A Visiting Spirit

by Elroy Jackson


A story of Spirits...

After I lost my folks in a deadly accident at the age of eight, I started getting visited by spirits, not of my folks, but total strangers. It made no sense to me, and it scared me very much. And as this was all happening in my life I was taken in by my Aunt Lovena, she had a nice home and she was closest to my mother, her sister. She told me that they were best friends and that her big sister would want her to raise me.

The spirits followed me into Aunt Lovena's home and kept on talking to me, sometimes there were three or four of them talking at the same time.

In the beginning, I acted like I couldn't hear or see them but they soon figured out that I could, so they would call my name, Lilly... over and over until I answered. After about the third week in my Aunts home I decided I had to tell her about the spirits and she just looked at me for about ten seconds and then gave me the "I know you're missing your parent's speech, but I told her that this was not the case, and the spirits were real. Aunt Lovena felt she had no choice but to take me to a Psycho-analyst. When we arrived they asked my aunt to remain in the waiting area and took me into the doctor's office alone.

I was so scared sitting there all alone with this strange man walking to and fro in front of me asking weird questions and then a spirit appeared behind the Doctor and smiled over his shoulder. I looked up at the spirit and the Doctor noticed my look and asked,

- Lilly, are you seeing a spirit now?


-Is it a man or a Woman?

-A Man

-Do you recognize him, Lilly?


-Why do you think he's here Lilly?

- He says he is your Father

-Really! What does he look like Lilly?

- He has blue eyes, gray hair on the sides, and Dimples.

I notice the Doctors facial expression change quickly, he seemed to get aggravated

Then said,

-Lilly I don't know exactly how you described my Father so well, but I know that it isn't because he is standing here behind me.

I told him his father wanted him to get checked for diabetes and that he loved him very much.

- So my dad says I have Diabetes huh?


With a broad grin on his face, he said,

-Did he happen to say what type?

-The worse kind

The Timer on his desk went off and he came out of his momentary silence and said,

-That's all for this week Lilly, we will take this up next week.

I got up and walked out into the waiting room where my Aunt was standing and awaiting me, then turned around just as we were walking out of the door and noticed the Doctor staring at me in a peculiar way. As me and my Aunt walked down the hallway I saw the Doctors father standing at the elevator, as I and my Aunt entered the elevator he looked down at me and said,

"Thanks, Lilly, for saving my son's life."

Then he simply disappeared and I never saw him again.

The next week the Doctor called and canceled because he was going through an evaluation for type-1 Diabetes. I had told my Aunt this information a week ago, so she was really tripping. She put down the phone, turned to me, and said,

-Lilly, that was the Doctors office and they said to me what you said to me the day we left last week. Sweetheart this is really scaring me, you don't suppose to be able to do that, and it scares me that obviously, you can, so I am going to have to seriously rethink your living here any further.

I looked my Aunt right in her eyes and asked,

-Are you afraid of me?

She took a second to answer then said,

-Not so much you, but the ghost that follows you could be harmful ghost Lilly,

There will be some that are nice, and others that will be helpful as the doctor's Father's sweetheart, but there will be others that are evil.

I said - But Auntie, where will I go?

She pulled me next to her, kissed me on my forehead, and said,

-I didn't say you were going anywhere yet Lilly, I just said I need to rethink it. This is just a jolt to my system, you've got powers honey, and people are going to want to know how you do it.

I looked up at her without releasing my grasp around her waist and said,

-But I don't know how I do it.

-Yes you do.

Said a dark figure sitting in my Aunt's favorite chair.

I looked over and sort of nudged my Aunt. When she looked down at me I pointed over to her chair. My Aunt looked over there and said to me in a hushed tone,

- Is someone there?

-Yes Ma'am

- Who is it, Honey?

- I can't see his face.

- Ask him who he is Lilly.

I turned to the figure and asked,

-Who are you? And what do you want?

The face came into my view and said,

-My name is Lassiter, and I am here to help you understand what you are going through Lilly. Your Aunt even has a responsibility; she is going to be your keeper.

I looked at my aunt and told her what the spirit had said.

He continued,

-Lilly you will be visited by several spirits on their way to the other side, but they get a chance to make one last difference in this world, and they are going to need you to assist them.

-Why me? I said.

Because you are the chosen one. A gift bestowed you from both your parents when they were going to the other side.

You see, they wanted you to be able to make a difference in the world while you are living.

- Why can't I see them? Why haven't they visited me?

-A he was fading away he said,

-They gave up the chance to see you for your gift of life.

I turned to my Aunt and said,

- Aunt Lovena, He says my parents gave me this gift. He also says that I will be visited by more spirits, but they all will be doing a good thing, so you don't have to be scared.

My Aunt laughed and said,

- Lilly somehow I'm not afraid anymore.

I said,

-Great! So I can stay?

-Yes Sweetheart you can stay, she said.

From that day forth I went on to change the lives of several people and found fame and fortune for me and my Aunt.

I received this gift from my parents, who were given this gift by the Father, and I am in his debt for the rest of my life, then I'll pass it on to the next one.


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