Search a New Beginning the Mascots Part C, B

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Serch will gain two new members and latter on new mascots. The newest Serch mascots are two white bunny rabbits.

Brian Dean Wilson and Kelly Kyle Owens were walking in their local park to clear their heads. When suddenly a couple of birds fall from the sky. It was because the two pigeons had died. And the same God who knows how to keep track of dead sparrows, also knows about dead pigeons.

The boys pick them up and wrap them up. Without telling their families, they bury the birds in the Wilson's back yard. The black crows watched the two youth's bury the two pigeons. The crows knew that the pigeons were already dead.

The boys very quietly wash themselves up. Under the circumstances, Kelly spends the night with Brian. But first Mrs. Wilson has Kelly call his parents. Both boys are unusually quiet the remainder of the night.

The families of the two boys Search rescued moved away to a different state. It was because their fathers' jobs transferred them there.

The next day was another school day and both boys caught their local school bus. Even on the bus they are very somber.

For their English composition's essays they both wrote about what happened to the two dead pigeons.

There were a couple of kids giving Holland and Sears a hard time.

Brian Dean Wilson drawls, "When you call me that smile!"

"Who are you two dudes anyway? And what's in it for you? We're only having some fun and games with Search!" They laugh out loud.

Kelly Kyle Owens puts his fingers in his mouth and blows an ear piercing whistle. All of the kids plug their ears and leave the area.

All except Holland and Sears. "10-4! Thanks good buddies! Believe us! We needed that! Wait a minute you must be Kelly Kyle Owens and Brian Dean Wilson!"

"10-4! Guilty as charged! Looks like we'll both be seeing yeah whenever we see yeah!"

The four boys go to the their classrooms. Their teacher was so moved by their compositions about the dead park pigeons, she was moved to tears.

They were collecting student essays to post at their local library. But first things first, she had to get their permissions. She decides to let both boys tell about what happened by letting them both take turns. The two boys are startled when their teacher calls them both to the front of the room. What have they both done wrong now?

She hands both boys their essays and tells them to take turns reading their very own unique versions. Brian and Kelly captivate their classmates and their teacher.

Their class loudly applauds them and after they say, "Thank you very much," they hand their essays back over to their teacher and sit back down again.

It was Mike Evans and Dale Gordon waiting for them outside of their classroom. "10-4 good buddies! Holland and Sears told us all about what you did for them." They smile.

"And really Owens, that's some whistle you've got there! And here I think I am one of a kind! And you go on and prove me wrong!" Dale Guy Gordon grins and slaps him on his back. "Be seeing yeah both on the flip side."

Jeff Clark and Rick Nelson catch up with Owens and Wilson later on. "Evans and Gordon told us about your whistle, Owens."

"Wilson you both did a righteous job defending Holland Sears! Would both of you be interested in the right hand of fellowship? Come on yeah both don't have to decide today!"

"Search me!" Owens and Wilson laugh out loud.

And Clark and Nelson join in their laughter to help re-leave pent up emotional tensions.

Their fellow students shake their heads. Maybe it was a good thing if those Search snoops were in a good mood. Whatever was so very funny they had to laugh about it? The two newest members of Search Owens and Wilson join Evans and Gordon for their lunch break.

However, Owens and Wilson brought their lunch money. Therefore they had no lunches. But their fellow Search members willingly shared their lunches. Owens and Wilson were told to save their lunch money for a rainy day. It was during lunch that the right arms of fellowship was administered to Owens and Wilson.

Members of Search no longer ate their lunches in their school cafeteria. All because there was so much trouble, Search got the hint. All of the boys made their own school lunches. And they enjoyed a brisk trade among-est themselves.

The boys would slowly walk around while eating their lunches. Their campus security police would smile and wave at Search. And Search would smile and wave at them back.

Thus the security police, who traded their lunches, decided to include Search in the loop. Those kids of Search knew how to pack good lunches. The Security guards were all married men and women with children of their own.

Search was very grateful for their thoughtful kindness and consideration. And the reverse was true about the campus security police. Rumor was being circulated about Search being informants. But it wasn't in the least bit true about any of them.

Of course Search grew weary of being falsely accused and stuck even closer to each other. When the truth was revealed it was all about the lucrative lunch trading games. Why wasn't Search eating their lunches in the cafeteria? It was discovered because it only caused more trouble for every body concerned.

Owens and Wilson each had white pet bunny rabbits. And during their lunch break they passed around their cutey photos with the other members of Search. The campus police force also got to enjoy the white bunny rabbit photos. And that's how two bunny rabbits became the latest mascots of Search!

Owens and Wilson each wrote their own compositions about their rabbit pets. Their teacher made them read them both aloud by taking turns. She also decided to post them at their local library.

When the people at the library recognized the names of some of boys being part of Search, they were really amazed. Their essays were exceptional, but about their experiences. Search was not even mentioned in any of their essays.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 26, 2021

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