Tizzy Carter (A Brothel Story)

by Elroy Jackson


An adult story that will keep you spellbound...

Tizzy Carter woke up from the smell of Coffee, and Bacon cooking downstairs in the brothel she works at with a big smile on her face in remembrance of the night before. She had made quite a bit of money for the brothel and for herself the night before, because of the soldiers that were in town for the weekend. She gets up and walks over to the balcony and opens the double doors and takes a deep breath and exhales as the new sun warms her body through her satin nightgown. "Tizzy" A voice shouted from downstairs. "Your breakfast is ready!" "I'll be right there House Mother," said Tizzy. Tizzy put on her satin-lined robe and made her way downstairs along with the other ladies. The House Mother had set the table and all the ladies took their seats and started to converse about the exciting night they had with the soldiers and enjoying breakfast. "Tiz you were quite the fav last night, what was up with that?" - I don't know Linda; I guess I was the pick of the night. [LOL] "How many did you do Tiz?" - Eleven men, and one boy. [LOL] "Carla, you were busy also weren't you?" Said Linda. "Yes I had seven men and no boys" [LOL] Kiwi jokingly said, "I don't think I could go another time after about six Joes, but I would like to find out. [LOL] The House Mother came in and a respectful silence took over the room. She stood at the head of the table and said, "Good morning ladies, you all did a fantastic job last night and made a record amount of money for yourselves, and the House Mother. [Applause Erupts] The house Mother continued. After breakfast, I want you all in the sauna and workout rooms getting your work in. I know I say it every day but a healthy body makes money. Again congratulations on a wonderful night and I hope we can have half as good a night tonight." After breakfast Tizzy went back to her room and changed into her workouts, then walked down the hall to the Sauna room. She sat with three other ladies in the sauna and received steam treatment then after fifteen minutes of steam she went to the workout room and joined the rest of the ladies in organized workouts that involved lifts and Pilates. After workouts Tizzy went back to her room and showered, then got dressed and went to the House office to collect her night's draw. While all the ladies lined up at the Door of the House office to collect their money the front doors suddenly burst open and five armed men with masks broke in and ordered the ladies to the floor. "Get down! To the floor Ladies Now!" One of the men said, as the others rush the House Mothers office and threw her to the floor. "Give us all the money and no one will get hurt, Do anything else and I will kill you and all the rest of these whores, do you understand me!" The masked man took the House Mother to the back room of the office while all the other ladies lay flat on their faces with their eyes closed. Tizzy started to weep because she knew all she had worked for was about to be taken, and there wasn't anything the police could do about it. She peeped to her left side and saw one of the masked men having his way with one of the women but she wasn't even giving him the pleasure of even making a sound, she just stared through him as he erupted. Then the unspeakable happened... [BANG] The sound of a gun went from the back room and two of the other guys ran in to see what happened. The remaining men shouted, "Stay where you are! Keep those eyes closed ladies!" The three men came from the back room with a large bag and arguing with each other. "Why'd you shoot her man? This was a gold mine! We could have returned over and over again." -She rushed me, man! She grabbed the gun and it went off, there was nothing I could do." They grabbed the bag, exited the front door, and disappeared. After about thirty seconds everyone got up and ran into the back room where the House Mother laid with her brains blown out. Two of the Women fainted and some others vomited, but Tizzy did neither. She ran to the phone and called the police and told them what happened. When the police arrived they asked all the ladies questions and removed the House Mother's Body. Tizzy asked one of the officers, - What are we supposed to do now?" "Either one of you take over the house, or close up Tizzy, and I personally hope it's you." -I couldn't... "Yes you could, and you should Tizzy, The other ladies are counting on you." - I don't know how to run a House! Said Tizzy. "Tizzy I have visited this establishment many times and I have picked you every time because you're the best, you can do this, and secretly this town needs you and this house to survive." Tizzy knew then that she was going to have to try...

