Search Part Three C Some Additional Training

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


All of their stenous training paid off!

Their local police department, was binge watching videos about the teenage heroes. As a direct result, they reached an unanimous decision. Why not invite all eight of them to receive Police Academy training? They could always place them in their police reserves. They could serve their communities if they ever did manage to have any spare time available? Which at this exact point in time was rather dubious. After reaching their popular consensus, they mailed them the invitations. All eight of them went down to City Hall together and promptly applied.

Because they diligently studied their precourse material, they passed their entrance exams with flying colors. The next thing they knew, they were enrolled in the rigorous police academy training. Involving much more than: paper work, pistol ranges, basic self defense techniques and physical fitness. It came to be no surprise for anybody, all eight of them graduated top of their class!

Since all of them had a few weeks off, they decided to ride around with police officers. Previously, they were wearing different uniforms. All eight of them had a special requirement, they were to bring their emergency medical treatment bags along with them on patrol. They should have realized it would have come in handy sooner than even them expected it to.

In a bank robbery, the bank security guard, was wounded by the bank robbers. Resulting in his badly needing emergency medical treatment. Of course, all of them had studied how to safely remove even multiple bullet wounds.

And their unit was required to remain inside the bank until the paramedics were able to arrive. It must have been a boomerang effect! The rest of their police units also involved gunshot wounds.

One of them involved a domestic dispute. A girl friend had packed the bags of her violently abusive live in boy friend, He had responded by locking their kids in their bed rooms, and shooting his girl friend.

And did not want to be taken alive, so he had a shoot out with the police. Naturally the police returned his gun fire and killed him!

Fortunately for the girl and her two young children, this police unit, was able to safely remove all of her gun shot wounds.

The paramedics smiled at one of their very own and said, "Before your partner belonged to you, he first belonged to us!"

"Believe me I know, I know! my hot shot partner is already coming in very handy!" The police department told the other agencies, let them finish their probationary training with us. It will come in handy in the long run." The police department recommended that they relax during their days off.

However one of their scheduled days off a week, they were back in their paramedic uniforms. And they told their police department, "We need to keep our paramedical training active as well." And the police department rubber stamped their decisions.

Their fellow police officers were not too surprised to see them back in their paramedic uniforms. When some of their officers were wounded, they were grateful, that those special paramedics had police departmental training!

When they were transporting patients to the nearest available hospital or medical center, they always smiled at the police officers there.

The reverse side of the coin was also true, when they were in their police department uniforms, they smiled at the paramedics. All of the staff and patients knew what was transpiring right in front of their noises. They were well informed of their dual capacities.

Time rapidly passes like sand in a hour glass. Before they knew it their probationary period was over and they were transferred to their police reserves status. They were transferred to the aerial surveillance helicopter units, because of their pilots licenses.

Next they were attached to search and rescue units: they flew helicopters, planes, and water planes. In case of wild fires, they flew specially equipped helicopters which spared substances upon wild fires. They found themselves being kept together instead of becoming separated. Since it was discovered, they operated much more effective that way!

First they found themselves being deployed to other states. And next they found themselves being deployed to other nations as well. No matter where they were deployed, it was first as pilots.

But after emergency medical stations were put into place. It was discovered, even by foreign nations, their emergency medical training came in handy. They found out they were licensed paramedics!

Because of a lack of medical personnel, they were called upon to assist both doctors and nurses. If no doctors or nurses were available, they found themselves serving in that capacity as well.

They found themselves performing delicate surgeries in very primitive conditions. And when no pilots were available they were called upon to serve in that capacity also.

When they discovered they also had law enforcement training, they also took advantage of this knowledge as well. When their tour of active duty was over, the other nations reluctantly gave them up.

They knew they might have access to their services again as well? The eight of them promptly went to what had become their very own secluded cabin retreat. The parents, who had previously owned the cabin, gave it to the youth as a gracious gift. Where the wild berries and the fishing were abundant. The youth cultivated a natural garden.

But not for themselves, it was for the wild creatures. They claim that even wild animals have a basic instinct about people. It must be true because once a bear had a thorn in one of its paws. They videoed their removal of its thorn. Their parents kept it well stocked. But even the media was not allowed to find them there.

They did make home videos and mailed them back to their families and close personal friends. It was arranged that their extra fish was sent back to their families. Strange as it must seem to be, because of their value to humanity, the press respected their rights of privacy.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 12, 2021

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