Search a New Beginning Part One A

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Pretty Kitty, Misty Lynn Gables' young adventursome Kitten is pretty remarkable.

Both the Holland family and the Sears family were next door neighbors, but also best friends. When Mrs Holland was baking cherry pies at her neighbor's Mrs Sears, it was with both families in mind. Which is why both Kevin and Mark were each served one large piece of cherry pie topped with vanilla ice cream. Decorated with maraschino cherries on top, and drank with large foaming glasses of milk.

Misty Lynn Gables' Pretty Kitty kitten entered into the Sears' family large kitchen. Mrs Sears had her son Mark feed her a small bowel of fresh milk. After she was finished drinking her milk, she showed her appreciation by jumping, on his right shoulder. Thus making herself perfectly at home. It was her way of looking after Mark.

Misty Lynn came and picked up her kitten from Mark's shoulder. But when she saw Mrs Holland start to cut her a large piece of cherry pie, she put her kitten back on Mark's right shoulder.

She washed her face and hands, and enjoyed her cherry pie, vanilla ice cream. Topped with maraschino cherries!

Both boys exited the kitchen and started walking in the direction of their local park. Pretty Kitten was still perched on Mark's right shoulder. It was when they saw their two friends Rick Jon Clark, and Jeff Jason Nelson, laughing at Mark. They both were pointing at Pretty Kitty on Mark's right shoulder. Pretty Kitty started meowing very loudly at the two boys.

"Alright! Alright! Sears! We get the message!" Both boys stopped their hysterical laughter. "Looks like you've got yourself a watch kitten instead of a watch puppy!"

They watched Sears give Pretty Kitty some kitten treats as she started purring and wrapped herself around his neck. Suddenly, Pretty Kitty jumped off Mark's back and ran back home to her real owner Misty Lynn.

All four boys continue walking towards the park. Their favorite park had large trees. And had strong enough limbs even to support the weights of full grown adult males.

The boys take turns helping each other up as they climb their favorite tree. From their favorite vantage points, they have bird's eye view of the park. Keeping themselves completely concealed from sight, they can become people/pet watchers. All four of them are taking pictures for their scrape books.

Very easily the four youth lose track of time and fall asleep on the branches of their tree. When they fail to return back home again naturally their families start to worry. All four of their fathers use flash lights to try and locate their missing sons! Because it was after dark. However it was Mr. Gables who came up with the solution.

"Just in case you haven't noticed, my daughter's kitten, Pretty Kitty, is very attached to Mark. If any thing can locate all four of those boys she can!"

"What are you jabbering at Gables!" It's my son, Jeff, that's missing not your daughter, Misty Lynn!" Shouted Mr Nelson.

"Please Mr. Nelson! My daddy is telling all of you the truth! When Mark was confined to his bed, Pretty Kitty refused to ever leave him alone! Don't you remember!" Shouted Misty Lynn.

"She's telling the truth, Nelson!" replied Mr. Sears, "And you know it!"

Pretty Kitty started meowing loudly. All four fathers follow the young kitten, and find themselves heading in the direction of their local park. Pretty Kitty stops at the right tree and starts meowing louder.

Their fathers shine their flashlights at the tree, and discover their sons fast asleep. Very quickly and quietly they take their sons out of the tree and carry them in their arms all the way back home. Pretty Kitty climbs onto Mark's right shoulder and starts meowing loudly.

"Looks like I owe everybody an apology! I've just never seen anything like it in my entire life!" said s Mr. Nelson. The rest of the night, Pretty Kitty sleeps in Mark's bed with him. And she wakes him up by looking at him straight into his eyes and loudly meowing in the morning.

Mark pets her and speaks softly to her. "Most people have their very own guardian angels looking after them. It just looks like to me, my very own guardian angel, is a cute very protective little kitten!"

Pretty Kitty jumps out of his open bedroom window, and runs back home again to her young mistress, Misty Lynn.

It was because her very own special boy was home again and safe and sound.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry 209

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 15, 2021 Edited March 16, 2021

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