Search Part One B the New Kid in Town

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


They were the very best kind of friends.

Kelly Kyle Owens was an eye witness to what had just taken place. He watched a computer expert pin back the arms of a bully. Rocco was a bully who harassed nice girls. How long had Mike McCormick Evans been a tough dude? He saw what had just become the coo-list group of boys watching the whole thing. He saw the way the girls were starting to look at them.

And he saw the open hostility in the eyes of their boyfriends. But they didn't take unfair advantage over all of the female attention, and advised them to return to their boyfriends. Where they rightfully belonged!

It was one of the teachers that broke everything up. The students were to return to their classrooms, with the exception of Mike, Rocco and Theresa. They had to report to the principal's office and tell him their side of the story. Of the three students, only Rocco got himself into hot water.

On his way back to class, he saw Kelly Owens administering mouth to mouth resuscitation on one of the teacher's college student's assistant. Mike quickly came to Kelly's aid and helped him take turns with administering mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Both boys saw him open up his eyes, and they stopped the emergency first aid treatment. When the young man wanted to have both boys help him to his feet, they made him remain on the floor.

The campus security police called 911. Quickly the paramedics first res-ponders arrived on the scene. "Those two boys saved my life," the young man Carl Roberts told the paramedics. I just blacked out and couldn't breath."

"You kids better get back to class and use the elevators instead of the stair case. And thanks for saving Mr. Robert's life!"

Mr. Carl Roberts was primarily assigned to the computer lab. But since he was unavailable, it was Mike's responsibility to take his place. It was something that he was well equipped to do.

He was the type of person, who had his entire life all planned out in advance. But then along came his resourceful peers such as Kelly Owens, and Dale Gordon. For the first time in his life; he realized there was a whole new world out there outside of the world of computers.

Taking on bullies such as Rocco, and helping Kelly save Mr Carl Roberts life. Among other things besides being a dancer, Kelly was an excellent: swimmer, diver, synchronized diver and swimmer, skin diver and scuba diver and natural climber. He was able up to swim two miles underwater, before rising to the surface long enough to take a deep breath. Afterwards, he was able to once again swim two miles underwater. It was referred to as controlled underwater breathing and swimming.

Mike had never learned how to swim. Kelly volunteered to give him free swimming lessons. Mike asked him to help the others. The others knew how to swim, but were not expert swimmers. None of them were divers; neither were they skin divers nor scuba divers.

Kelly was a natural climber, he would pass his skills on. But scaling roof tops was out of his league. The group had never officially organized themselves. They were just a group of friends looking out for others and themselves. Of course they welcomed Kelly Kyle Owens into their small group.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 09, 2021

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