covered ones! Other Search memorabilia such: as their black drones, dolls, toys, numerical signal/power guns, their golden lassos and their flight/ power rings! The Search Shoppe was enjoying a land office business and they could not keep up with their orders. As well all of their demands for all of their Search popular items!

But unless Search continued being Search maybe John and Jane Q Public would rapidly lose anymore interest in them. Naturally, they got themselves invited to this gala affair!

Everyone including the eight member Search team was on pins and needles. Search still maintained their former performance jitters.

Their older brothers and sisters were the only ones with free admission courtesy tickets. Of course the members of Search were also issued complementary tickets. The ticket sales people were strongly advised to make several genuine copies of personified Search tickets!

The night of the well publicized gala party had arrived, and of course Search arrived right on cue. Just exactly as their previous performances, Search put on a spectacular performance! They could hear the appreciation of their audiences.

Afterwards they were allowed to refresh themselves, as well as, partake of the food and the beverages. Than they felt they were once more being made public spectacles for their ever numerically increasing fan clubs!

Search had people answering letters, post cards, and social media on their behalf's. The following weekend they made guests appearances at that official Search specialty shop.

There were visors from the media, and the entertainment field. The Hollywood blood hounds agents/ representatives were all present and accounted for. To give them their proper due, they waited until Search was not a fly by night operation. Here one night and gone the next.

Their parents would have to sign away their sons' very own lives on the dotted line. After all it wasn't their faults their Search's sons made themselves so very notorious! Of course Search had to agree to the terms of a five year contract, with the option being held open for its renewal.

They would not have to relocate, they would make their movie debut in their very own home city! The first movie would be actually based on their personal experiences thus far!

Hollywood thought their Search movies would be box office hits, if they relied on their actual experiences at least for now. In the future Search would be required to always wear their basic black costumes and to live on their black drones. It was decided that they would have secret identities! Their real names would no longer be used or even remembers! And the only group name they would ever be allowed to use would be the one that they gave themselves, Search!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 12-13, 2021

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