The Unidentified

by Elroy Jackson


A story of being taken by the unknown...

The Unidentified

Chapter I

It is about one-thirty in the morning and I am on my way home from a night on the town with two of my buddies, Tom and Steve. When we parted from the parking lot of the "Stabbin Cabin," a well-known high tone strip club, I was the only one sober enough to drive, so I put them both in a cab and paid the driver to take them home.

The road in front of me is dark, no freeway lights, and my headlights are peering through the dense

Fog that has all of a sudden appeared. I keep a steady speed of around sixty-five miles per hour and the freeway is pretty clear this time of morning so I was feeling pretty comfortable until I saw something walking across the road. I slowed a bit hoping that whoever it was would hurry across the road but the figure stopped.

I slammed on my brakes and blew my horn at this idiot standing there in the road, and as I passed the figure I couldn't make out a face in the dense fog but I did notice that this figure seemed disfigured in a way. I kept on going past this weird figure and looked back in my rearview mirror to see if it was going to proceed on across the road but it didn't, it just stood there.

I shook my head and returned my attention to the road in front of me and I hadn't gone a half-mile when there was another figure standing in the middle of the road, I got over in the far right lane and once again blew at this new figure. As I passed this figure I saw the same sort of disfigurement, the arms seemed longer than human arms, and the legs seemed shorter than usual. I slowed and stared hard at this figure to try to make out who it was or what it was and I saw its face and my eyes bulged almost out of my head! There was no face! I hit the gas and sped off into the night without looking back. My heart was pounding in my ear like a drum, and I started to think to myself can I be a little tipsy?

Can it be I was tripping off the few joints we smoked earlier? What the hell is going on here!

The speed odometer was reading 100mpg when I looked at it, and as I started to slow down I heard sirens screaming from behind me, and red and blue lights flickering. I immediately pulled over, sort of relieved that it was the cops because I wanted to know if they had seen anything as I did.

As my car came to a stop on the shoulder, and the police vehicle pulled in behind and shined its light through my back glass I opened my driver's door and the officer yelled at me to close my door and remain in the vehicle, so I closed my door back and waited for him to slowly walk up cautiously.

The officer said, " Sir, registration, and insurance please." As I reached for my insurance card and registration his light followed my every move.

He quoted the old joke "Where's the fire, sir?

I clocked you at a hundred miles an hour at one point, what's going on?"

I blindly handed him my info and said "Did you see those things in the roadway?"

"Things? What things? Have you been drinking sir?"

"No! I haven't had a drink at all"

The officer backed away from the door and said "Would you please step out of the vehicle sir?"

I open the door and stepped out while asking again "Did you not see anything or anybody standing in the roadway?"

"No Sir, What are you talking about? Did you hit someone?"

I shook my head and said "NO! there were two figures standing in the roadway and both seemed to not be human, and if they were they were badly disfigured."

"Sir Disfigured how? Said the officer while shining his light in my eyes to check for redness.

"They had longer than usual arms and short legs, and their faces... they didn't seem to have one."

The officer asked " Sir would you be willing to take a sobriety test?"

I said "Sure, but officer I am not drunk nor crazy, I saw what I saw about ten miles back, could you at least check it out? Call someone or something?"

He reached toward his shoulder and spoke on his walkie to someone in a hushed tone then took me through the test which I passed easily, then sat me in the back of his patrol car without cuffs.

He said, "Sir have a seat, I will be right back with you in a minute."

I noticed the other patrol car pulling up and the two conversing with each other and having a great laugh at my expense I felt. They both walked over to the patrol car I sat in and opened the door. One of the officers asked me to tell the other what I saw again so I repeated my story to the other officer. They again asked me to have a seat in the patrol car so I thought maybe they were starting to believe me.

I watched as they stood in the front of the vehicle talking for what seemed like twenty minutes, and then vehicles came from everywhere, I counted eight vehicles with men in white suits and masks, and others that looked like men In black. They were speaking with the officers for a while, and then they took both of them down an embankment, I heard two pops and then two more, and then the cops were gone.

Two men in black characters walked up to the door and opened it and asked me out.

I stepped out and was pushed up against the side of the car and asked "What did you see?"

I said " Who are you guys? I was stopped for speeding! What is going on here!"

One of the men walked up close to me and said "From this moment on we ask the only questions, and you will answer... Is that clear?"

His steely eyes convinced me that they were serious, so I nodded in agreement. They took me to a huge vehicle and ushered me into a backroom that was dark, except for one green fluorescent blinking light. They sat me in a chair that seemed to adhere to me, I couldn't move.

"What the hell?" I screamed.

"Don't fight it, just let it be" One of them said.

This is our way of extracting the truth."

I looked up at them and as the green light flashed in their faces I noticed they had none... then I fell into unconsciousness.

When I woke again I was lying in a field naked and very groggy. I got up and looked around and noticed my car parked exactly where I left it. I remembered that but I couldn't remember much of anything else. I stumbled my way to my car and the keys were still in the ignition, I opened the door and got in the driver's seat, and cranked the car.

Then I sat idling trying to put things in order in my mind. Somehow being naked was the last thing on my mind, I then proceeded to be on my way home, but all the way there I fought to try to remember my recent past but couldn't. I drove up to my home and walked into my house and just then noticed the time and the date, It was two days since that night out with my buddies and my messages were full. Today was Monday, and I suppose to be at work, the phone rings and I see on the caller ID that it's my boss!


"Jake? Why aren't you at work?"

"Sir I. I think I was kidnapped by an unidentified people, not of this earth."

"Jake, since you came up with such a creative story, take the day off and be back here tomorrow at eight sharp. Sleep it off man, Bye."

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