Search Part Four a , a Under Water Adventures.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Underwater adventures lead to them enrolling in the United States Coast Guard for the next four years of their young adult lives.

Our eight teens are now very brave and heroic young men. Because of their courage and acts of compassionate mercy, they rapidly became world renown. There was a class available for scuba divers which was FOC (Free of Charge) to all of them. The first part of the course involved both the care and the upkeep of their underwater scuba gear. And then they are practiced snorkeling also underwater prior to wearing their scuba diving suits.

After what appeared to be a prolonged period of time, they were allowed to make precautionary and primarily dives. Their buddy system was extremely necessary. Because divers were still taught the old fashioned breathing survival system. It was where two scuba divers take turns sharing the same air from their breathing apparatus. Until they safely and slowly make it back to the surface.

They also were taught self preservation and underwater defense. This amounts to a vital review course for the eight best friends forever (BFF'S) Af first all they did was swim under water and use underwater cameras to take photographs and videos. They were featured on social media outlets including U tubes videos.

They were not for free since they already were up for sale. Because that is the way they financed their programs. They were able to double their prices because of the eight best friends appeared in them. Underwater safety search and rescue operations were some of their main attractions.

Part of the class involved rescuing boats and yachts which were in trouble. Also throwing rafts out the windows of helicopters and than jumping out of helicopters. Necessary preparations were enacted for people also jumping with or with out parachutes from planes.

When they were asked to be part of a PBS (Public Television Station's) fund-raising broadcast, all of them accepted the offer with genuine pleasure. All of them hear their emergency pagers beeping from at their parent's homes. Some underage youth were missing

They were to grape their scuba gear and under water medical equipment. In order to report to their home base. Upon arrival they were told to suit up as they boarded the search and rescue vessels. All of the divers were equipped with modern mouth pieces. Those mouth pieces were enabling them to be able to communicate with their partners or team mates while they were underwater.

But the same basic underwater hand signals were not only still in usage, but also still extremely effective. Upon reaching their destinations, the eight divers dived one right after the other. Quickly adjusting to their under water environment, they continued their rescue mission. Then they rapidly discover what is a young girl and a young boy clinging to a capsized small water craft. Strong masculine arms rescue the two thoroughly exhausted youth.

Two scuba divers shoot off their signal flares, and the two young people were rescued by helicopter. All of this was broadcast-ed live on breaking radio, televised news and social media.

The eight divers dive back underwater until they meet their search and rescue vessels. They take turns boarding their vessels but then they are contacted by the United States Coast Guard.

They address the scuba divers directly and ask them for help. "We desperately need scuba divers right now are you divers up to more underwater diving actives?" We all will need time to switch off our air tanks. But other than that we are all okay." They gladly replied.

Some divers were in serious trouble underwater and were rapidly running out of valuable life saving breathing air time! All eight divers dive off the United States Coast Guard Cruiser. After they are several feet below the surface of the water, they find divers signaling them for urgent live saving helpful assistance!

Than they rescue the divers and very slowly and carefully assist then back to the surface. The Coast guard help all of the divers aboard their cruisers.

"Congratulations! All eight of you aced your primarily entrance test and you all certainly live up to all of our expectations. How would all you like to spend the next four years of your lives in the United States Coast Guard? Honestly we really need talented and dedicated young men such as yourselves.

Quiet frankly, we have had our eyes upon all of you, since you were still teenage high school students." The Commander stated his proposition to them.

"We would feel honored to serve our nation for the next four years. But we have to take care of some of our personal business first."They unanimously respond.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 12, 2021

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