Search a New Beginning Part E, A

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The members of Search recall the chain of events responsible for their most recent hospitalizations for physcial exhaustion.

Search was lower level flying to avoid being heckled by their fellow bus riders. Search thought it was because they were jealous of them. Search was wrong because jealousy was not one of their ungodly deadly sins, their hecklers were guilty of.

Search notices some wounded animals and lands back safely down to the ground. Fortunately, their owners were just happen to be at home! They picked up the wounded animals, while their teammates loudly knock on the patio door. Their owners have the boys carry their animals to their cars, and immediately drive to their veterinarian.

They forget to either thank or acknowledge Search. But they were learning to become very grateful for small favors. Besides it wasn't all about them anymore, it was all about helping God's creatures. That were human beings and members of the animal kingdom.

They decide to use their specialized roller skating shoes to skate to the nearest bus stop. Arriving at the same time as their local city bus did. After showing the driver their discount student bus passes, they pay their fares with bus tokens. Fortunately for them, there were seats available for a change. However, when some ladies board the bus carrying grocery bags, they gladly surrender their seats to them. All without there being asked to do so by either the ladies or the bus driver.

All of the interested parties involved were pleasantly surprised. All of them except the polite youth of Search. The ladies sat down and one of their grocery bags burst open. All of the bus passengers watch in amazement while the members of Search not only pick up her groceries, but also use one of their own bags to do so.

Search was remembering afterwards, and they could not understand why everyone was not bothering them? Their parents drove Search home to and from school, and were following their doctor' s post hospitalization orders.

As for their mascots, which each team member had, they slept with their favorite pet boys. Their mascots became even more protective over them than they had in the past. If any stranger came anywhere near them, they would very loudly protest!

Looking backwards Search remembers: getting off at the ladies bus stop and carrying their grocery bags back to their houses. Under their directions, they properly put all of their groceries away. They used their bathrooms, and promptly left. The ladies are much too tired to even thank them. They skate to the next bus stop, and the driver lets them all ride free of charge. Noticing just how tired they were, he makes room for all of them to be able to sit down.

Search finally goes back home again climbs up their stair cases, and collapse upon their beds. Their siblings take off their shoes and socks and put blankets on top of them. They call their parents and their parents call 911.

The para medics use their phones and transport the members of Search to the emergency ward of their local hospital. Search remains soundly asleep for the next seventy-two hours. All because they don't want their sleep interrupted, the hospital allows no visitors. And that includes even family members. Of course their school, relatives and friends are notified.

When they wake up, the hospital puts them under direct observation for the next twenty-four hours and than releases them to their parents. And when they finally return back to school again, their school is told, they are not allowed to exert themselves for any reasons. They are to be allowed to rest as often as it is necessary for them to do so.

Their school mates are told to neither heckle or harass them! However, all their classmates were already aware of Search's hospitalizations. Since even their so-called heckling fan club was not even completely heartless, they left Search strictly alone.

Finally, their light bulbs turn back on again. And they remember it all had to do with their recent hospitalizations that they just had! Their classmates took very good notes for them and waited upon them hand and foot. Until after Search had fully recovered again!

Search was given another command performance request. It had to do with the Police Department's annual charity ball. Of course once they received their golden engraved invitations to their command performances, they very promptly accepted.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

April 03, 2021

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