Search Part Three a How to Fly an Airplane

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


All eight boys end up in a small town, in their same state. Drs Karl and Rebecca Reynolds are both small time doctors. Who both need the help of their nephew, Carl and his seven bff's (best friends forever)

Both Carl Reynolds and Jason Roberts were parking their Blue Chevy Van at the air port's parking lot. Finally, they were able to find a parking space, a long way away from the main airport terminal. Two unattended teen aged male youth, attracted the attention of the airport security. Once he recognized them, he instructed them to wear their EMT's Medical ID cards on their shirts. Where everybody could see them.

"You brave kids just don't know, ifen you will have to use your emergency medical training!"

Just than his radio went off. A middle aged man was having a heart attack in the airport's lobby! Both Reynolds and Roberts quickly graped their marked medical bags. Along with the security guard, the three of them, quickly ran into the airport's terminal.

Immediately, the security guards clears the way for them to reach their prospective patient. He ignores the comments about their youthful age being a factor. Carl and Jason start their treatment and ask the security guard to assist them. Both youth notice he has a medical identification bracelet identifying him as having Angina and being on Nitrogen pills.

While they are treating the man, they ask the guard to give them his Nitrogen pills bottle. Carl opens up his mouth, while Jason puts the first pill under his tongue. And Jason watches them dissolve. Carl and Jason decide to give him his second pill and than his third pill. They knew that three Nitrogen pills are the maximum limit to give any Angina patient.

They both continue treating him until the paramedics arrive on the scene. Reynolds and Roberts make their oral reports to the paramedics and sign the necessary relief forms.

"It's a good thing you two EMT'S were around. You both just save this man's life. Thanks a lot for helping out. Well we have to roll and you both have a plane to catch. Be seeing yeah around sometime? The para medics smiled and waved farewell.

Finally, they are able to stand in line, and wait their turn. When it comes time to pay for their trip, the airport gives them free rides to and from their destinations. Next, they have to have all of their luggage checked. They are allowed to carry their medical bags through the metal detectors. Once aboard, they were amazed to discover their seats had been changed!

The flight attendant asks them to stand up and speaks. Carl Reynolds and Jason Roberts are both EMT'S (Emergency Medical Technicians). These two brave young men just saved a man's life from having another Angina attack!" The people aboard the commercial airplane all loudly cheer and clap their hands.

Reynolds and Roberts take a bow and say in the immortal words of Elvis Presley, "Thank you very much!" Close to their other destination, both pilots pass out. Roberts helps the pilots while Reynolds flies the plane.

When the flight attendants eye witnessed what the boys were doing. They show them their pilots licenses. Verifying they were licensed to fly commercial grade airplanes!

"You don't all have a thing to worry about, our two young EMT'S are also licensed pilots!" The flight attendants explain to their passengers.

The pilots become revived in time to witness the EMT called Reynolds safely and expertly land the airplane on the runway. He knew the lingo used by the air traffic controllers also! Both youth wait until the other passengers depart from their plane. Each one of them, able to do so, warmly pats them on their backs. And thank them for every thing they did on their behalf. Both the pilot and the copilot thank them, along with all of the flight attendants.

Rick and Jeff's parents had a commercial airplane at their place used for private charters. All eight boys were well trained. They also had informational videos on the older and the more update airplanes.

Dr Karl Reylonds, Carl's Uncle and his aunt, Rebecca Reynolds meet both kids at their destination. It was a small town, but it was their own.

"Boys are we glad to see you! We are having more patients than we both can handle! You can both attend our local high school, and help us attend patients in your spare time. In a small town we provide our patients with in-home treatments, if they want them. And every single one of them does! You can also help out at our local hospital. Just relax all of that medical practice will do you both dear boys a lot of good.

Jason uses his cell phone and texts an S.OS to their six friends. Two rapid speed emergency helicopters leave one city and land in the small town in the same state. Rick and Jeff's parents drop them off and go back to their home base of operation.

Uncle Karl and Aunt Rebecca look at Jason. "Son what have you just done?"

"Relax! Let's go and pick up our reinforcements!"Jason laughs.

"Son, just how many are your reinforcements?" They ask him a loaded question.

"With six you get egg rolls." He smiles back at them. " Let's go and pick them up."

But it wasn't necessary because the youth were riding in a horse driven hay wagon."

"What took you all so long to get here?" Carl and Jason asks their friends. All eight young men were impressed by the size of their rambling farm house.

Their predecessors had large families. So there was lots of room for all eight of them Carl's aunt and uncle had hired hands. They explained to their men, it was only their nephew, Carl and his seven friends. The boys were not there to replace them. They were there for medical reasons, and to help them out. The hired hands warmly greeted the eight honorary guests.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 11, 2021

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