After the Funeral of the House Mother Tizzy did take over the Business as House Mother even though she was one of the youngest Women in the Brothel. She kept the nightly duties and daily workouts just as the House Mother did it, but she had locks installed on the front and back doors and also cameras in every conceivable spot in and around the house. Tizzy also bought a gun and that startled her friend and new right-hand Woman, Linda. "Tizzy! What is that?" Said Linda. - It's a semi-automatic gun Linda, and it is protection that we never had before. "How did you get it? You don't have a license for it." -One of the officers that came when we were robbed bought it for me. Linda, I won't be a victim anymore, and I won't let you and the others be Victims either. "Just put it away Tizzy it scares me." Tizzy put it under her bed mattress and went to the workout room with Linda to oversee the Ladies. -Okay ladies let get all our work in because you know a healthy body makes a wealthy body. All the Ladies looked at Tizzy in amazement and one of them said, "That was a great new saying House Mother" Tizzy knew then that she had been accepted by the Ladies of the brothel. * Two months passed, and the business was booming at what was being called now "Tizzies Pleasure Palace." Tizzy along with her best friend Linda brought new ideas to the table and they were bringing in double what was formerly made. It was payday and all the Ladies were lined up at Tizzies office to collect their pay and just like before the front doors were broken in, and five men rushed into the brothel with guns drawn screaming "Get down! On the floor ladies, you know the drill!" Linda walked to the office door and raised her hands in the air as the men approached. One of the men asked, "Where's the House Mother?" He pushed Linda to the floor and walked in searching for Tizzy but she was gone. He yelled, "House Mother! I know you are here, come out or I start killing your Ladies one by one!" There was no answer and there was no movement. "Go and look for her," The main gunmen told the other. As he left, the main gunman grabbed Linda and asked. "Where's the Money Lady? Don't even think of lying to me!" A section of the wall opened and a shot ran out that pierced the gunman's skull and another went through his heart. Linda Screamed and fell to the ground. As she looked toward the wall it was closing and she saw Tizzy with her finger pressed against her lips to signal Linda to be quiet. Another gunman ran into the office pointing his gun in all directions then ran over to Linda and said, "What Happened? Who did this?" Linda shouted "I don't know! Maybe he shot himself" Another shot ran out in another part of the house and the remaining two gunmen ran into the office screaming "What's going on man?" - I don't know! But we are going to find out. "It has to be the House Mother! Let's find her!" -No! Let's turn the tables on her. -House Mother, if you can hear me, come out now or your friend here dies! He grabbed Linda around the neck and searched the room for Tizzy to show, and then they walked out of the office into the hallway where the Ladies were still laying as they were told. The men hollered for their partner but there was no answer so they took it he was dead also. The gunman holding Linda yelled, "I'm going to count to ten Lady, and then I am going to put a bullet through her skull. One- two- three- four- five- six- seven- eight- nine- [Bang Bang Bang.] Three shots all kill shots and the three men lay dead. Linda passed out in the fracas, and as she awoke there stood Tizzy and the rest of the ladies asking if she was alright. Linda looked up and said "Tizzy are you alright? What did you do?" - I protected this house, and I avenged The House Mothers' death. "What will they do to you for this? Said another one of the ladies. -If I'm right these men were sent by the sheriff's office to rob us every month or so when we have accumulated a lot of cash. And they also must have messed up the last time when they killed the House Mother because I was given the okay to buy a gun and defend this house. Everybody go to your rooms and let me handle this. "I'm staying," said Linda. As all the Ladies were going to their rooms the officers started to show up, and the paramedics started removing the bodies. The same officer that told Tizzy to stay and run the house and also helped her buy the gun that killed the five gunmen walked up to Tizzy and said "Hand me the gun" Tizzy gave him the gun and then he said "You and Linda go upstairs I will handle this from here." Tizzy grabbed Linda's hand and walked away up the stairs without as much as another word. The brothel remained in business for another eight years then mysteriously burned to the grown one night. Everyone got out but The House Mother Tizzy.

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