The Invocation

by Elroy Jackson


A story of life...

The Invocation

[One day in time, long, long ago a girl lived in the deep woods of Bourbon County, Kentucky. She was named Sheelah by her mother who had her at thirteen years of age by a much older man, not to mention a relative.] [As Sheelah grew up she was often a witness to her mother and others practicing spells, so much so that she learned most all of them by heart. By the time Sheelah was ten she was already casting spells on little boys that treated her mean, and sometimes she thought that her spells worked, especially when a little boy got sick or something. Now Sheelah is seventeen, entering college, and all the life lessons that were to come. She met a young man about two weeks into her first year and quickly fell in love. This is where the story begins.... [As she stands in the hallway of the University of Kentucky, a young man bumps into her as he walks backward talking to his friends.] "Oh excuse me sweetheart, my bad." [He said, then turned and said goodbye to all his friends.] "You're excused" [Said Sheelah.] "My name is Jamaal, Jamaal Curtis, what's your name?" My name is Sheelah, nice to meet you, Jamaal. [She said with a wry smile.] "The pleasure was certainly all yours, [Jamaal said as he walked away Laughing with an I'm all that look on his face.] [ Sheelah didn't like his attitude, and once in her dorm room and situated, she pulled out one of many little dolls that she had in a huge black bag in her closet, and with incense burning, she started to recite incantations with his name in them.] "Jamaal, Jamaal oh how you may fall Jamaal, Jamaal I call. Elrobodictus Mia Dictus Orvadimento." [Sheelah believed that she had hexed Jamaal and that he would soon be a more down-to-earth, kind, and modest person around others. The next day she looked for Jamaal but didn't see him, and for the next two weeks, she could never find him. On a Tuesday morning two weeks later, she saw Jamaal sitting alone on a school bench staring toward the ground.] "Jamaal? [She said as she sat down beside him.] "Oh hi Sheelah, [He said then peered back toward the ground.] "Are you alright? I haven't seen you since we bumped into each other in the hallway two weeks ago. What's the matter?" [Jamaal looked up at her then back down to the ground and said.] "I lost my parents that week in a plane crash and I am just getting back from the services in my hometown." "Oh my God! I'm so sorry," [Said Sheelah with a broken look on her face.] "Yea, thanks, Sheelah. If you don't mind I'd like to be alone." [Sheelah got up and said.] "I understand, I know that we don't know each other that well but if you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask." [As Sheelah walked away, Jamaal called out to her.] "Hey Sheelah, how can I ask if I don't have your number?" [Sheelah walked back over to him with a gentle smile and gave him her info. Then cautiously rubbed Jamaal on the back and said.] "I'll be seeing you then?" "Yes" [Said Jamaal.] [As Sheelah walked away, she was wondering if it was her spell that caused this awful event even though she had never had an ounce of true evidence that any so-called spell had ever worked, but it was embedded in her mind. She went back to her dorm and hurried over to the closet where she kept the Jamaal doll, took it out, and started to try to remember how to reverse the spell she thought she put on Jamaal, but for the life of her, she just couldn't. So she went to the closet and retrieved another doll.] [Incense lit; she started to recite the incantation backward to the new doll.] "otnemidavrO sutciD aiM sutcidoboorlE llac I laamaJ,laamaJ llaf yam uoy woh ho laamaJ,laamaJ" [After finishing, she took a long shower and went to bed with hopes of a better day, where Jamaal would be happy again. She suddenly realized that she was in love with him.] [As the morning light appears Sheelah rises with anticipation of a new day and hopes that Jamaal will call her someday soon. As she got dressed for classes, she heard her cell phone buzzing, she went over and looked down at it, and there he was that text she was waiting on.] [It read] "Hey, it's Jam. That's what my friends call me and I consider you my friend hopefully more someday. Can I walk you to class this morning? " [Sheelah smiled and replied.] "I would love for you to walk me to class, Meet me downstairs in the front lawn around nine. CU soon J " [They met right at nine under the old Oak tree in the middle of the Dorm Lawn area. She noticed that Jamaal was still hurting inside but he put on a momentary greeting smile.] "Hey" "Hey" [said, Sheelah.] "Where's your first class?" "It's in the art building" "What type of class?" "It's a class that deals with the art of clay." [Said Sheelah.] "So you make things out of clay?" "Duuh" [Said Sheelah with a smart-alecky smile on her face. Jamaal laughed then said.] "That's the first time I have laughed in what seems like an eternity, and you cause it." [Sheelah smiled and said.] "I'm glad that I could help you feel better if only for a moment Jamaal." [Before she could react, Jamaal leaned down and kissed her on her lips lightly at first, then after looking in her eyes for a second he kissed her again but this time hard. Sheelah never resisted