Search a New Beginning Part D, B Night Patrol Continued

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


First they are recruited, but that failed, but next they are abucted by thieves. One their way to a bus stop after visitng their local library!

If the threatening notes accomplished anything, it was that Search decided to have weekend night patrols. They would dress all in black to blend in with the darkened evening sky. They would wear black outfits, specialized shoes, gloves, and stocking ski caps. They would sneak out of their bedroom windows and close them again. They felt a rush of genuine excitement. Why not live up to their reputations? They were called both sneaks and snoops by even their loved ones. Why not live up to actually being Search?

One of their neighbors had a swimming pool that wasn't surrounded by a fence. They had a young daughter, who had not been taught how to swim. They went out and hired a teenage female baby sister. She was too busy talking on her cell phone to her boy friend. The little girl got out of bed and fell inside the pool!

Two members of Search dived right inside the pool and rescued the little badly frightened girl. Their team mates pulled up their ski caps revealing their faces. Two other members of Search take turns giving the small child mouth- to- mouth resuscitation. One of them knocks on the patio door. And another one of them calls 911! aid car arrives and Search shows them their photo identifications.

The para medics tell Search to return home again. And help their team mates into some decent dry clothing. Anything but basic black! After Search leaves the para medics call the girls parents. Her babysitter would have much more time to spend with her boy friend, because she was fired!

Once again Search climbs into their windows. The two members who went for a swim had to dry themselves off. When her parents want to know who saved their little girl's life? The para medics claim that she was rescued by Search!

The para medics tell her parents, "Please securely install a protective fence. And teach your daughter how to swim, or get rid of your swimming pool!"

Search decides to do another night patrol dressed all in basic black. Their first stop was back to the little girl's house. This time they brought a change of clothing with them. Even though both parents were home, they were talking on their cell phones and watching television.

Once again their little daughter sneaks out of their patio door and falls head first into their swimming pool! Two members of Search leap into the pool and rescue the small child. They turn her over to two of their members who take turns performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. One of them knocks on their patio door and shows her parents his identification card. And of course one of them calls 911!

The para medics tell their parents to let Search use their bathroom to dry off. Her parents tell the paramedics that a fence was going to be installed on Monday morning! The para medics told them to stay away from their house until Monday morning! They decide to check into a Motel with no swimming pool for the rest of their weekend.

The paramedics tell Search to go back home again and to stay there for the rest of the night. Unless they wanted them to tell the police about their night prowling. The para medics tell her parents to thank Search for twice rescuing their little girl.

And her parents retaliated, "What kind of parents let their very own little boys prowl around at night dressed like cat burglars? "Why don't you tell their parents about their little sneaky snoopy kids of Search!"

"Alright! But let us handle it our own way." The para medics respond.

"Don't worry about a thing, we'll turn ourselves in." The boys of Search solemnly promise on their words of honor. But we will tell them everything about it tomorrow."

The next morning Search prepares breakfast in bed for their parents. And they tell them their whole entire story. Their parents reply, "What you did was wrong, but you did it for the right reasons. If you hadn't intervened the way you did, that poor little girl would have drowned in her parent's swimming pool. You had to rescue her not once but twice.

But her parents are right! Your days of dressing up like cat burglars and prowling around at night are over with! Period end of story. Since you must be completely exhausted, you can spend the rest of the day in bed directly after breakfast."

Monday morning arrives and her parents had a protective fence surrounding their pool. But they sent their daughter to visit their parents. Because they did not have a swimming pool!

Monday morning also arrives for Search as they all wait for Misty Lynn Gables' earlier school bus to arrive for even younger kids. All of the kids aboard her bus yell out loudly hello and goodbye to Search as they usually do.

Their English composition classes have an assignment. "How did you spend your weekend?" Because they are honest and already have a well earned reputation, the youth of Search writes about their weekend night's patrol. Their teachers decides to give all of their excellent essays to their local library.

Their library patrons were discouraged last time because Search did not write about its experiences. However, wisely their teachers do not have the youth of Search, read their essays aloud to the rest of the class. Instead they very carefully selected their classmates. Search is very perplexed. Why didn't their teachers select them to read their essays? They reached their joint conclusion. Their teachers did not want to show them any favoritism. But they were secretly re-leaved! As far as they were concerned, their weekend night patrol could remain their families secrets.

However than they felt an empty pit at the bottom of their stomachs. Of course, Search knew that the library's patrons were very disappointed. Search did not write essays about themselves last time! All of their essay's would be very shortly on public display at the library! The youth of Search had nobody but themselves to blame for their being notorious! That's why their teachers looked at them like cats who had just devoured yellow canary birds!

Latter on Wednesday afternoon after school, Search pays a visit to their local library. Only to discover all of their essays on very public displays! Search hurries on past their displays, quickly selects their material, and stands in the check out line. Doing their very best not to attract any undue attention to themselves! Quickly they exit the library and breath sighs of relief. Using their specially designed roller skating shoes; they skate to their closet bus stop.

