Search a New Beginning Prologue

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


This a newer version of the boys of SEARCH. This version will include girls.

"Kevin and Mark can yeah please help my Pretty Kitty outta the tree? She is really is scared stiff!" The little girl starts loudly sobbing her heart out. "Don't you worry about a thing Misty Lynn, we will get your Pretty Kitty outta the tree." Both young boys faithfully promise her. Since the two young boys were naturally born climbers, they had no problem climbing the tree.

It, however, was very fortunate for both of them, the tree's branches could support both of their joint bodily weight. But if they were full grown adult males, it would not be sturdy enough to bare their weight. Pretty Kitty had climbed out on a limb and it was Kevin who was able to get his hands on her.

Leaving Mark the job of getting the pair of them safely out of the tree. Once both boys climb out of the tree, they restore Pretty Kitty to Misty Lynn. Kitty jumps out of her arms and runs into the pet slot of her house. It was her meal time and the young kitten was both hungry and thirsty. And Misty Lynn Gables quickly runs into her house for her lunch time's meal.

There was a third party who video tapped the whole rescue operation unknown to the three of them. Both boys notice a younger boy chasing his big red bouncing ball into the two lane residential street. It was Mark Allan Sears, who tackles the younger boy and covers him safely with his full body.

While a complete stranger drives her car over both of their youthful bodies. Thus leaving Kevin Allen Holland to rescue the boy's big red bouncing ball and toss it back into the younger boy's front yard. Once the young teenage driver notices the two younger boys laying down on the street, she starts yelling her head off!

Thereby causing Kevin to rapidly run into the street to find his best friend just laying there. He pulls his buddy Mark off of the younger boy and notices they are both alive.

"Oh! My God Mark, you're still alive! You crazy idiot! You could've gotten yourself killed pulling off that crazy stunt like that!" Kevin yells at him.

"Lend me a hand, Kevin and help me off of this little kid." Mark smiles at him. "And the both of us didn't get killed!"

The younger boy clings to Mark very tightly and refuses to let him go. "Dear God don't ever leave me Mark!"

He starts loudly sobbing Kevin notices just how pale the young teenage female driver is and puts his more youthful arms around her and holds her tightly.

"You're gonna be alright Miss, both of those boys are still alive. And unhurt and it wasn't your fault at all. 'Cause you just didn't see the both of those boys in time. Why don't you come home with me? And let my folks take good care of you?" Kevin kindly suggested.

"Kevin! you come right back home this very instant!" Yells his older sister. "You little brat you're gonna be in hot water now!"

But when she see's what just took place, she very quickly changes her tone of voice.

"Look Kevin I didn't mean to yell at you like that! I was scared stiff both you and Mark got yourselves killed! Miss, my younger brother, Kevin, is right. You really should come back home with us!" Carla apologies.

Both of them tenderly place their arms around the startled teen and take her home with them. They turn her over to their mother who takes excellent care of her.

The young teen ran away from home because of her abusive parents. She gives her car keys to Mr. Holland, and he pays the tow truck driver to have her car hauled away to the wrecking yard.

Her car was on its last legs anyway. She couldn't believe just how helpful and kind people could be. Mr. Holland called 911 and she rides in an ambulance with Mrs. Holland. While her husband stayed home and took care of their children.

When her parents show up at the hospital, they are arrested by the local police department.

The hospital staff look at Mrs Holland and smile. "She doesn't have anything to worry about, because my family will take good care of her from now on." Mrs. Holland states.

Mean while the little boy's older brother cries out, "Jessie! let go of Mark and come on back home with me."

He picks up and carries him in his arms back to their house. The little boy lets Mark go, but Mark has passed out. It was Mark's father who picks up his young son and carries him back home.

He carries his son Mark upstairs to his joint bedroom, places him on his bed, takes off his shoes and socks. He removes the rest of his clothing and dresses him in his blue pajamas. He notices just how pale Mark really is and calls their family's doctor.

Downstairs his wife is addressing a group of concerned neighbors. It was Misty Lynn Gables, holding her precious Pretty Kitty kitten, who starts bawling loudly. "Mrs Sears! Is your son Mark gonna die!"She continues loudly sobbing.

Her precious kitten rushes up the stair case and starts licking Mark on his face. Mark opens up his eyes and smiles. "Please don't worry about me, dad, I'm gonna be alright now."

Mr Sears warmly embraces his son and starts crying out loud. Pretty Kitty jumps right back into her owner's arms.

And Misty Lynn bolts up the stair case screaming "Mark are you gonna be alright!"

"Please don't worry about me any more Misty Lynn! I really am gonna be alright now!" Mark loudly said.

The family doctor makes his way pass a small crowd of departing concerned neighbors. He runs up stair and exams the youth and prescribes bed rest and peace and quiet. He prescribes sleeping medicine for a couple of days.

But Mark has a tiny feline companion watching over him in his bed while he peacefully sleeps on. Pretty Kitty remembers how this same boy helped rescued her from that tree.

And now it is her turn to watch over and take good care of him. She started loudly meowing if any one comes any where near her. But just at first.

Misty Lynn gladly lends her most prized possession in her whole entire world, Pretty Kitty. Misty Lynn fell fast asleep in Mark's brother's bed. All of that excitement made her physically exhausted.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 13-14, 2021

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