Search a New Beginning Part F C More Night Patrol

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Summer vacation has arrieved and Search continues their nightime black drone patrols.

Summer vacation had finally arrived and everybody was happy especially the eight youthful male members of Search. All because they all would dress up in their basic black performance costumes. Search would await for the darkness of the evening sky. They would enlarge their drones and mount them. Next they would all go on their regular night patrol.

Their very first night, they rescue runaway dogs and cats. They would use their scanners and discover who the pets really belong to. Of course, they would carry their rescue animals as passengers, on their individual drones. Afterwards, they would patch through calls to their owners, if their owners were at home. If their owners were not at home, they would let their animals through their pet doors.

By the time Search returned back home again, they all were completely physically exhausted. After using their bathrooms one time only, they fell fast asleep. Which is the primary reason why, they missed most of the Saturday's mornings cartoons. Saturday morning's television air times with their younger siblings.

Each and every member of Search took quickie five minute showers, and very quickly they dressed themselves. Sliding down their banisters they let loose with their famous Tarzan yells! Preparing meals for themselves, as well as, their younger siblings.

Since it was raining outside some of their family members remained at home. Their mothers decided Saturday would be a good baking day. Their husbands were playing poker at one of their houses. Their older daughters were shopping at their local shopping malls. Their older brothers were playing games at a Video Arcade. Whereas, some of their younger family members, were playing video games on their television sets.

Leaving only the members of Search to help with their baking. Their mothers would choose their female baking partners. And two members of Search would also be involved. Which meant there were two households of younger children in half of their houses. Most of them also brought their own lap top computers along with them. Each and every member of Search put on his very own apron sewed by their older sisters especially for them.

Their local church was having a bake sale after Church on Sunday. The proceeds were to be used for paying for their mortgage payments.

The ladies who were best at baking pies worked together and the two ladies who were best at baking cakes worked together. The two ladies who were best at baking cookies baked together. Whereas, the two ladies who were best at baking bread and rolls worked together. It was all of the eight ladies who were involved. Each one was working as a separate unit, but united together for just one goal.

There was two women per house hold and two members of Search. Making it a total of four bakers per two household unit. Of course there was always surplus baking, which their own families and friends got to enjoy. They also froze some of their baking in their freezers.

When Sunday morning arrived each family unit carried their share of their baking into the basement of their local church. The bake sale took place after church. It was because of the bake sale that their church had one hundred percent attendance!

After the Sunday evening service some thieves broke into their church office and stole their desk top computers. Sunday night the local police show up at their church, question the office staff, and file their necessary reports.

Search decides to get involve, Sunday night they dress up in their basic black costumes with their black caps. Than they mounted their silent stealth mode passenger carrying specially equipped black drones. Stealthy they flew over their local church to see if their church's thieves made a repeat appearance. Dressed all in black riding black drones they made themselves invisible to the ordinary human eyes.

Search access video tapes the thieves breaking into their church office. Using their sirens equipment on their drones, they successfully managed to frighten, the thieves away. The very next thing they accomplish is contacting the nearest police unit by calling 911 on their cell phones. They follow the thieves stolen get-a-way car until the police arrive on the scene.

Immediately afterwards, they turn in their video to the police officers. Faster than a New York Minute they fly their drones back home once more.

Their entire household is asleep when they safely return back to their own homes one more time. After taking their quickie five minute showers, they change into their pajamas. Slide their banisters down stairs and raid their fridges.

Going on night patrol always made them very hungry. They quietly clean up their small messes and silently climb the staircases. When they climb into their beds, they fall fast asleep.

Going on night patrol always made them very sleepy. And they slept in the safety and comfort of their own beds. Of course they were very grateful they were able to return to their home base alive and unharmed.

Weren't they very surprise when their parents serve them Monday morning's breakfast in bed!

"We know all about your costume drone patrol last night. The police were able to not only capture the thieves, but also recover our church's desk top computers as well. We also know that there is neither any thing we can say nor do to you to prevent your regular drone patrols. What we can and will do is to have you remain in your beds for the rest of the day. With the exception of meal times.

Our bosses decided to give us this entire Monday's off. You see even they know what you were doing last night! Our entire church daily prayers for your divine protection and traveling mercies! In fact all of the churches in our entire city are also faithfully remembering you in their prayers as well!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 10-12, 2021

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