Search a New Beginning Part C, a the Mascots

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The three mascots of Serch, help Serch in their local park. The six member Serch team, and their two clients, pull off a Search sting operation at Jack's Place.

"Don't worry Pretty Kitty, Mark will be home from school, very soon! He just called me on my cell phone," Misty Lynn Gables comforts her kitten, Pretty Kitty. She notices just how much she had grown lately. She hears her front door bell rings, in that special tone. Dale Gordon had recently installed just in order for her to know all six members of Search were waiting for her outside.

She answers the door and hands Pretty Kitty over to Mark and she watches her kitten wrapped herself around his neck and contently purrs. All six boys come inside Misty Lynn's grandmother, Miz Elaine Gables had recently moved into their guest's room as a permanent guest.

She hands her dog Fluffy over to Kevin and he licks Kevin's face. He perches himself on Kevin's right shoulder and contently barks. The pets jump down and greet each other.

After the boys wash up, Miz Gables has abundant afternoon snacks waiting for the hungry youth of Search. Mark and Kevin change their regular collars for specially designed/tracking device. Mrs. Marilyn Gables is Misty Lynn's mother and she has a talking Parrot she named Pretty Birdy.

She watches in amusement, while Rick and Jeff, place their special collar/ tracking device around her neck. But it is Dale Gordon, Pretty Birdy takes a liking to.

Pretty Kitty and Fluffy are placed inside Pet carriers on their normal bikes. And Pretty Birdy also is placed inside a pet carrier designed for talking Parrots. Search is admonished to take good care of their three mascots. Search decides their mascots should get used to riding along with their other members.

Before they do, they speak softly to them. Letting them know just how much they are loved! The closer they get to their local park, the more their mascots show their appreciations!

Upon arrival they release: one female kitten, one small male dog, and one talking female Parrot. The park rangers approach Search and talk to them. There's a couple of older girls we want you to keep an eye on. We think they are run aways from home? Maybe they'll talk to you instead of us?

Would you six snoops do us a really big favor and help us out? After all aren't we allowing your three mascots free reign in this park?"

"All we can do is our very best. But we don't have any real live guarantees." Search smiles at the park rangers.

"Search, believe us when we tell you. No matter what happens! We have complete faith in all of you."

The park rangers resume their patrol. However it is Pretty Kitty and Fluffy who first contact the two female runaways. Once they make ground contact, Pretty Birdy lands.

"What a Pretty Kitty! What a Pretty little dogie! What a Pretty birdie! The two older girls gush. They smile while the Parrot repeats their words.

"Who do you all belong to?" They are curious so they ask the parrot.

"All three of us belong to Search! Pretty Birdie replies.

"Who and What and Where is Search?" They ask Pretty Birdie.

"Why don't you ask all of them yourselves?" Pretty Birdie answers them.

"You mean all of those little boys call themselves Search? You've got to be kidding us!" They laugh out-loud.

Pretty Kitty and Fluffy jump on the laps of the two girls and they pet them.

"That's what they call us," Search smiles back at them. The six members of Search show them their specially designed photo identification cards.

"Is there anything we can do for you girls?" Search asks them point blank.

"You little boys are much too young to be the heat!" The girls reply.

"Why don't you all do us a really big favor and go and Search for somebody else and just leave us alone!"

"Why don't you listen to us, we all only want to help you out! But we will leave you alone if that's what you really want us all to do!" Search smiles and waves and walks away.

The two girls witness Pretty Kitty wrapping herself around Mark's neck, and Fluffy perching himself on Kevin's right shoulder. As for pretty Birdie she perches herself on Dale Gordon's right shoulder.

And that's when some older dudes decide to move on in for a piece of the action.

"Listen you two good looking gals finally gave those little annoying snoops the brush off. Why don't you hang around with us? The two older pests start annoying them.

"We already told those six little snoopy brats of Search to get lost! Why don't yeah all do us a big favor by taking a long hike to the great white north!" The girls loudly retaliate.

Pretty Birdie starts flying towards the two older youths. "You leave those two nice gals alone! Do you hear me!"She loudly yells at them.

