Search a New Beginning Part D a Search Can't Go Back Home Again.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Serch runs away from their homes after dark. But the sparks really fly when they return back to school!

All eight members of Search received mysterious messages, " Search! If you know what's good for you, you won't go back home ever again." Search hid those messages and did not show them to their families or to their friends. They each ate their last evening meal with their families.

All of them were very somber and remained silent during their last supper. When their families tried to discover what was wrong, they just shook their heads, "no." After desert, it was their turns to be on kitchen police details. Their siblings assigned to help them, vainly endeavored to engage them in meaningful conversations. But they also failed.

They all climb the staircases to their rooms and patiently waited for their families to fall fast asleep. Quickly they changed out of their pajamas into their dark black clothing and stocking caps and black gloves. They cover their faces with their stocking caps. Taking as much stuff as they are able to including all of their allowances money. They quietly climb out of their upstairs bedroom windows, and close them shut.

They use their ear devices to contact each other. Automatically they knew that the first place anyone would look for them, would directly head to those tall and sturdy trees in their local park. That included their families and friends, but it would also include the mysterious people. Whoever sent them those warning notes in the first place. Of course it could be all part of some practical jokes. However under the existing circumstances, they could not risk it!

Maybe they even planned on punishing their very own family members! Where could they run to? Where could they hide where they would be safe? Wherever it was it had to be accomplished under the protective cloak of the black nighttime sky! Dale Gordon's family was going to be gone for a couple of days! They could spend the night at his place! But under no circumstances could they either answer the phone or door bell. They would spend the night inside of his basement!

The next night, they would all have to find new hide outs! Contacting their families was strictly out of the question! The next morning was a school day, but that could not be helped! The next morning, their siblings that they shared their bedrooms with. Were the very first ones to notice they were missing! They cried out to their parents, that they were missing.

And their parents immediately called the police. But when the police arrived they could not give them any meaningful information. But when the police officers asked if they displayed any unusual behavior?

They answered they were more quiet than usual lately. When their parents were asked if Search was responsible for their missing sons! They honestly did not know, their sons did not mention it! The police question their brothers they share a bedroom with.

They found waste paper baskets filled with crumpled up papers. Search carelessly left copies of the menacing notes warning them to not come back home ever again. If they knew what was good for them!

Then the police understood why they ran away from home without telling their families! They were doing the very best they knew how to protect them! And that is really what Search was all about in the first place!

The police told their parents to send their sons text messages telling them they knew the truth about their threatening notes. They wanted their sons to come back home again. The police would find out whoever sent them those terrible notes in the first place! And then the police also sent them text messages letting them know everything was going to turn out okay.

And that it was safe for them to return back home again. Their sons text-ed back, that whoever sent them those notes was still at large. But that they would return back home again. Rapidly, they changed into their regular clothing. Using their roller skating designer shoes, they quickly make it safely back home again. Only to discover their families warmly embracing them by holding them close to them.

The police want Search to give them the original copies of those notes. "Search, you don't have to worry about a single solitary thing! We promise all of you brave kids; to get whoever is at the bottom of all of this happy nonsense! You have all been through a horrible ordeal and you probably need to spend the rest of the day safely in your beds.

But they did not spend the rest of the day in bed all alone, because their Search mascots decided they need to take extra special care of their favorite pet boys. Their mascots only left their beds whenever it was absolutely necessary for them to do so.

The police department decides to visit their elementary school. They were well aware that Search didn't eat their lunches in their school cafeteria because of trouble. Their school security guards told the police that some of their peers were hassling them and giving them a bad time.

All because they though it was a smart thing to do! The police held a special meeting inside of their gymnasium and told them Search's menacing notes that all of them received! Without giving them the details, they told them that they had the original copies of the notes. The police spokes woman read the horrible notes out loud!

When she finished she told them that Search was unaware of what they were doing. She told them the guilty parities would be eventually caught. However, they did not have to pubic-ally turn themselves in. Because they would be able to do so quietly.

However, they were surprised when the guilty parities stand up and admit their guilt. They weren't serious! It was all part of a particular joke on Search! Were they gonna get arrested?

The police spokeswoman reassures all of the kids involved, that neither their families nor Search was going to press any charges! Their school principle Ms. Watkins also reassures the guilty parties; they would not be facing any punishment. Their families and Search did not want it. In fact they were completely forgiven, because God would have wanted it way.

The guilty parties were secretly re-leaved. The next day when Search returned to school, they were not given a warm reception by their peers. They could not believe that they themselves did not call the police. Whenever they were questioned they replied they could believe anything that they wanted to be believe anyway. It was all because they would not believe the truth, even if they told it.

But via the grape vine word started to leak out that Search really believed they were all in clear and present danger. And that they were afraid of the safety for their families.

"Search! We found out the truth! Yeah all ran away from home after dark just like the sneaks that yeah really are! Yeah all thought that we really wanted to hurt you! Yeah all know what? Too bad we didn't think about it! Who knows next time we just right get some really bright ideas about you snoops of Search!" They loudly taunted them.

All Search could do was turn their backs, walk away and avoid them whenever it was possible. It was the closet thing they could do to do about turning the other cheek.

And all of them whispered silent prayers that their enemies would not triumphant over them or their families. If ever they really needed God to intervene in their lives, they needed Him to do so right away. The sooner the better!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 27, 2021

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