Search a New Beginning Part C, B

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Serch gets a new member, Dale Guy Gordon, the fastest thing on two legs.

Now Miz Elaine Gables got back her purse, which is as heavy as any suitcase, back. She treated all the five boys of Search, Marcia and Misty Lynn to ice cream from the vendor of their local park.

She also treated one very special female feline, Misty Lynn's, Pretty Kitty. As usual she was wrapping herself around the neck of Mark. She unwrapped herself just long enough to enjoy her treat, before once more wrapping herself around Mark's neck.

Why not treat Fluffy her dog to ice cream as well? The ice cream vendor was rather surprised as well as amused. Mike designed a special collar for Fluffy, and he was wearing it. Mike had used their very own watches. He made special designs for the five boys of Search as well. One of its functions was a two way communicator device.

Now Dale Guy Gordon was the fastest thing on two legs. Since Miz Gables was treating Search to free ice cream, he might as well get his. Besides now was the perfect time to get the attention of youth of Search. When he mentioned his favorite flavor of ice cream, Miz Elaine Gables, currently was 'not born yesterday.' Without any further hesitation she paid for his treat.

Why walk when you can always jog or run? It was Dale's philosophy that he lived by. Just as soon as he finishes his ice cream, he smiles and waves, as he jogs away!

Dale spots trouble all because a baseball player hits a sky high foul ball in his direction. He leaps high into the air and catches the base ball. And than he rapidly throws the base ball back into the field where it rightly belongs.

Kevin Allen Holland is very much amused. He knew that Mike McCormick Evans is the fifth member of Search. But there was always room for one more? Since Search operated on the buddy system, Mike would need a partner.

The rest of Search was wondering what Holland found so very amusing? Holland told them what he just eye witnessed. He told them about the sky high foul baseball! Gordon had caught, by leaping high in the air! And how rapidly he throws the foul ball back into the base ball field where it rightfully belongs!

Gordon feels as if a lot of very interested eyes are starring at the back of his golden haired neck. Search! Dear God in heaven! Gordon felt like he never fit in anywhere. He spins himself around and quickly jogs back towards them. The six boys hold out their hands starting with: Holland, Sears, Clark, Nelson, Evans, and Gordon. They pull back their hands and warmly embraced each other.

"There is a God in heaven after all! And he really cares enough to answer my prayers!" Dale Guy Gordon spoke aloud.

"Don't worry about a thing Gordon, all of us really do believe in God! And by the way we really prayed that you would like to join us!" All five of his new friends reply jointly.

All of them laugh out loud and pat each other on their backs. Miz Elaine Gables, Marcia Ann Marie McCormick, and Misty Lynn Gables had left earlier. Pretty Kitty returned to her owner, Misty Lynn.

And she had her regular collar on. Fluffy, Miz Gables dog became the newest and only canine mascot member of Search. Miz Gables gave the two girls and the kitten a ride back home.

Prior to the Dale Guy Gordon incident. The other people of the park knew the snoopy boys of Search were in a very good moods. They all get on their trick bicycles and return home.

Later on Kevin Holland and Mark Sears joins them. Dale Gordon leaves one of his bikes at Jeff Clark's place, some of his shoes, and one of his skateboards. That's the department of Jeff Clark and Rick Nelson.

But he leaves one of his wrist watch's at Mike Evan's place. Mike reprograms his club drone both for facial and audio recognition and other special effects! Clark and Nelson reprogram their remote controlled helicopters and planes. Mike Evans programs Dale Gordon into his computerized hard and soft ware Search protocol.

The boys of Search want to cover and touch all bases. Mike Evans devises a computerized tracking device on each one of them. The device is connected to: their mascots collars, and their com-links. Their com-links resembled regular wrist watches. Holland and Sears program Gordon into their cell phones.

Their automatic tracking devices are of course on their drone, choppers and planes. Their team mates uses their trick bicycles, motorized scooter & skate boards, and roller skate equipped shoes. They are also experts on roller blades!

However via remote control devices their skate boards could actually hover, and move in all directions above ground level!

Of course Dale Gordon is well impressed by his highly imaginative and resourceful teammates. He understands it is all primary designed for survival. What about school?

They realize they cannot take their Search equipment to school. But even on more traditional scooters, bikes and skate boards etc, they are very resourceful. They leave their com-links/watches at home. Mike Evans designs a tracking device they can secretly carry on their own bodies! Instead of wrist com-links they are ear devices com-links instead. They fit very securely and secretly inside their ears.

The next school day, the computers in their lab were malfunctioning. And Mike was kept pretty busy adjusting their computers. As a matter of protocol they had to call their school's computer technicians.

Mike was always allowed to watch them, and even gave them a few insightful pointers. But when somebody uses the computers to rip off some answers to math tests, Mike McCormick Evans, is their number one suspect!

Ms. Watkins has Mike inside of her office. "I know you didn't do it Mike. Even if you weren't a member of Search in good standing. But I have to touch all bases. I hope you really do understand."

"Principal Watkins if I were you I would interview all of the most likely suspects. When it comes to ripping off test results, they have something usually called 'bragging rights. And what kids would have the most to gain? Probably kids who figure out the only way to pass math tests is to steal the results. Beginning your pardon Principal Watkins, there is one other probable cause. Selling the math tests results to the highest bidders maybe even on social media platforms!"

She thanks Mike, gives him a pass and watches him leave. No matter many people were very impressed with the resourceful youth of Search. Some kids target Evans and he presses his inner ear device. He hopes and he prays to God in heaven that it works. He knew self defense but chances were the opposing boys did as well.

He remembers how very badly Sears was beaten up in the boys' restroom. Soon the other boys are surrounded by the five remaining members of Search! The ear devices he designed actually worked and help to save his bacon!

"Having any more problems, Evans!"Drawls his partner in Search, Gordon.

"Not anymore, partner!" Smiles his partner Evans.

The boys of Search pin their arms back and warn them to lay off their partner, Evans.

"One of these days, Evans, your favorite pet dogs aren't gonna be around." The other kids taunt him.

The Security Guards arrive and Search releases their opposition. "You heard Evans' partners in Search! Leave him alone! Search we can take over from here don't you think you should return to your class room?" The six members of Search go back into their classroom. Evans shows his pass to Mrs. Jennings.

But it was Sears who spoke up. "Remember what happened to me when I got myself badly beaten up in the boys' restroom? We just didn't want Evans to end up even worse than I did myself!"

"I can remember what happened to you all too well Mark and believe it or not, I honestly do understand. You and your friends are very unique boys and you have unique problems because of it. Now listen to me Search, do you tough dudes think you can live just long enough to graduate to Middle School next year!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 24, 2021

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