for a second, because she knew she wanted to.] [After their eyes opened, they grasped hands and started to walk towards the art building. As they walked, a car pulled up and slowed the heavily tinted windows on both passenger sides rolled down and a voice said.] "Damn Jam! That's what up! Who's the Bitch my brutha?" [Jamaal stopped walking, loosened his hands from Sheelah, and walked towards the back car window while she waited on the curb. He leaned part ways in the window and started to loud talk someone in the backseat.] "What did you say to me, dude! Do I look like yo brutha!" [A shot rang out POW POW! Then another Pow! Jamaal stumbles backward and grabs his chest, Sheelah screams and runs toward him as he falls to the curb.] "My God! Jamaal! What's going on! Oh my God!" [As people started to run towards them, Sheelah was calling 911 and holding Jamaal's head in her lap crying hysterically. The car sped off in an easterly direction right off the campus.] [Sheelah looked down at Jamaal and asked.] "Who did this Jamaal? Why would they do this? [Before he could try to answer, she asked another question] "What are you into?" [Jamaal with tears in his eyes looked up at Sheelah and whispered.] "I'm sorry Sheelah; I was just trying to get some respect for you" "Don't talk anymore Jam, I can hear the medics coming, just don't talk anymore." [As the ambulance drove up Jamaal gave up the ghost but Sheelah was still holding his head on her lap. The medics took his pulse and pronounced him dead at the scene. Sheelah wasn't allowed to ride in the ambulance because she wasn't a relative. She just stood there and watched the ambulance drive away as tears streamed down her face. A young lady walked up to her and gently rubbed her back and asked.] "Are you going to be alright?" [Sheelah looked at her and said.] "I just feel in love with him..." [Sheelah went on to art class because she was afraid to be alone. She sat and cried while sculpting a figurehead that Was her vision of Jamaal. The teacher walked over and consoled her after finding out what happened from another student.] "Hi Sheelah, I'm very sorry for your friend. Just know that he would like you to live on and prosper. I love the bust that you are sculpting it is very, very good. Is it your boyfriend?" No, [Said Sheelah] he wasn't my boyfriend, we had just really met." [After classes, Sheelah went back to her room, laid across her bed, and sobbed until her eyes were swollen shut. After crying until she couldn't anymore Sheelah got up and went over to her closet and retrieved Jamaal's two dolls, destroyed them both, and threw them away in the trash. She then went back over to the closet and got out four dolls, the same amount that was in that car that killed Jamaal. She lit four candles and four incense, and then drew a pentagram on her dorm floor, which was parquet.] [Sheelah started to invoke a spell that she remembered from her youth when someone wronged her family, her Mother would invoke the spell to get back at mean people who cause the family harm.] "Find these men whomever they are find these four who were in the car, may they pay for what they have done, and may they pay one by one." [ Sheelah spent the rest of the night saying the words over and over again with the four dolls inside the pentagram until the candles burned out and the incense went out, Then she went to bed with hopes of justice being served someday.] [Sheelah was awakened by the television news and the story was about four young men killed in a shootout by the police.] [It said] (Reporter) "In the early morning hours, an officer reported a speeding car going east on I-20 where it crosses Interstate 35. The officer called for back- up as he pursued the vehicle and reported shots fired in his direction from the vehicle." Four other officers joined the chase and eventually got the car to stop, but the occupants jumped out of the vehicle shooting at the officers, all four men were dead at the scene, and thank God no officers were harmed in this firefight." "Our on the scene reporter asked the representative of the officers involved what happened" (Representative) "What we know right now is that four young men who were being pursued by the officers ran off the freeway into a field and jumped out of the vehicle and started to fire upon the officers at which point the officers returned fire and mortally wounding all four men in the firefight. They won't be speaking to the press until further interviews have been done by internal affairs. Thank you." [Sheelah sat up on the bed wiped her swollen eyes and smiled at the ceiling. Of course, she was looking way past the ceiling into the heavens, where she hoped Jamaal would be and said,] "See Jamaal, they didn't get away with it. They are heading in a much different direction than you. I! Maybe heading in a different direction than you... I mean I'm doing spells and incantations, the stuff I grew up hearing was evil. I may be evil Jamaal, but I did what I thought would bring them to justice; I was just trying to get a little respect for you. I never got to tell you, but I love you and I always will. It was short but so very sweet and so very real... Rest in peace, my first love."

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