Search a New Beginning Part D, C Invitation to a Costume Party

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Search is still able to operate as heroes, but they have been transformed into super heroes.

      All of Search receives an invitation to a masked costume party. However, their invitation makes an unusable request. They are to wear their all basic black costumes and ski masks! Search has a very hard decision to make. If they should notify their parents? Running the high risks of not being able to attend? Could these strange invitations be just another attempt at their abductions? How could they ever allowed to forget, their botched Wednesday abductions?

Could God Himself have any part of their rescue? They all remember their kidnappers securely locking their van's door! And then there was the sudden breeze blowing all of their stuff right in front of bicycle riding police officers! Search softly smiles to itself. "God must be working over time on our behalf! God would want them to show their invitations to their parents.

"Children were to obey their parents." All eight of them show their golden engraved invitations to their parents and their siblings. Their parents look at their Search offspring very closely and ask them," Do you think this is another attempt at your kidnappings? When their young sons nod yes, their parents agree. They instruct their sons to text the word Search to their local police department. Instantaneously they receive text messages. What is this all about? Search text back 'golden engraved invitations to a mask costume party. Please dress in basic black and wear your ski masks.'

The police then texed them, send us a photo over your cell phones of your invitations. Of course all eight members of Search respond by obeying their instructions. "Your basic instincts were one hundred and ten percent correct. Under no circumstances are you to attend that party. Your very lives could be in double jeopardy."The police order them to stay clean away. "You did the right thing by telling your families and notifying us. Do not go outside any of you and remain indoors. Never go any place without letting somebody know about it. Furthermore, under no circumstances are you to go any place all alone. Do we make ourselves understood?"

Their family members all agree. They had to cancel their weekend plans all because of Search. When they sense their resentment, Search volunteers to place themselves in police protective custody. Their family agrees. Maybe they would all be much better off if Search never lives at home ever again? In that way maybe their families could all live normal lives once more!

Their family members warmly embraces them and thanks them for their understanding. The police would send unmarked cars to their homes. But Search was to only wear the clothing they were in. In that way, nobody would be suspicious of their activities. Search smiles and waves "see yeah all later on!"

Their elementary school contacts their parents with the message,"Under no circumstances are your sons, who are members of Search, be allowed to attend school for the remainder of their school year. They are to turn in their text books and related unused supplies." Their parents agree and turn in their sons school's belongings on Monday morning.

The police tell their parents, they will arrive and retrieve all of their sons Search equipment Monday night. "Leave your sons' bedrooms exactly the way they left it. We will take their lap top and desk top computers. We will take anything pertaining directly or indirectly to Search. You will never be allowed to ever see them again! And you have made the right decisions. Have a nice day."

Their families hang up their phones and start weeping. "What on God's green earth have they just done to their young sons!" They call up the police and the police reiterate for their own personal families safety and security. Under no circumstances are you to contact them. And the reverse is also true. Under no circumstances are they to contact you! Do not worry about your Search sons, they will be well taken care of! The police smile at Search.

We will help you design new drones capable of bearing adults' weight. In that way you brave and intrepid youth of Search should have no problems. You will wear redesigned basic black costumes. And you will diligently practice your prescribed physical activities. All because Search, you have a masked costume party to attend.

And all eight of you shall become their main attraction! You no longer need parental consent, but from now on you will need ours. Have we made ourselves perfectly understood?" Search smiles and looks at their: golden engraved black berets, fancy designer black leather masks, black caps, leather vests, tight arm lengthen tops, golden middle sections, form fitting tight pants and form fitting light leather boots. They look at their golden lassos and signal/flare guns numbered one through eight! "You richly deserve this and much much more!

Their police sponsors smile warmly at them. "All of this was donated to us courtesy of your anonymous benefactor. Who has been very impressed by your performance as Search." This treasure chest has been in his family possessions for countless preceding centuries. But it has remained unopened until this precise present moment in time. It has a golden key. But the only ones able to unlock it, are able to also open it. The police smile at them.

Each member of Search uses the golden key. However only when their eighth members' turn arrives, does the treasure chest actually open up. Inside the golden treasure chest are eight pure golden rings with magnificent dark blue diamond centers. They are engraved with Search numbers one through eight in ancient texts and numbers. Those rings when worn by all eight members of Search enable them to fly! Once they put those rings on they are never able to remove them!

It does too mean that they also are able to walk, or run on solid ground. They are also able to swim or fly on or above watery surfaces. They are able to fly under the ground, but only to a certain level. Their golden lassos can be used for them to hitch rides, if they so desire to.

They would be protected by a blue energy force and force field whenever necessary. And always when in flight mode Those protective barriers would able them to fly up extremely high throughout all of God's second heavens! They could be used to swim on the surface, and under neath the oceans. They would also protect them on, or underneath the earth. Their rings transformed their uniforms from black to navy blue. And into flight suits, navy blue caps, with masks and helmets.

Any person, place or thing they aimed their rings at, would also be able to be protected via their rings's power source. Their rings would provide visibility by day, by noon or by night. Their rings would provide protection from earthly and outer space elements.

And their rings would have blue power energy protective rays! They could be transformed back into their basic black costumes. After all they had a masked costumed party to preform at! Their rings would transpose themselves from blue into deep black diamonds for their special occasions!

The morning of the masque-raid party had finally arrived. And the eight member Search unified team was very well prepared for their performance. Upon their timely arrival, they were able to shoot off their numerical signal flare guns. Even though they were not dressed in their super hero's costumes. Certain things were interchangeable.

After, they preformed their highly captivating memorizing acts for their audience, they reach a spectacular conclusion! Because they were minors, it was not legal for them to enjoy, certain entertainment functions. They flew away to a safe place for them to be able to eat and drink their meals in peace and quit.

But all eight of them wanted to go back home again. If even they were allowed to spend just one night safely tucked away in their own beds! They next thing they were aware of was they were actually fast asleep in their own beds. The next morning, their siblings notice their brothers are still fast asleep.

They run and tell their parents. Their families run into the bedroom, and see their Search sons for themselves. They warn their siblings not to disturb them or tell any one they were back again! Their mothers lovingly cradle their Search sons in their tender loving maternal arms.

Their fathers run down stairs to check on their remaining offspring. Once they awake, their families serve them breakfast in bed. And they apologize for their rude and uncalled for behavior. If they wanted God to continue blessing their house holds, they needed to remain unified family units!

Ms Watkins had received several phones calls from irate parents. Just because they were Search didn't mean they should be deprived of their public elementary school beneficial learning experiences. But they would have to act like normal fifth grade boys. And use their real names on their birth certificates or nick names.

Monday morning once again Misty Lynn's bus would have excited children shouting hello and good bye to Search! Search walks into their school with their normal school outer jackets and stunned their peers.

"Did Search have to disband?" All of them wanted to know.

Search laughs out loud and replies, "We have to blend in with other normal fifth grade students. If we want to be able to attend school at all anymore! The powers that be also wants us to use our real names!"

"We'll see about that! We liked it much better the other way around!" Their fellow students protest.

Ms. Watkins makes a split second decision and she allows the eight members of Search to wear their club jackets. After all if it wasn't for Search things would be rather drab and boring around there.

All of the kids gathered around Search noticed their black signet rings. Apparently when they were out of costumes, their rings themselves also wore disguises.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 30-31 & April 01, 2021

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