The Last Nine Angels

by Elroy Jackson


An Astonishing experience with the unknown...

                     The last nine angels

As the night fell upon the day, a red moon appeared in the west that seemed to burn hotter than the sun itself. I know this because I witnessed it first hand. My name is Elijah and as I sat at my computer that night, warmth came over me that was unusual, to say the least. I got up, walked over to the window, and looked out to see what was causing such a heatwave at night especially seeing that my air conditioning was doing fine before this event took place. I looked up into the sky and noticed what seemed like fireballs shooting down towards the earth. I ran over to the television and turned it on to see if this was being talked about, but nothing was being said on either channel. I walked outside onto my second-story terrace, sat down at my high-powered telescope, and started to focus in on the objects I was seeing in the sky. Before falling to the earth, I counted nine fireballs and then they were gone. I ran back into the house to see if anything had been reported yet and absolutely no one was speaking of this.

I decided to call 911 and report what I just saw in the sky but at the same time, I was thinking they are going to think I am a crazy person or drunk but I had to anyway. When a voice said, "911 how can I help you?" I chickened out and hung up. As I hung up the phone I heard a noise behind me and quickly spun around, what I saw dropped me to my knees in fear. This figure was at least seven-foot or taller full beard, deep blue eyes, and winged! Yes, I said it Winged! It opened them and they spanned from wall to wall in my room. I could not speak I was in total fear of my life; inside I was praying that whatever this was would spare my life. Finally, after what seemed to be minutes, it spoke, and the voice had a timbre of a God. It looked down at me and said "Arise" I looked up at it as I got to my feet, shaking like a leaf on a tree, and barely got the words out of my trembling lips. "Who are you? How did you get in here? What are you?" and before I could say another word it cut me off by saying," I am Peter and I am one of nine Angels who are the last that will ever walk the earth's soil before Armageddon."

"What are you doing here in my house? What do I have to do with all this?" I asked.

"You have been given a purpose on this earth and you have not yet found it, Eli."

"How did you know my name?" He said, "If you knew your purpose in this life you would know how we all know your name."

"What is my purpose?" I asked, looking into his deep blue angelic eyes and he put his hand upon my shoulder and said to me. "It is neither my job nor place to divulge your purpose Eli, my job is to protect you until you find it for yourself.

"Couldn't we save a whole lot of time by just telling me? I am not the smartest kid in the class you know?"

"I cannot Elijah, but I can tell you that there are nine of us, four of us are sent from the father and four of us are sent by Lucifer."

"I said confusingly "But that leaves one. Who sent the last one?"

He smiled down to me, paused a minute then said... "You sent that one Eli, A long time ago."

"Huh?" I said. He spread his wings into the air and said to me. "It will all come to you in time Elijah, cease from your blindness and open your eyes to the Father's plan for you, there is a job to be done and it is time for you to accept that plan and carry out the Father's will." Then he closed his pure white wings around himself and ceased to be. Right before my eyes, he disappeared.

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