Search a New Beginning Part B D

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


After he is beaten up bullies in the boys's rest room at his local elementary school, Mark Allan Sears, has an extended hospitalizaton and recovery period. When he is fully recovered, the bully boys responsible, are released from juvenille detention.

(I have changed the exterior of the hospital. When that change is made this will be deleted.)

All of the families of the four boys, the Gables and the McCormick's and Ms. Watkins are waiting in the hospital emergency room. Mrs. Sears is allowed to carry Pretty Kitty with her into the emergency ward. Pretty Kitty climbs up on Mark's chest, loudly meows and looks at him directly in the eyes as if she could say.

"My poor foolish pet boy, you allowed yourself to get badly beaten up!" She contently purrs and licks Mark's face as if it will help her pet boy to get out of this strange place

. Mark softly talks to her and pets her exactly the way she likes it. When the hospital staff watch Pretty Kitty comforting Mark, they let him keep her as a comfort kitten.

Mrs Sears smiles and whispers the words, "Thank you for letting my son Mark keep Misty Lynn's pet kitten, Pretty Kitty, in the hospital."

"Pretty Kitty is a very remarkable young female kitten!" The hospital staff agrees. When it comes time for Mark to be wheeled into his hospital room, Pretty Kitty is contently riding with him. She continues softly purring and licking his face. Mark stops petting her and he falls fast to sleep.

The medication the emergency ward Dr. injected him with put Mark soundly to sleep. Pretty Kitty is pretty tired herself, and also falls fast asleep. The injected shot puts Mark to sleep for an extended period of time. Pretty Kitty looks at Mark and she knows he probably needs to still remain fast asleep.

When he wakes up again, he speaks to Pretty Kitty, in a very soft tone of voice. And very gently starts petting her again. Thanking her for deciding to remain here with him. His doctor is amazed at Mark's recovery. He realizes a lot of people, in person or on social media platforms were praying for him around the clock.

Both his patient and the kitten needed something substantial to eat. After his sponge bath, Mark is allowed visitors for the first time. He notices all of the many flowers and the get well cards and smiles.

Mrs Jennings, his teacher, smiles and says, "Mark, some people will do anything to get out of going to school!"

Mark starts to laugh, but he stops when it starts to badly hurt. Mrs. Jennings notices that Mark is in a lot of pain from laughing too loudly. She apologies, but he smiles at her and tells her not to worry. He is going to be alright. She kisses him on his forehead and leaves his hospital room.

His doctor administers to him his second painkilling shot, thereby, causing him to fall fast asleep. When he wakes up he feels both very groggy and very hungry. Once the pain killer wears off, Mark is released from the hospital and allowed to return back to school again.

Both his teacher, classmates, and peers are strongly admonished to handle Mark with "kid gloves." When Mark first goes back to school again, he places his head on his desk and falls fast asleep.

His three friends very carefully take his notes for him without being asked to do so. Mrs. Jennings tells her class to let Mark sleep and to not wake him up. She looks at him very carefully and calls his mother to take her son back home and put him to bed where he belongs.

It is very obvious it is much too soon for him to return to school. She also calls up his doctor and gives him a piece of her mind. One of the male teachers carries Mark to his mother's car, goes back home with her, and carries her son upstairs to his bedroom. He leaves via taxi cab after he puts Mark to bed.

Pretty Kitty climbs into bed with her favorite pet boy. Latter on when Mark wakes up, he falls out of bed and lands on the floor. Fortunately, he lands on some of his pillows that he tossed on the floor.

Pretty Kitty starts meowing loudly! Mrs. Sears calls the nurses to help her son to the rest room.

After he is finished the nurses tell him not to try and get up again without any help. Her son Mark apologies to all of them. He is strongly admonished unless he wants to be readmitted to the hospital to remain in bed where he belongs.

When he is well enough his three friends help him catch up with his school work and turn it into Mrs. Jennings for him. However, when he returns back to school, he is in a wheel chair being pushed by one of his nurses. He is allowed to walk around, with assistance for short periods of time.

Whenever he is tired, he is allowed to rest. He carries Pretty Kitty on his lap and pets her and offers her kitten treats. Mark is allowed to take his scheduled naps in the nurses office during both lunch and recess periods.

Eventually Mark becomes fully recovered again! He is able to attend school for a full day and to ride the school bus. To celebrate Mark is able to climb one of the park's trees with his three friends and Pretty Kitty. The park department knew what happened to Mark and why he ended up in the hospital.

The bully boys are released from juvenile detention. But when they found out about Sears' extended hospitalization, they are well pleased. They learned more moves during their periods of incarceration. As a result Holland, Sears, Clark and Nelson also brush up on their self defense methods. They use the buddy system and the four of them are always together. Except when their absolute privacy becomes necessary.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ 209

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 20-21, 2021

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