Search Rescue Operations Part 2 C

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


In the case of the of real emergencies, you can never be too prepared.

"Look officers we haven't done anything wrong or engaged in any secret agent activities!"The frustrated youth reiterated themselves.

"Sorry, kids we know you are all being one hundred percent truthful with us! Keep up the good work. And keep in touch!" The police officers responded.

The officers made their farewell comments while smiling and waving farewell at the eight exonerated youth.

Every one of the youth returned the officers smiles and waves. The officers were commenting among-st themselves, "Those are good kids, and they genuinely, care about helping out other people. Let's hope and pray to the good Lord God that all of them remain that a way.'

After school was over, and Mark and Kevin drove their younger sisters home. But it wasn't easy because both Marie and Carla wanted to go along for the ride. Their brothers turned them down flat.

And they drove their car to Rick and Jeff's parents place. They boarded one of their larger vans and they drove them to a place where they could learn how to use and install a zip line. Prior to riding on it, they were shown instructional videos. Once their turns arrived, the eight youth had a very good time. And they showed their families and their friends, the videos they were on. Trying to convince them they had nothing to worry about.

Their next trip involved the usage of hand gliders in search and rescue operations. Involving their locating people in trouble, and rendering them any necessary emergency medical treatment. Preparations for contacting helpful assistance if it were necessary for them to do so.

In short, they had to review their Morse Code and sign language and how to send and and receive radio messages. They had to review: using mirrors, flash lights, signal fires, smoke signals, binoculars, two way portable radios, Citizen band (CB) and short wave radios, signal flags and the usage of Smart phones/ text messaging for example. And riding water jet bikes.

Tracking devices were installed upon their persons; only to become activated in the case of emergencies. The usage and the operation of computers ranging from hand held, lap top and desk top. Mike McCormick Evans was their instructor. How to recognize and prevent computerized glitches. How to deal with prospective hackers and how to prevent identity theft.

They had to recognize poisonous and eatable food and water. Not to mention poisonous snakes and spiders and dangerous animals etc.

They also received basic bomb squad techniques and how to hot wire automobiles etc. Since they already had received their Red Cross training and past with flying colors, their parental sponsors. Believed they should also be continuing to receive their emergency EMT training as well.

All of them were taken to a steep cliff. After they put on their hand gliding equipment, they followed the necessary safety procedures. Each one of them took their turns jumping off the cliff. Once they were airborne and hand gliding, they spotted some people below who were signally them for help!

It turns how they were inexperienced hand gliders! The youth sprang into action and immediately signaled for help. The necessary first aid and medical treatments were administered at once.

Rick and Jeff's parents boarded two of their helicopters and landed on the ground. They used their choppers radio's to contact the nearest available emergency medical center. Very carefully and professionally, they transferred the wounded victims, to their choppers.

Their loyal and dedicated employees rescued the eight youth from the ground. And took charge of their hand gliding equipment. All of them put on their hand gliding equipment for the second time and enjoyed their airborne adventures.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954 Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 10, 2021

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