Search a New Beginning Part D, D Invitation to a Costume Party Continued.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


A second command performance to a masked costume's ball gala invitation only event. Leads to their public disclosures about their flight/power rings. They give them a small demonstation at school and safely fly back home again.

Once all eight members of Search were in their English composition classes, they were given special assignments. Those assignments only applied to them, and not the rest of their classmates. Their classmates were given three different selections to choose from

"Search, all of you know exactly what we want you to write about after all of this time." Their classroom teachers tell them.

"Yes, we all know you want us to only write about our experiences with Search."They calmly replied.

What else could they expect? It wasn't their teachers' fault they were so notorious! They honestly only had themselves to blame for their infamous reputations. But neither would they would write about the treasure chest, nor their specialized rings!

Their readers would have to be satisfied about their masked costume party's exploits and performances. Besides they could mention their numerical signal/flare guns as being part of their equipment along with their golden lassos. Not to mention their new designer performance based costumes.

They all bowed when they heard their thunderous applause and cheering. All of them were very glad that Search was allowed to return back to school again.

Search was glad about that too, but they were much more happy to be able to return back home again to their families! Their mothers hinted that they would be preparing their favorite dishes and deserts in honor of their home coming!

Their schoolmates felt honestly sorry about making Search uncomfortable about using the school's cafeteria. To make it up to them, they reserved their own table for them. Their sign said,"This table is reserved only for Search!" However, they still packed their own lunches, and their families also.

Thus they were saving their allowances of their shared prepaid debit cards. allowances. It was all because Search shared everything in common with one another. They were all given specially engraved golden invitations usually only given to the well-to-do, socially and politically prominent people, and people from the entertainment and sporting industries.

Search made their grand entrance mounted upon their very own black drones. Bright and colorful lights were focused solely upon all of them. Search performed using their newly acquired flight/power rings. Search performed aerial and acrobatic well coordinated stunts.

Afterwards, they would offer them both food and drink. Search was consoled because it was going to be a masked costumed ball this time! Of course it would be by invitation only, and every member of Search, received theirs. Each one of them knew, it was only due to Search that they were invited in the first place.

Search had kept their previous engraved invitation with the rest of their Search mementos. When they read their essays they showed their classes their newest golden engraved invitations.

Their special rings did make themselves inconspicuous as possible during school hours and it gave Search a sigh of relief! Finally the evenings for the gala event had arrived. Their families watched them change into their modified basic black costumes. And quite naturally they were very much impressed by their appearances.

Their drones were waiting for them, and all of them mounted them. They waved their black berets at their families and their neighborhood. Search received thunderous applause and cheers! Search could remember when they were not popular even with their very own special loved ones.

They were amazed just how much public approval, had turned itself around in their favor. Whatever, their rationals were Search made up its collective minds, to enjoy it while it lasted!

The orchestra was playing what was to become their theme song! The spot lights were shining upon them, and Search smiles and waves their black berets. Next they shoot off their numerical signal/flare guns. Their specialized guns were also capable of lettering, as well as numbers. They correctly spelled their black lettering welcome message.

And at the conclusion of their command performances, a farewell special effect message as well. Although they were the elite memberships of the socially prominent and powerful influential of the so-called polite high society! All of their thunderous applause and approval was similar to those of their families and neighborhoods.

All of Search already knew their teachers, classmates, library and its patrons, would want them to maintain accurate records of this festive event. Because it already had become public domain! When their time to perform had arrived, they were on their drones.

And gave their uniquely signature performances. But this time their rings became their flight rings and they delighted their audiences with their aerial feats and their ring's special effects.

Afterwards they were given refreshments. The elite members of higher society strongly admire the eight male member youthful Search team. Just exactly as it was their last time, there were photos, and the signing of their autographs. All of them wanted to pose with Search with their fancy black golden engraved masks. Those masks successfully covered the upper portion of their youthful faces. However they also wanted them photographed with their masks off

Now by this time, Search was completely physical, and psychologically exhausted. They had miniaturized their drones, turned them back in, changed their clothing and were dropped off at their homes.

