Search a New Beginning Part B C

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The four friends and Pretty Kitty are keeping themselves pretty busy.

It was during lunch break that Mark walked into Ms. Watkins' office . He still has Pretty Kitty still wrapped around his neck and purring softly. Ms. Watkins opens up the door the cat carrier and places Pretty Kitty back inside. After thanking each other, Mark visits their school's cafeteria. His peers jeer at him for letting a kitten wrap herself around his neck! Mark joins his three friends but this time a girl sits down with them.

Her name is Marcia Anne McCormick and she sits right down next to Mark. She starts whispering in his right ear softly.

"I am so very sorry I have to bother you, Mark. But I don't honestly know what else to do? I would like you and your three friends. Plus Misty Lynn's remarkable kitten, Pretty Kitty, to help me out.

My little sister has run away from home again! I'm sure if you all Search for her long enough you will find her." Marcia looks at Mark directly in his eyes.

Mark nods his head yes and uses sign language to communicate with his three loyal friends. They write out their responses using the Morse Code method. And than sol-low the edible paper. As for their fellow students they were much too preoccupied to notice which transactions had just taken place.

Marcia automatically thinks they are just trying to empress their very first client. Her female intuition and her deductive reasoning were only partly correct. They are only partly doing it for secrecy's sake.

Marcia hands Mark one of Monica's favorite dolls in one her her sacks. "Pretty Kitty might need this or you four snoops might just need for yourselves! After I leave this table, I don't want any one of you! To act like you know me! okay."

She continues whispering. Marcia finishes her lunch and is the first one to leave their table. After lunch they had recess, but they had a closed campus. Thus they were unable to leave.

An older girl is pushing her younger sister too hard on the swing. The younger sister screams and falls off of her swing. The four youth members of Search rush right over to the badly frightened younger girl. They instantaneously begin administering emergency first aid by thoroughly checking her out.

They check her heart's rate her and pulse rate. Speaking to her very softly to her in comforting words, they reassure her she is going to be all right. Their recess teacher's aid rushes to the scene followed closely by the girls' older sister.

All four boys assist the younger girl to their nurses office. The nurse's aid calls the girls parents. Suggesting to them they should immediately take her to the nearest walk in clinic.

But once they help get the girl to the nurses' office, they are dismissed. Recess is over for the day.

When her parents ask who the boys were who helped their daughter, the nurse's aid gave them the names of the four young friends of Search.

The boys return to their classroom and act as if nothing has taken place. At the ending of the school day, they catch their school bus back home again. However, there was nobody there once they arrive only instructional notes. The boys read the notes and act accordingly.

Afterwards they all get on their bikes and carry some things with them in their blue backpacks. They ride their bikes to the park and find Monica fast asleep on the park's green grassy lawn.

Mark uses his cell phone to call Marcia and the rest of them start checking out Monica. Monica awakes tried and hungry. Marcia arrives at the scene pulling Monica's red wagon.

The four boys help Monica instead her red wagon. Monica pulls the wagon all the way to the McCormick house. All four boys escort them very slowly on their bikes. They help Marcia get Monica out of her wagon.

Marcia puts the wagon away. She walks ahead of the four boys taking care of Monica. They help out Marcia's younger sister upstairs to their joint bedroom. Once they are in their bedroom, the four youth pull back her bed covers and take off her shoes and socks.

Now if they were four ordinary boys, she would have never allowed for them to help her any further. Those four brave boys of Search were different from the rest of the boys she knew.

When she asked them to help her get Monica into her pajamas, the four boys help her out. And they place her in her bed and cover her up with her sheets and blankets. Marcia thanks them and offers them money for their helpful assistance, but the boys smile at her and do not take her money.

Suddenly Marcia looks out her bedroom window and sees her family driving up in their car. She tells the four youth, and they run down the staircase and out of her front door. They are riding away on their bikes by the time her family is finally ready to come instead their home.

Once she first sees her family inside their house and they ask her what was going on. However, it is Monica who tells her family just what had taken place.

Meanwhile the father of the girl who had fallen off of her swing were vising the four boys homes. They tell their families what their sons were doing at school. When they offer their parents some money to give to their sons, their fathers turn down their offers.

After they leave Mr. McCormick arrives on their door step. He thanks their fathers for their sons helping out his two daughters. Once again a father offers their parents money and once again he is politely turn down. When their fathers ask them what was going on with them? And why didn't they even tell them?

They reply, "You never asks us."

After dinner time is over with, their loving and concerned parents, send their sons up stairs to their rooms! And orders them to stay there! The boys do their homework, say their bedtime prayers and go to bed. The next school day all of the four youth wait at their bus stop.

Because of Misty Lynn, they arrive early. Mark is carrying a large feline pet carrier. And pretty Kitty is softly purring inside. She knows whenever Mark goes to school, she gets to go to school with him. Ms. Watkins, their school principal is waiting for the arrival of their school bus. Mark hands the pet carrier to her and she take it to her office.

Every one is saying, "Hi Pretty Kitty! Hi Pretty Kitty!" And Pretty Kitty loudly meows her good morning greeting.

Inside her office, she opens up the pet carrier's door and Pretty Kitty makes a bee line right to Mark's classroom. She contently wraps herself around his neck. As far as Mark's family is concerned, Pretty Kitty is their son's Mark feline kitten babysitter!

When he had to visit the restroom, he hands Pretty Kitty over to Kevin. And she wraps herself around his neck instead. Some bully boys are waiting for him. Mark contacts Kevin, Jeff and Rick. The three boys and Pretty Kitty rush to the boy's restroom and find their friend being beaten up. Pretty Kitty jumps off Kevin's neck and rushes with them into the boy's restroom.

His three friends chase the bully boys out of the rest room. Where they are apprehended by the Security Police and sent to Juvenile Hall by the police After being permanently kicked out of their school. But Mark's loyal friends tell him to stay down on the floor.

Pretty Kitty starts loudly meowing and licking Mark's face. The paramedics arrive and transport Mark to the hospital's emergency room.

But first Mark gives Pretty Kitty to Kevin. "Kevin, take good care of our Pretty Kitty!" And Kevin promises to.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Poet 209

Roxy Lea 1954/ October Country

March 20, 2021

Roxy 1954/ October Country

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