Search a New Beginning Part One B

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Misty Lynn Gables has a very talented and resourceful young tiger stripped female kitten. She named her Pretty Kitty.

The very next day it was Monday and all four boys got on the school bus. Because Misty Lynn Gables was younger than the four friends, she caught an earlier school bus. However all four boys promised her parents they would watch after Misty and make certain she caught her bus on time.

Today was show and tell day and Pretty Kitty had herself wrapped around Mark Allan Sear's neck. She was purring contently. The bus driver told Mark, he couldn't board the bus with a kitten wrapped around his neck. But Pretty Kitty started loudly meowing at the bus driver. His friends rushed to his defense, and told the bus driver, how deeply attached Pretty Kitty was to their friend Mark.

They told her, "Pretty Kitty has attached herself to Mark."

The bus driver takes off and laughs. "Just when I thought I heard every thing." She spoke out loud.

All of the kids aboard her bus laugh at loud. "Hey Sears looks like you've been adapted by a kitten!"

Pretty Kitty starts meowing loudly and Mark calms her right back down again. Pretty Kitty starts purring and climbs on his right shoulder. And snuggles up and falls fast asleep. Mark and his three friends walk into their classroom. Mrs Jennings, their teacher, notices Pretty Kitty right away wrapped around the neck of one of her students!

"Mark Allan Sears! Just what do you think you're doing coming into my class room with a tiger stripped kitten wrapped around your neck!" She shouts. "Take that kitten and go straight to the prinicpal's office!

Pretty Kitty starts meowing loudly at the strange lady yelling at her pet boy! Mark calms her down and takes her into the principal's office. She calls the Gable residence and Mrs Gables drives to the school and picks up Pretty Kitty. The principal warns Mark not to ever bring that kitten to school with him ever again. If he knew what was good for him!

And she sends him right back again to his class room. When the class starts to laugh at him, Mrs Jennings hushes them up.

Some older kids were playing hooky from their own school, and shaking down the littler kids for their lunch money. They were thoroughly enjoying being shake down artists and juvenile delinquents.

The scared younger students hide behind Rick Jon Clark, and Jeff Jason Nelson. Kevin Allen Holland and Mark Allan Sears join them. All four boys had been taught self defense from Rick and Jeff. And Rick and Jeff did from their fathers It came in handy when they took on the older bully boys!

The four younger boys chase the older boys right out of their school! After they make them turn over the lunch money that they stole. They make the younger students promise not to tell anybody about what just happened.

And of course the younger students promise that they won't tell anyone. But it is a promise that they didn't keep even one school day! As a result of their running interference actions; all of the students are given a direct invitation. Direct from their school's principal. First she asks the younger students and victims.

And they confess to running to Rick and Jeff for help! Kevin and Mark admit to also being directly involved in chasing the shake down artists off their school property!

"Next time something like that happens, go directly to our school's security guards. That's what they're getting paid for not the four of you tough hot shot dudes! Now are you going to tell your parents, when you get home, or do you want me to do it for you! This is going on your permanent school records! Di-missed!" She sends them back to their class rooms

When their fellow students want to know what happened to them. They run their fingers over their lips. Fem-me la bush! (shut your mouth in French) Quietly they set down in their assigned seating arrangements.

When the final bell rings, the four boys do not board their school bus. Their shoes come equipped with roller skates and they use them to roller skate to their local park. Quickly, they transform their roller skates, back again to their regular shoes. Once again they climb a large tree in their local park. But they have their backpacks to content with,

Only this time it just happens to be a different sturdy tree. The tree is well able to support all of their joint weight. Just like their former choice, it is sturdy enough even for adult males.

However this is the proper time they turn their cell phones off? Because they are afraid to face their parents and their siblings! Each boy had after school snacks. He was willing shared with each other. But because they are in their formative growth and developmental years, they very soon become very tired and very hungry and very thirsty as well.

However, once more they fall fast asleep. When their families discover all four young boys fail to come return back home again on their school bus, they call up their school. They ask their school principal if their sons are still at school?

And she replies, "Not that I know of. Why didn't they catch their school bus back home?"

"If our sons would've caught their school bus's return trip, would we be calling you now! Their frustrated parents cry out.

"It's all of my fault, I was way too harsh with them today!" She admits to their parents.

Wait for me I am coming right over there! Wait a minute, Mark Allan Sears, came to school today with a tiger stripped female kitten wrapped around his neck! I believe his three friends called her Pretty Kitty! Didn't she help find him before?"

She hangs up her phone and drives to her car to the Sears residence. The Gables family brings over their daughter Misty Lynn and her heroic kitten, Pretty Kitty. Misty Lynn calms her kitten down, and tells her to find Mark.

Pretty Kitty meows! Once more their fathers gather together. Only this time they are bringing Mr Gables, Misty Lynn and the school principal Ms Watkins. Misty Lynn carries her prize possion's in her own young girl world. Once they reach the park, she puts her Pretty Kitty down. And she starts loudly meowing but she stops.

Misty Lynn walks right pass the former tree but she directly walks to the current one. After she reaches it she stays right by the tree. She looks up and starts meowing loudly.

Their fathers shine their flash lights directly at their sons. Misty Lynn stops meowing. Their fathers get their son's backpacks out of the tree. Next they bring down their four sons. Their sons were still fast asleep.

Mrs Watkins advises against waking them up. She and Mr. Gables would carry their back packs, Their fathers could carry their sons. This time Pretty Kitty let her very own pet girl carry her instead.

But before they leave the park their sons wake up and say. "Dads we're tired hungry and thirsty. Please put us down! We are old enough to walk on our own two feet! But thank all of you for caring about what happens to us! God bless all of you and thank you!"

"Ms Watkins! What on earth are you doing here!" They ask completely amazed.

"I am here to offer all four of you an apology! I got the whole story from those younger students! Can you please find it in your hearts to forgive me? But honestly you should not try and do the jobs of our campus security police. Believe me they are the ones who get paid for it! And the four of you don't!" She apologizes and admonishes them at the exact same time.

"I owe Pretty Kitty an apology too! Misty Lynn! I never realized before what a very talented young female kitten that you have! You are a very lucky little girl! But I bet your bottom dollars, that you already know that."

Because she is very tired the heroic young kitten falls fast asleep in Misty's arms and softly purrs. Their dads put them down, but they carry their backpacks. Mr. Gables has to carry, not only his daughter, Misty Lynn but also her hero Pretty Kitty! Everyone was tired and thirsty.

Mrs Watkins spent the night at the Gables house and Pretty Kitty knew she had to take care of another bigger person! All of the five families got together and had a full meal deal pizza delivery at the Gables home. Their fathers watched sports on the Gable's living room television. Their sons eat their dinners and deserts and go directly to bed. Mrs Watkins signs excuse forms for all four of the boys. Mrs Reynolds excuses Misty Lynn.

Wednesday morning, Mark is carrying a larger house cat covered cat carrier with cat food and milk. The brave Pretty Kitty kitten is fast asleep inside. Mrs Watkins meets his bus and takes the cat carrier from him. She carries it directly to her office and lets Pretty Kitty out of her pet carrier. Pretty Kitty runs directly to Mark's room and wraps herself around his neck. And loudly starts to contently purr.

When his classmates make comments, Mrs Jennings hushes them up. And to pay attention!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ OctoberCountry

Poet 209 March 16-18, 2021

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