America Is Back to Normal

by Adventure Wynn

Cigarette packs now have pictures of tumors to show what irresponsible use causes. Is that a bad idea? For decades industry shills said, "Cigarettes don't kill people!"

Should alcohol have pictures of blackened livers on their labels? Or how about for fun pictures of wives with bloodied lips? Only people who have internalized their identity with booze would disagree. Should we let them lead the conversation on that?

Should firearms have pictures of shooting victims on them to show the purchaser's responsibility? Too extreme you say? We show horrific pictures to kids in drivers education to jar them into the realization of their responsibility. Maybe a tag hanging off your M16 when you buy it with a picture of Catherine Hubbard's 6 year old corpse would make the purchaser aware of their responsibility? Is society or gun owners too fragile? Or would it be bad for sales?

The story goes when concentration camps were liberated the allies paraded townsfolk through so they would fully grasp their responsibility. Are we different than these townsfolk? I think we should parade every corpse of a mass shooting on TV. It's the least we can do.

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