Search a New Beginning Part C, A

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Serch acquires a fifth member, Mike McCormick Evans.

It was a very good thing, all four youths had roller skates attached to all of their shoes. But with the notable exceptions of their dress and gym shoes. All four of them had taught themselves tricks on their roller skates and their roller blades too. Their bicycles were redesigned into specialized trick bicycles. And their skate boards had small motors attached to them as well. At first it was for their own amusements, but later on it was mainly for their survivals.

And they all came in handy with getting away from the bully boys. The bullies were afraid of not only heights, but also water. Thus the four friends spent a lot of their free time climbing those tall and sturdy trees in their local park. The bullies would publicly taunt them below the trees; until they were made to leave the park by the Park rangers. Because of their openly hostile actions, they were permanently banned from the park!

All of the four friends parents had filed Class Actions Legal permanent restraining orders against them. Those orders also included banning them from their sons' elementary school property before during and after school hours The bullies were found guilty of their parole violations and were once again remanded into the juvenile court system. They were placed under even stricter juvenile detention for much longer sentences periods of time!

Mrs. Gables' mother lost her purse in the park; while feeding her Pigeons bread crumpets. The five boys of Search and Pretty Kitty were given special permission by all of the park rangers. They had equipped the talented and resourceful female kitten with a specially designed collar. That she used whenever she was on duty. They had the green light to use the trees as lookout observational points.

She left it on her own designated park bench, when she visited the ladies' restroom. Some older snatch and grab youth artists grabbed her purse. And they roller bladed away. Their entire activities were observed by a miniaturized audio/video drones. Operated by Mike Mc McCormick Evans.

Because of the observational methods of the five brave young snoops of Search. The drone watches the thieves get into their get away car as well as the driver. The drone captures the make and model of the car, plus its license plates numbers. Thereby making it possible for the rangers to apprehend the thieves and Miz Elaine Rodger's very heavy purse.

Mike McCormick Evans was its designer and the newest member of Search. He had to conquer his acrophobia in order to join Search. Jeff Clark and Rick Nelson used their two way radios to contact the Park Rangers. While Kevin and Mark used their high powered binoculars for observational purposes.

Marcia Ann Marie McCormick and Misty Lynn Gables were roller blading in the park. They sat down on the park bench recently vacated by Mrs. Gables' mother Elaine Rodgers. Pretty Kitty is wrapped around Mark's neck, and the remaining members of Search. Walk quickly over to where the small gathering of people were.

"But don't thank us, instead thank those talented young snoops of Search and their feline mascot, Pretty Kitty."The Park Rangers claim.

Mark returns Pretty Kitty to her owner, Misty Lynn Gables after he removes her specialized collar. He than attaches her own pet collar on her. Park Rangers shake their hands as they haul away the youthful offenders. And turn them over to the local police department.

The Park Rangers tell the police Search's involvement in their now open and shut case. The police confiscate Search's drone, equipment and Pretty Kitty's specially designed collar. All of the involved parties are driven to the closet police station.

Search explains the primary functions of their drone and equipment to the police. And the watch commander passes them over to his superior officers.

Eventually, the five member Search team is released into the custody of their parents.

"You people should be proud of your highly resourceful sons!" The captain informs their parents.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 21 & 23, 2021

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