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by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Sometimes the good guys don't finish last!

Jeff Clark and Rick Nelson just received their pilots licenses to fly both helicopters and small craft planes. They were going to be approved for larger, non commercial planes as well. Because their parents were their instructors, their lessons were free of charge. However, when they wanted their closet friends to also get their licenses?

Their parents told them,"Your friends will have to pay. But we will give all of them a discounted price. We will let all of them work it off." Their parents explained.

Thus our four heroes were kept out of mischief. Because they had become the target of the local media, they were kicked off their high school's sports teams. Which suited them all just fine. Previously, Jeff and Rick had chosen their pilot's licenses over playing football. Mike's arm had been removed from its cast and sling. Thus enabling him to be able to also get his licenses. But first they had to become mechanics and parachute jumpers.

They were also taught emergency first aid and radio equipment, and survival techniques.

Jeff and Rick's parents made extra badly needed cash, by having precision parachute jumpers, and hot air balloon rides. They also had a para-sailing instructions and rented out equipment. The other four boys were taught para-sailing, and were very good at it. They were also taught how to operate hot air balloons. They made enough money to buy their own blimp! All of the six boys learn how to fly it as well.

Their high school was well pleased, the four young teen heroes were staying out of mischief?

They got together and taught Dale the correct way for climbing up and down the staircase. In return he taught them, and Jeff and Rick his methods. But they did it before school hours. It was because their school's head custodian let the boys in early. The security guards were likewise impressed with their techniques. Mike, Jeff and Rick were also taught how to climb up to the roof top of their school safely.

Whereas, Jeff and Rick taught the rest of them basic self defensive methods. Including boxing and Chuck Norris' kick boxing. They watched several episodes of the syndicated television series Walker Texas Ranger. By watching the videos, they also learned the fine art of tag wrestling. But by watching syndicated videos of Chips, they also learned karate. All of this was just the very beginning of their training.

One time they were caught on camera, by their high school press and radio station. It was because they climbed inside a vacant classroom using harness and ropes. All because they didn't want to be late for class. The rest of the local media also were able to have complete access to the videos.

The Sargent ordered his men to pick the six of them up at school. The police Sargent arranged for the six of them to watch the prerecorded video.

"What exactly were you six young crazy hotshots up to!" He yelled at them. "Are you trying to get yourselves killed or something!"

All of his men grinned widely, because he wasn't yelling at them for a change!

"You stay right here until after I brief my officers on their assignments!"

After the briefing, he yelled at them some more. Thus they told him, they didn't want to be late for school. He had his officers drive them back to school. And the six of them had to face their very own principle. He also started yelling and screaming at them as well!

"No more crazy stunts on school property before, during or after school hours do I make myself perfectly clear! Thank God the police hauled you away before the hounds of the media had a chance to arrive! He loudly yelled.

However there was another young teenage girl on the roof top of their high school. Her boyfriend jilted her for anther prettier girl. She would go all the way to third base with him. In essence she would "go all the way with him." The six boys expertly climbed up the roof and Dale Gordon put his arms around her.

She started sobbing her guts out. "Cynthia! Please don't cry! All the girls know Rocco has nothing but a one tract mind! The creep isn't worth it! Come on and let us help you down off the roof top. How did you get up here in the first place?"

"That's easy, I watched you hotshots do it," Cynthia started laughing out loud. "And Dale you are right about Rocco! He really is a total jerk! He doesn't respect us at all!"

The police arrived and helped the younger people off the roof top. "Alright you crazy kids! How did you help the girl get up on the roof top!"They yelled at them.

"Please officers it wasn't their fault, I climbed up here all by myself! They just wanted to stop me from doing something stupid by throwing my life away. All because my creepy boy friend, jilted me!" Cynthia rushed to their defense. "They didn't do anything wrong by saving my worthless life!"

The officers turned their attention to the six boys. "Is Cynthia Maxwell telling us the entire truth?"

"Yes! Officers, she is telling you the truth. That's the same story line she fed us!" responded Dale Gordon. "Officers are we in any trouble? Are you gonna take all of us down to the police station so your Sargent can only yell at us some more?"

"Not this time we still have a splitting headache from the last time, he yelled at you! Just sign these release forms and you are free to go back to your classes." The officers smiled at them widely.

The media was busy elsewhere, but they were notified of what had previously taken place. After school was over, they had to meet the members of the press. When they asked them what had happened, Cynthia Maxwell filled in the blanks.

The next school day, Rocco was strong arming another girl, it was Mike McCormick Evans, who came to her rescue.

He pinned back Rocco's arms. "You Jerk leave the girl alone!" He yelled at him.

"Since when have you become a tough dude Evans? Is it because yeah are tryin' to keep up with the rest of your hotshot heroic friends? Yeah are gonna be really sorry yeah didn't just stick to your computers!" Rocco growled at him.

The other four hotshots grinned at Rocco! "You're the one who'se gonna be sorry Rocco! Ifen yeah don't leave the good girls alone!"

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 09, 2021

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