The Boy Who Sprouted Wings

by Elroy Jackson


A magical story that hopefully moves you...

My story begins with me as an eight-year-old living adjacent to Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas where my Father was an Airman, and my Mother worked at the City Mental Hospital. My next-door neighbor was a kid named Jordan and he was my best friend and to be very honest my only real friend in the Air Force Neighborhood which was mostly Caucasian families. I heard my mother say to my Father that she thought it was funny we ended up right next to the only other black family in the Neighborhood. My Father was Friends with Jordan's Dad and my mother often went out and shopped with Jordan's Mom so naturally, Jordan and I spent a lot of time together. One night while spending the weekend with Jordan I noticed something that scared me to no end, Jordan was lying asleep on top of the covers on his stomach and I noticed a bulging from his back under his nightshirt right down from the top of his shoulders. I walked over and started to raise his shirt up slowly, Jordan was a very heavy sleeper so I did not worried about waking him. Once I got his shirt to the unknown bulge on his back, I turned the lamp on, and to my amazement, I saw wings! I quickly pulled his shirt down and backed away from his bed and sat on mine with my eyes so wide that they hurt, I did not know what to do; all of a sudden, I was afraid of my best friend. I sat and thought about all the times I thought I saw him levitate while running and playing soccer in the streets, and how easy he seemed to climb trees. I looked back over at him and noticed the bulge had gone away, just then he woke up and went to the restroom. When he came back, he looked over at me, noticed my fear, and asked. -Danny? What is wrong? I just stared at him not really still believing what I had seen. Jordan walked over to my bed, sat down next to me, and watched me scoot over away from him. He looked quizzically at me and asked again. -Danny what is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this, are you sick? I turned to him and said in a shaky and trembling voice. -Your back had things sticking out of it Jordan, They looked like wings! How could you have wings? -I am sorry you had to see that Danny I must have been dreaming, that was supposed to never happen. Please don't be afraid of me, you are my best friend, how could you be afraid of me? -What are you Jordan? Are you human? Are you... an Angel? Jordan stood up walked halfway over to his bed, then turned around and said. -Do you want to see them, Danny? I shook my head left to right but could not answer. My fear of the situation still had me in a state of shock and disbelief. Jordan started to raise his shirt over his head and then he turned around and said to me. -Since you know my secret, you may as well know everything. He then turned away from me and I watched as wings sprouted from both sides of his back. He then turned and levitated in the middle of the room just off the floor. Being a kid I think really helped me not to completely lose my mind over what I had just witnessed. The wings were whiter than any white I had ever seen, this white had a glow to it that was showy as the sun. Jordan raised them and they spread out over six feet wide in both directions. I blacked out sometime after that and woke up the next morning with Jordan's Dad and Mom standing over me. His Dad said with a smile on his face. -We have some explaining to do Danny...

They sat on the bed on either side of me and started to explain something that I just could not take in as a child. Jordan's Father said, -Danny we are part of an alien race that was captured on earth a long time ago. We are descendants of a race that only came to visit but crashed. After the capture the air force, let us multiply in secret, even in our case, start a family. Now we are a significant part of America and the world. His Mom said, - Sweetheart I know this is a lot for you to understand at your age but honey you have got to understand that you can't tell a soul about this, We love you Danny like you were our own son, but know that we would do anything to protect ourselves, even if it meant harming you Danny, or even making you go away forever. You don't want that do you, Danny? I shook my head to say no. They smiled and got up from the bed then called Jordan into the room. Jordan's Dad put his arms around Jordan and said, - J-Bird help Danny to understand clearly, what needs to be done. Can you do that Son? Jordan said that he could as they left the room. Jordan then walked over to the bed and sat down kind of grinning at me. - What do you want to do today Danny? I smiled back at him and said -Jordan, this is like a movie or something! We laughed then I said- This is so incredible dude, you are actually an alien boy? He slowly stopped smiling and then said- I just want to be a boy Danny, a human Boy.

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