All of the eight boys show their local city bus driver, their discount student bus passes. And they use bus tokens to pay the remainder of their fare. As a general rule of thumb, the younger bus riders, sit in the back of the bus. Since their are no seats available, the eight boys stand up and use bus's grab bars. But even if seats were available, they would have surrender their seats anyway. Because with Search it was just a manner of principal.

The ladies weekly bridge games were being held at the Gordon's residence. Search arrives just in the knack of time to serve on kitchen/waiting table's detail. Their older sisters have dates at the local shopping mall's theater. And gladly turn every thing over to their younger brothers. How can natural born snoops help but overhear about the recent jewel thefts in their neighborhood?

It seems that the latest victims are members of the bridge games! The thefts all occurred on weekends. Silently smiling to themselves, maybe Search can capture the cat burglars!

Friday night when the sky was dark with only God's stars and His moon to lighten up His sky. Search goes on its third night patrol! Being natural born climbers they catch the cat burglars. It was nothing but a trap to capture Search!

"You little sneaky snoops like prowling around all night dressed up like cat burglars! Search! This is our lucky night! All eight of you are natural born: climbers, have lightening fast reflexes, are natural gymnasts, acrobatic, high wire artistic and are lightening fast runners. The time has come and is long overdue for you to receive your on the job training!" The cat burglars boast about Search's many attributes.

When in doubt use Mace! The resourceful youth of Search spray their mother's mace cans on the faces of their wanna be captures. Quickly they subdue them, and text 911 to the police. They text one word, Search! The police arrive and arrest the cat burglars.

"The para medics told us what happened just last weekend, Search! Congratulations! Search! All eight of you little snoops are going to get free rides down to the police station dressed just exactly the way you are! After we are finished with you! We are going to call your parents to come and get you and bring you suitable clothing to wear!

Do I make myself perfectly understood!" "Yes Sargent Johnston! Search replies to him. They put all eight members of Search in a single police van, but they did not place them under arrest. Upon arrival, their arms are securely pinned behind their backs. Seraph recounts the chain of events just exactly the way they happen. After they sign the proper forms, they are allowed to contact their parents. But their parents are away for the weekend, they tell the police. The police put them back in the police van all dressed in basic black. and drop all of them off at home. The officers were instructed to wait until they were safely inside their homes.

Their siblings that are at home, see their brothers in their black costumes. And it isn't even Halloween! After they fix them something to eat, they tell them some adventure stories, and put them to bed.

Didn't they want to wake up in time to watch their Saturday morning's cartoons?" Search asks their brothers and sisters.

Saturday morning cartoons aren't even half as exciting as Search is!" Their younger siblings laugh out loud.

When their mothers arrive, they recount the evening's activities. Their mothers shake them soundly with the famous words, "Just wait until your father's get home!"

When their father's get home, once more they are grounded!

"You fool hardy boys are just lucky to be alive! You even got real live cat burglars willing and able to give you on the job training! The police did the right thing by parading you down at the police station dressed in basic black! Dear God in Heaven what on God's green earth are we going to do with you little snoopy sneaky brats!" Their fathers yell at them.

And then they embrace them and tell them to put on their pajamas and go straight to bed! During the remainder of the weekend, the members of Search were forbidden to contact each other. Monday morning the kids on Misty Lynn's bus loudly cheer and clap the startled boys of Search!

Word about their Friday night prowling had reached them. As for their elementary school's principal, Ms Watkins, she wanted all of the littlest of details. Once again the assignment was? How did you spend your weekends? And once again Search was honest.

This time their teachers make them stand up in front of their entire classmates and read their essays! Their classmates respond with thunderous applause.

Their teachers donate their essays and their library posts them. The library made several copies of their previous essays. Some they kept for themselves, and some of them they gave to their teachers/school.

Their school publicly display Search's two separate essays in a prominent places. The next time they go to the public library, the librarians want them to autograph their two essays. And their patrons want all of them to autograph their essays as well. All Search had to do was to tell them what material they needed, and the librarian staff provided it for them.

But Search makes a bad judgmental mistake because Search uses their special roller skating shoes to skate well past their usual bus stops. However there were vans waiting for their arrival. They are tackled, and gagged, bound and tossed inside a panel van by kidnappers!

And there are not any witnesses around! Their kidnappers control Search by automatic weapons. And Search believes they have reached the end of the line! However God decides to directly intervene. Hence forth; He sends a sudden breeze blowing away and scattering all of their bus passes and library material.

Right in front of some bicycle riding police officers! Search has just been abducted! They notify police motorcycle riders and patrol cars and put out an All Point's Bulletin on Search (APB) The patrol cars run license plates numbers on specious vehicles.

Since there are eight members of Search, they probably were abducted by a van. Suddenly God's Holy angels cause the van's door to open up; just as if it were never locked in the first place!

Allowing the police clearly see, their kidnappers pointing automatic weapons at their heads. The police call in SWAT! And SWAT rescues the brave intrepid youth of Search. SWAT apprehends their wanna be abductors!

When SWAT rescues Search they reply," Thank you very much! But what took you so long!" They finish setting Search free and give them free rides to the police station. They give the courageous boys of Search back their bus passes and library material. After they sign their reports, they call their families and they take them back home again.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 27, 30 & 31 2021

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