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by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


More rescue operations by the eight youthful EMT'S!

Once they were back at their local high school, Mark Allan Sears, notices a younger girl acting very strangely. Quickly, he rushes to her side, just in the nick of time, to catch her before she falls to the ground! His partner, Kevin Allen Holland, catches up with them and opens up the door to a vacant class room. Very gently the two boys place the stranger girl on the floor. Mark starts to check her vital signs, and notices she is wearing a bracelet. It identifies her as an type one insulin dependent diabetic!

Both boys make an educated guess that her sugar level is below normal. Kevin reaches into her purse and pulls out some diabetic emergency candy. He also discovers her insulin and its instruction for administrating doses. Mark loads the proper milligrams into her insulin needle and administers a shot into her stomach.

Suddenly the security police rush into the classroom followed by a couple of their team mates! Sears! You crazy kid what do yeah thing you're doing to that poor girl?

"Just relax, Officer Baxter, Sears was just saving that poor girl's life! She's a type one diabetic. Come on and look at her medical identification bracelet!" Holland replied.

"Holland yeah just don't understand me where I am driving at! What gave him the right to give her that insulin shot?"

"I can answer for myself, Officer Baxter,"Relax and let me reach for my EMT card. All eight of us are verifiable licensed EMT'S. It stands for Emergency Medical Technicians." Sears shows him his card and so does Holland.

The paramedics arrived and it was their team mates who showed them the way. "That's nice to know that about you kids! Let me see your cards for myself. "One of the paramedics asks the both of them.

His partner talks to Mark and he explains how and why he administered to her the correct dosage of her insulin shot. "Quick thinking on your kids' part! Congratulations to the both of you! You just saved that poor girl's life!"

They place her on their roller bed, and wheel her out of the high school, and place her carefully inside. Than they rush her to the closet hospital emergency department. They tell the doctors and nurses about Sears, Holland and the rest of their friends being licensed EMT'S.

"Somehow those kids aren't going to want to confine themselves to aid cards," The para medics explain.

But when all of them do become old enough, they should receive the proper para medic training. We are both positive they will put those skills to good usage. And now we are just going to have to convince the hospital administrators that training those eight kids will be a very good game plan!" They both state.

After school was over and their younger sisters were safely at home, Kevin and Mark run into a high way accident. They text-ed 911 on their Smart Phones, and took out their emergency medical equipment and pinned on their identification cards. They rush to the victims and start administrating vital treatment.

The para medics arrive and put them both to work at once. The state troopers arrive at the accident scene and notice the medical identification cards on Holland and Sears. And broadly smile at the both of them.

It was then that they decided to talk to their Sargent about having all of the eight boys give them a talk at their Central building. Once they return back to their building, they tell their Sargent about what they witnessed, at a recent accident's scene. Their Sargent runs it by their Lieutenant and he notifies their Captain. And as a result they get three green lights!

After the next school day, Kevin and Mark decide to take their younger sisters to the Highway Patrol's Building. Because they would not have enough time to take them home and make it there on time.

All eight of the youth did not pin on their ID cards until after they reached the State's police station. Of course their two younger sisters were very impressed and called their parents and gave them the good news. The eight youth EMT's were escorted to their briefing room.

The two highway patrolmen were allowed to introduce them. Both their Lieutenant and their Captain were present along with some of the state troopers. Each one of the resourceful eight youth was given ample time to speak to the highway patrol officers. And the officers were allowed to ask them questions during their question and answer period after their informative talks.

Afterwards the eight youth and their two younger sisters were given a guided tour of the entire facility. The boys took the two girls to a fast food restaurant before driving them safely back home!

There was a small boy chocking on some food, and Dale and Mike administer emergency first aid. Successfully dislodging the food! All eight of them were still wearing their medical ID cards because they forgot to take them off! The boy's parents thanked the two youth and offered to pay them money, which they both turn down. Before leaving the parking lot, they take off their ID cards.

All eight boys were also licensed pilots one both helicopters and planes. As well as hot-air balloons and blimps. They were certified hand gliders, parachute jumpers, skin and scuba divers. When two runaway teenagers turn up missing, they were at Jeff and Rick's parents' place. Four of them were pilots and four of them became observers.

All eight of them were wearing their jumpsuits uniforms, with their EMT'S cards pinned to their chests. The two missing teens were not lost in the woods, they were on the northbound Interstate Highway! It was, however, the local news "eye's in the sky chopper which located them.

They landed and so did the four other choppers. The young teen girl was having her first newborn baby. Carl Reynolds, and Jason Roberts deliver a beautiful baby girl.

The action news team covers the entire child birth experience on live action television. Carl and Jason place the young mother and her newborn child inside their chopper. Brian and Kelly transport the young father. Because their car broke down and had to be hauled away by the tow truck. It was the eight boys who paid for their towing fees out of their own pockets by using their debt cards.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954 Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 10, 2021

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