Search Part One C the New Kid in Town

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Their newest friends were teaching them valuable lessons in their high school swimming pool.

It was after school was over for the day, that Kelly gave Mike his first swimming lesson. The school pool was not going to be in use. Kelly told his gym teacher that Mike could not swim. The rest of the group was present and were encouraging Mike. Kelly was able to get inside the swimming pool with Mike.

Since the gym teacher was single, he decided to watch Kelly's teaching techniques. He was very pleasantly surprised with Kelly. Both boys were in the water, kicking their feet and making watery splashes. He also started teaching Mike how to use his arms. Afterwards, both boys used the showers.

"Kelly tell me the whole truth? How did I really do on my first day?" Mike asked him bluntly.

"Believe me Mike you did just fine! And I am going to give you even more lessons free of charge! Kelly responded. And I would like you to met my best friend, Brian Aaron Wilson. Brian is the one who taught me every thing I know about swimming!"

"Glad to meet you Mike McCormick Evans! You couldn't see me but I was watching you the whole time. Kelly was right about you Mike! Relax you have nothing to worry about." Smiled Brian.

Kevin and Mark had to take their younger freshmen sisters home and drop them off. They had to stick around just long enough to make certain they safely got inside their homes. But they arrived back in time to witness Mike's first really swimming lesson.

All of the other dudes got into the water while Mike and the gym teacher watched. Both Brian and Kelly handed them out Breathing Apparatus and taught them how to use them in the water.

Next they handed them out the diving and snorkeling equipment used by skin divers and showed them how to properly use it as well. Mike was taught how to use the Breathing Apparatus on the land. Mike was also taught how to use the diving and snorkeling equipment.

Both Brian and Kelly wanted to see just how long the other dudes could all swim underwater. Before they had to come up for air. They were instructed to come up for air slowly when they had to. And to not swim too long underwater.

As for Mike, they simply wanted to observe just how long he could hold his head underwater. They told him just to relax and to float face down in the water. Next they wanted him to relax by floating on his back. They felt they had covered a lot of territory for their very first sesson. It was time to hit the showers and go home.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 09, 2021

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