Finders Keepers

by Elroy Jackson


My story is a murder mystery and will take you on a journey of what to do in a situation.

                                          Finders keepers

I rise from my bed at approximately 6 am, shower, and get coffee as I turn on the television to check out the news and I hear what sounds a lot like a gunshot... I hesitate a second then walk over to the kitchen window and look out into the direction I thought I heard the shot and I see a man lying on the curb by my mailbox. I immediately call 911 to report this and the lady on the line ask me "is the man breathing"... I say "I Don't know cause I am not out there! and I am not going out there until a policeman shows up." She asked me to please stay on the line and I said that I could do that.

After about fifteen minutes the first police car pulled up and got out, they checked the man and then one of them came to my door and rang my doorbell. I walked over and opened the door to speak to the officer and he handed me a dark-colored case, I said "What's this?" he replied that it was sitting at my door so I took it and set it down on my entry-way bar and asked was the man dead and the officer said yes then asked me to recount what I knew. I said "not much, I was getting coffee and heard a shot then went to the window and there he was lying by my mailbox and I called you guys."

"Did you see anyone?" he asked, and I said absolutely not, just heard the shot. he reached into his breast-pocket and pulled out a card and said "If you think of anything more please call me at this number." I nodded okay and walked him to the door, he thanked me for the info and left. I watched as the ambulance arrived and worked on the guy for a bit then loaded him into the ambulance and drove away slowly as the police were finishing their investigation of the crime scene. After all, was done I decided I would get back on my daily routine but I hesitated when I approached the dark-colored case on my entry-way shelf that the policeman handed me.

I picked it up and noticed for the first time it was like a small briefcase, so I took it over to my couch and sat it on the table to get a look at what was inside, it had no markings and no name on it at all so I unclicked the lock and slowly opened it... My eyes bulged out of my head when I saw the contents, it was neatly stacked one thousand dollar bills five rows across four rows down. I was in absolute shock! I closed it quickly and started to get a bit afraid all of a sudden.

Was that guy killed over this money? and how the hell did it get on my front doorstep? and will the shooter be coming back for it? I thought to myself should I call the authorities back and tell them about it? or should I wait to see if there has been a robbery or something before calling... I was of course tripping, the money had me intoxicated as anyone would be. I waited the whole day and watched the news that night about the killing and also the news the next morning and no-one made a reference to any money missing. I decided that I would wait for another week to see if someone was going to claim it before making any other decisions.

Two and a half weeks went by and they finally caught the guy they say murdered the man in front of my home and still no mention of money being missed. Now I am confused... Was this money left by the guy who was killed? Did the killer know about the money? Was it left by someone other than these two? So many questions without answers. Could the bad guys know about the money being left at my doorstep and just don't want to police to know? Could they be waiting for me to make an extravagant buy before confronting me? All I know for sure is that I will not spend a dime of that money, and I will wait it out to see if I am a {Finders keeper}

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