Search a New Beginning Part E, B Invitation to a Police Officers' Ball.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


First Search performs for the annual Policeman's chariety ball, spend time with their families and school mates.

Finally the Friday evening arrived for Search to give their third command performance. Only this time there was one major exception, it was the Policeman's Annual Charity Ball. The eight member Search team was told to suit up in their basic black performance outfits. Very gladly Search was willing to comply with their firm requests.

Hence when Search arrived mounted on their individual passenger drones, and when they shot off their numerical flare/signal guns! Their audience responded with enthusiastic cheers, clapping of hands, and applause! After their drone portion was finished, they engaged in fake aerial training combat training, by using their energy/flight rings! Upon the completion of their performances, they were all provided with refreshments.

First off Search changed into their soft clothing. Next thing they rode their drones home, miniaturized them, and used their keys to unlock their front doors. Quietly they raided their families refrigerators and cupboards. After giving themselves quickie five minute showers, they silently entered their shared bedrooms with their own siblings. First they rapidly changed into their pajamas, climbed into their beds, and immediately fell fast asleep. In spite of their siblings, all of the members of Search slept in late

Only hunger and thirst awaken them, and they were responsible for preparing themselves with both their food and their drinks. Their fathers spent their Saturdays playing golf, (weather permitting) and their wives spent some of their Saturdays in the beauty parlor. Their elder brothers and sisters went out on dates.

Leaving the members of Search in charge of their younger siblings. They were content with watching Saturday morning cartoons. After the cartoons were over, it became clean up time. Then they took their younger siblings to the park where they had a playground for children up to twelve years of age.

Their brothers and sisters took off with their own friends. Search had to spring first for ice cream, and next for hot dogs with all the trimmings. Of course it included soda pop, popcorn, candy and chips, but Search also made certain, they also drank some bottled water. Just because they also were training their younger brothers and sisters not to become litter bugs. But to become interested in recycling instead.

Wasn't it just way too bad that their older brothers weren't interested in their dietary nutritional guide lines? It was course all because their parents did not either. Children learn what they live."

They spent some time pushing the younger children on the swing sets. Some older kids started smiling at them, asking them if they wanted some of their candy? Search told them, "No thank you very much! We already have some of our own."

Than the punk kids flash switch blades at them, and that was their second mistake. Search put their fingers in their mouths and let loose some ear splitting whistles. But they noticed the punks were wearing ear plugs. Search than they let loose with some banshee yells guaranteed loud enough to wake the dead.

Next they let loose some Tarzan yells good and loud enough to make Tarzan, Jane, Boy and Carol Burnett proud of them! It worked for the Park rangers came over and saw the punk kids' switch blades. They called the local police and the punk kids were arrested.

Search told them they offered them some of their candy, but they turned them down. The police frisked them and found out they were carrying dangerous narcotic street drugs! Search and their younger kid brothers and kid sisters watches the entire arrest process. Just exactly as it was taking place right in front of them.

Figuring they had enough excitement for one day, all of them left the park. Because they were very tired, they put their siblings to bed. Before putting themselves straight to bed for some nap times. When the rest of their family members came back home, they found Search and the rest of them. All fast asleep in their beds.

Their families decide to have a pizza, chips, cookies and soda pop night. It was the smell of pizza that caused them to go downstairs. However, family prayer time and thanksgiving took place before they could enjoy their treats.

The following Sunday they decided to go to their local church. All because they heard it was in some financial problems. All eight families prayed to God while they wrote out their checks. And they all specified it was to pay for their church's mortgage! Afterwards, there was a church potluck, which they stayed for. Plus helping with the cleanup!

Their families all went for a Sunday's drive and to a outdoor Drive in Theater's featured movies. Upon arriving back home again, it was bedtime for all of their kids.

One of the high lights of their mornings was preparing both breakfasts and lunches for their households. It was Search's way of thanking their families.

Search lets loose with their ever popular Tarzan yells! By now all of the tough kids at Search's school learn not to mess around with them. That did not apply to the rest of their student body. They were eye witnesses whenever they were around. It was all because they could not help it. Search always just got involved.

They could also yodel and echo just as fine as they could in the Swiss Alps! They could throw their voices and were ventriloquists. However, they did entertain their own families with their ventriloquest's dummies. They could throw their voices both upon living and inanimate objects. It was part of their various gifts that Search was naturally born with!