Pretty Kitty and Fluffy jump on their laps and start loudly complaining! The two older male youths find themselves facing six younger boys equipped with two way walkies talkies.

"And that's all of the reasons why everyone calls us Search!" They broadly grins.

The park rangers arrive and escort the two older male youths out of their park and tell them to never return. That is if they just happen to know what's good for them.

Search looks at the girls and tells them that their offer of help still stands. Jeff and Rick offer them the free usage of their cell phones in order for them to phone home.

The girls call their parents and they throw their arms around their two wayward daughters.

They profoundly thank the three mascots and six member resourceful Search team. If there is anything that they can ever do for Search, all they have do is to let them know.

And like wise it is the very first time, they hand out their own cards as well. Their families post their cards on their frig. When the two families arrive back home they notice how their younger sons were beaten up.

Their fathers call Search right away. All six of them tell the park rangers, they are badly needed elsewhere.

The next thing they know the six youthful members of Search arrive. After they drop their mascots back at the Gables, and remove their collars.

"Either we pay those goons money or they are gonna beat us up!" They tell Search.

"Who are they? Where are you both to meet them? What do they want your money for? And how much money do they want from you? Search opens up with their loaded leading questions.

"Hey Search you cool dudes really live up to your reputations!" But do us both a really big favor! Ask one loaded question at a single time!" The other two male victims explain to them.

"Sorry about that thanks for the information." Search smiles warmly at them.

"Those young boys of Search really know how to turn on the charm," the boys' family members think to themselves. "

"Be-live it or not those bully boys are really our cousins! They want us to meet them at Jack's place, they want our money to play video games, and they want our entire allowances! They want us to meet us in a couple of hours." They confess.

"We need to go in your bedrooms." Suggests Kevin. "to change clothing."

"Whatever for?" Asks both Jeff and Rick.

"Because the two of you are going to take their places." Kevin explains. "From a distance they won't be able to tell the difference. And they are going to wear your outer clothing as well. That is one quick and sure fire way they are both wired for sound."

"Just as long as we are there to see the looks on their faces! When they meet a couple of you super dudes from Search!" They laugh.

"Alright Kevin, we play the good old switch game, but can they take our places?" Jeff and Rick asks him.

"They can wing it with the rest of us for backup." Laughs Dale as he answers for Kevin.

"Wow the kids at school aren't going to believe we mascaraed Search members~" Laugh their two newest clients. "And lived long enough to tell about it! Here's our entire combined allowances!" Remark their clients. And they give their hard earned money to both Jeff and Rick.

Once the switch is made, the four youths stand next together. Their family members have to take a really close look to tell the difference among-st the four of them. Jeff and Rick use their clients skate boards. Whereas, their clients ride their bikes and keep a respectful distance behind them.

Jeff and Rick approach their client's cousins at their prearranged meeting at Jack's place. They address the youth by their first names, and pull out a couple of hand written notes. They back away from them as if they were afraid.

"By signing these notes you have claimed to be paid in full. And are entitled to no further payments in the future." The notes were in their clients handwriting and signatures.

The bully boy cousins tear up the hand written notes as their answer. They grape the two boys mistaking them for their cousins. They grape them by their shirts with their right hands and show them their powerful fists with their left hands.

Suddenly their real cousins walk into Jack's place. When their bully cousins see four boys resembling each other, they become confused and let Jeff and Rick down. And then the remaining four members of Search make their entrance.

"Search! You contacted Search!" Their older bully cousins scream. "And you probably told them all about our little money arrangements! You little brats!

Their real cousins pull out their duplicates of the torn up notes. With all the members of Search all present and accounted for, they served as witnesses. The bullies sign the notes.

The bully boys take their final payments of money and run. Even though they are older than the boys of Search. Search has quit a reputation. The four boys take turns changing back into their outer clothing in the men's restroom.

Some of Jack's patrons smile at Jack. "Looks like we just witnessed a Search sting operation in action!"

"Search! I thought you only had six members instead of eight?" Jack is completely flabbergast gasted.

"Two of us are their clients!" They smile and wave goodbye.

The clients return back to their homes. The next school day they brag about being part of a Serch's sting operations.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 25-26, 2021

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