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by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


All eight youth become the invited guests of Carl's Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Karl Reynolds. Later on they returned back home with their parents.

After the weekend was over with, Carl Reynolds Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Karl, checked them into a community college, that boarded students. Once they were there and their high-school transcripts and other material, was faxed to the community college. Their cam-pass advisers did transcript and other evaluation. They were enrolled in high school completion classes on a part-time basis.

They didn't have to worry about their tut-ions or paying for their textbooks, or materials. It was because grateful people prepaid all of their necessary expenses including meals. They spent their weekends taking paramedical training. Due to their age requirements being lifted because of their special circumstances.

At the age of sixteen responsible youth, in some states such as Washington for example, can be declared to become legal adults. And the legal court system declared them automatically to be legal adults. It was because they were exceptional youth, who were no longer being held back because of age requirements. Strictly going by their exceptional and unusual records; they were awarded special privileges.

In their spare time, they were assisting Carl's aunt and uncle. All eight of them also became certified mid-wives. They used old fashioned home remedies as well as doctor's prescriptions. In essence they were receiving the best of both worlds.

Of course they were able to keep in close contacts with their folks back home. Carl's relatives treated people from the cradle to the grave. When a couple of preteen male youth went swimming in the river, and got carried away by swift currents. All eight youth sprang into action and rescued those boys. Thus making them local heroes in the small town's tightly knit community.

The town's sheriff's department went over their background checks, but not for the purpose of checking for any potential criminal actives. But they were checking their performance records and their grades were exceptionally high.

When It immediately came to their attention, the eight talented youth were declared to be legal adults. They were allowed to ride along as passengers in their sheriff department's police cars. With the following conditions: They were to wear their EMT ID cards, bring their medical equipment bags, and be willing to follow orders. Their primarily background checks gave them A plus ratings.

"Let's face it, those kids aren't your average every day run of the mill teen aged boys!" Was the official proclamation of their town's sheriff's department.

When the sheriff's department received its own helicopter, all eight of their names, were listed as their reserve pilots and observers. But first they had to become familiarized with their town's police calls. Not to mention the operational procedures of flying the helicopter. The sheriff was not surprised when they qualified after a short period of time. His background checks had revealed they were licensed helicopter pilots.

However, first the County's Sheriff had to clear it with not only the mayor, but also with the town council. He was not surprised his unusual requests were not only unopposed, but also most welcome. He wasn't surprised when he had to stop by the hospital, on personal business.

Only to discover the eight youth, already wearing paramedic uniforms. They were getting ready to ride in the aid cars because it was the weekend. The eight aid cars belonged to more than one county.

Because of their Red Cross and EMT training, they had already covered a lot of their requirements. Added to that they were also experienced at rescuing people, and administering emergency medical treatment.

The sheriff now required them to wear their paramedic uniforms, carry their medical equipment bags, and still be willing to follow orders. That general rule of thumb also applied whenever they were flying their choppers and being observers. Because it was a small town, it didn't have the red tape of the cities. The small town blessed the day of the arrival of those four exceptional young men.

After they received their high school diplomas, their parents wanted them back home. When their city had discovered everything the eight youth had accomplished, they wanted them back again. The para medics welcomed them home with welcome arms.

Yes, the small town had certified them, but their city would require for them to have additional training and class time. The eight legally declared adults welcomed the extra requirements. And yes they were able to ride along in police patrol cars, because they were now legal adults. Likewise the highway patrol did as well.

They received extra training, and they were allowed, to pilot law enforcement choppers. Either as pilots or observers. But first they would have to learn their codes and operational procedures. All of which was accomplished in a relatively short period of time.

When the 'eye in the sky' news station pilot was home sick with the flu, they got permission for one of the youths to pilot their chopper. But they would supply the on the site reporter. But they would have to wear their official choppers pilots uniforms. When their traffic control pilot was also sick, they also were on their list. They still volunteered to help Rick and Jeff's parents whenever they were able to.

Word had reached out they were licensed commercial airline pilots, and they were declared legal adults. And all their age requirements had been lifted. They were listed as reserve co pilots and pilots.

It was no surprise when their former classmates saw them wearing the informs of commercial airline pilots. They all were wondering how did they do it? And the next time they saw them they were licensed paramedics?

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October

March 11, 2021

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