Also they were expert in the art of impersonations. For example, they could imitate all of the voices of their school mates. They could also disguise themselves and copy their subjects behavioral mannerisms.

One time a bully was checking his watch to see what time it was. Search made his watch actually talk in his very own voice! Accomplished without ever moving their lips. They threw their voices from a safe distance. Thus causing the bully to get very angry with our youthful heroes.

He stormed into the closet one of their classrooms! He shook his fists and yelled some very angry words. All the whole entire time Search is both acting and looking as if they really were very innocent looking little angles! Completely frustrated, the bully boy returns back to his own classroom.

It was during lunch that Search decided to pull off a practical joke of their own. It would become their signature prank, and give their classmates something to remember them all by. The school's cafeteria was serving little its itchy bitty pieces of margarine to their students customers. Search went around and decided to do a classic Parkay margarine commercial.

They went around mimicking their voices "Parkay" and "Butter" repetitive times. Also they were happily throwing their voices just exactly the way the commercial did prior to them.

The bully boy notices Search's fun and games. He realizes that those strange boys of Search weren't operating with a full deck of playing cards. They also lost most of their marbles. However, when they were caught, they use the french art of Pantamoine. Although they were not dressed for the occasion. In order to explain their behavioral actions.

They were coerced into explaining their unusual actions in plain ordinary American English instead of the French language!

It was the bully boy who turned all of Search in and laughed out-loud when those little creeps! Got actually what they had coming to them finally! Search was ordered to pick up and carry their lunches to the detention room.

"We graduate from this school in the month of June. Honestly, we weren't doing anything wrong! All we really wanted to do, was give this school something to remember us by!

"Search! It wasn't really necessary because all of you already accomplished that a long time ago! Just by acting like and behaving like the snoopy little brats and sneaks that just is the way you are.

It really isn't even your fault you were all born that way! I am not a DNA Specialist, but all of your traits are most likely in your DNA genetic code!"Their detention teacher explains herself to them.

"Among-st all of us, just exactly how did your mimic that classic Parkay Margarine commercial, in the cafeteria just a few minutes ago?" She smiles at them. Because hearing about their lunchroom performances had just made her day. Realizing they had a captive audience, they perform their act, just for her benefit. After it was over, she smiles at them, and tells them to return their empty lunch trays to the cafeteria.

But instead of being angry, the cafeteria staff warmly smiles at them. How could they help but notice their empty lunch trays! Search had just made their day!

Immediately afterwards they return to their class rooms. But on their route there, they visit the boy's restrooms. Inside some of the boys had stolen their parent's cigarettes and were trying to teach themselves how to smoke.

What does Search do? They throw their voices into their cigarettes and make them actually speak! But they do so from the safety of the restroom's stalls. Their teachers asks them. What did the wanna be smokers do? They put out their cigarettes and throw them into the waste paper basket!

After the other boys leave, Search fishes inside the waste paper baskets for the cigarettes. But they actually get caught in the action of having them in their hands! It was by some of the teachers!

"We found these cigarettes in the waste paper baskets, and than we fished them out of there! We didn't want them to start fires! Hey! You all know about us! We don't drink and we don't smoke!" Search explains themselves.

"Search! Look we know you are usually innocent! We have being trying to catch the kids who are smoking in both the boys and the girls restrooms. We heard all about your zany lunch room prank! What did you do in the boys' room?"They laugh at them.

"Sucks! it was very easy! We just threw our voices and made their cigarettes talk back to them! And all of the rest you already know! Hey! all of us have got to get to class!" Search smiles.

And waves at the male teachers while handing them the wrapped up cigarettes. They put them inside an evidence pouch. They have class rooms full of students to attend to.

Some of the members of Search are also students in their classrooms. "How many of you were in the lunch room when the members of Search had their fun and games?" Their teachers all ask them.

And one hundred percentage of all of them raise their hands very high in the air for yes.

"How would all of you like for them to repeat their performance for all of you right this very minute?" Their instructors ask their students.

Once again one hundred percent raised their hands very high for the second time. Some of the members of Search mimic the word, "Parkay" while their other members would mimic the word "butter." Their instructors pull some candy cigarettes out of their pockets and inform their students that Search was very capable of making cigarettes talk back to them.

"We always knew all of you creeps from Search weren't normal human beings like the rest of us are!" Their hecklers sneer.

But the rest of their classmates defend Search and tell the members of the peanut gallery to shut up! And Search smiles at all of them!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 06, 08, 09, 2021

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