Their driver made certain Search was safely inside their houses. Just before they proceeded to their next scheduled of residential houses.

Once ,they were safely inside they showered, and changed into their pajamas. They have very quiet showers, wash and dry their hairs. Finally they fix themselves something to eat, clean everything up. They say their thank you prayers to Jesus Christ before falling quickly to sleep.

The next day they woke up very late. Their families serves them breakfast in bed. Just exactly like the last time, they very quickly they fell back into a deep sleep.

When they wake up again, it is because it is their families dinner times. The delicious smell of their mothers' culinary efforts wakes them all up.

They change their clothes and slid down their upstairs banisters. Their families respectfully bow their heads and fold their hands. Each family member has to briefly mention what he or she were thankful to God for. Finally their mothers and their fathers turns had arrived. And their father said their evening's blessings of thanksgiving. Afterwards, their families partake of their evening mealtimes.

During their first luncheons at their school's cafeteria, they had folded their hands, and bowed their heads in prayers of thanksgiving. Their cafeteria staff, and their fellow students, pay no attention to Search's lunchtime prayer grateful blessings.

Even though they were only fifth graders, they were well acquainted with emergency first aid procedures. When a girl starts choking, it's Search that springs into action. Very professionally, they dislodge her food and minister first aid unto her.

Search takes her to the nurses station, and makes their signed reports. They wait their until her parents arrive to take her back home. All because she did not want the boys of Search to leave her by herself!

Her father picks up and carries his darling daughter safely upstairs to her shared bedroom with her older female sibling. Her mother also forgets to thank Search. None the less, saving the girl's life was all of the thanks that they ever did need.

Stealthily, living up to their infamous clandestine reputations, as Search! Silently they open the doors and very quietly they sit down in their seats. Their teachers ask Search how the little girl is doing?

Those brave medically resourceful youths reply that her parents had taken her back home.

"Search! Thank you for saving the life of Beth Parsons!" Their teachers and class mates warmly applause's all of them. They had only themselves to blame, for nobody calling them by their real names any longer!

They all stand up, take their bows, wave their navy blue caps, and say "Thank you very much!" In memory of a great performer Elvis Presley!

Search had turned in their English composition essays involving their previous weekend's gala events. However there was one notable difference, they mention their flight/energy rings. Because, they had taken a solemn oath and pledged on their sacred honor to God Almighty, they would never mention the mysterious golden engraved treasure chests.

Only referring those specialized antique rings as part of their performances necessary equipment and requirements. By unanimous consent, Search read their essays. Just like they were telling fascinatingly truthful escapades to their audiences. You could have heard a pin drop their classmates and teachers were remaining corporately silent.

For a brief moment in time there was total silence, but all eyes were focuses upon them. Without their usual post essay rituals performances, they willingly hand in their essays to their teachers. For this time without their full knowledge their teachers and the librarians were also keeping their separate collections.

Search did not mind, they had the original copies typewritten in their growing Search files. They sit down and only maintain eye contact with their fellow members.

Their classmates and teachers are all looking at their rings. "Can those rings really make you fly?"

"Yes, they can all because they were gifts given to us by an admirer of Search. Of course, we able to put them on, but we are unable to take them off again."

Can you give us a small demonstration?" They ask Search.

Search smiles and lifts themselves about two feet above the ground! Once again they hear their all too familiar applause and cheering. Their teachers give their classes their homework assignments.

For the remainder of the school week, Search is to write essays that are not focused upon them! Search silently smiles to themselves because not writing about themselves would present much more a challenge than even their teachers knew!

Instead of still being heckled on their school buses. And having to stand up instead of sitting down.

Hoping and praying to God Almighty that nobody would even notice them! Search decides to make perfect usage of their new flight/ power rings to fly back home as soon as possible.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

1954/October Country

April 02, 2021

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