Search a New Beginning Introduction

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Small acts of courage pay off sometimes!

After Mark had fully recovered, he goes on a bike ride, with Kevin. Both boys eye witness their paper boy been held up for his paper route's collection money. It was by a bunch of bullies. Mark and Kevin make fierce shouts at the bullies and ride their bikes straight at all of them! Resulting in the cowardly lion bullies to ride their bikes away.

Their paper boy, Colton Adams, uses his cell phone to call his mother. Mrs. Jacob Adams drives her car quickly to her son's location.

"Colton Adams! From now on whenever you make your collections! Your or I will be there with you! I just want to thank God you are alive and unhurt!" She strongly admonishes her beloved son. Her son helps his mother first put his bike on her car's bike rack. And the two of them drive away without thanking Colton's rescuers.

"Mark, the bullies could come back for us! I think we both better go back home right now where we'll both be safe! Kevin warns his very best friend.

"Yes, and Kevin we both should thank God, that we are both alive and unharmed as well." Mark agrees with his very best friend.

The Hollands and the Sears are next door neighbors. Kevin and Mark locked up their bikes in their garages. Kevin could smell baking from the Sears' kitchen and he was very hungry. His mom was helping Mark's mom with baking some cherry pies.

After they washed their hands, there were two large pieces of cherry pie, for both boys with vanilla ice cream on top! And there was two large foaming glasses of milk as their beverages.

Neither Mr. Holland or Mr Sears could figure out why they were not charged any money for their newspapers' subscriptions? Their bills always arrived 'paid in full.' When they decided to call up the subscription department, they received the exact same answer.

When they talked to their paper boy, Colton Adam's, about it he reiterated the same thing. Both of his parents backed their son up!

Both families reached the same popular consensus, some mysterious benficators, were paying their news paper bills. They would agree not to spread this around any further! As far as they were all concerned, the case was permanently closed. Neither Mark nor Kevin ever told their parents about until they were adults! more later on 3.14.21

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