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by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Our kids are real live heroes.

Fortunately, for Mike McCormick Evans, his right arm had a clean break. Thereby causing it to rapidly heal. When he returned back to school, he had a verifiable medical absence excuse. His right arm was in a cast, and it also was in a sling. Of course, he was also excused from his physical educational class. His PE teacher, Mr. Ralph O'Conners made Mike his assistant. The honorary position would last until Mike's right arm was completely 100 % healed.

When both Dale and Mike signed the police report, Mike had to use his left hand to sign the report form. He told the arresting officers; as well as, the school authorities what the two young hoods wanted him to do for them.

When they were arranged in juvenile court, both Dale and Mike had to give their testimonies. Prior to their being placed in the foster care program, the two young punk kids, had to serve their allotted time in juvenile detention. However, if they continued onward their present course of criminal activities, the next time they might be charged as adults instead of minors!

Dale Gordon was the fastest thing on two legs. While his fellow student body members walked to their class rooms, Dale sprinted. When his fellow student body members walked up and down the stairways, Dale used the railings, to jump down. And used the other railings to jump up. Dale Gordon was one of a kind as far as anyone else was concerned.

He always admonished the other kids, "Don't try this at home. You just might get hurt."

The school authorities told him to stop his crazy stunts because somebody might get hurt including him. All Dale would do is laugh at them and say,"Be seeing yeah in the funny papers."

The school powers that be threatened him with suspension. Dale Gordon would laugh at them and say," Great! I could probably get a good paying job as a Hollywood stuntman!"

However, when he was told if they let him get a way with it? They would have to let the other students also off the hook. And instead of a high school, it would be transformed into a zoo. And they were not looking forward to being their zoo keepers!

Kevin Allen Holland saw a young teenage girl on the top of their high school building. Since Kevin was a born natural climber getting on top of the roof top was easy. Dale Gordon climbed up after him, while Mark Allen Sears, kept careful watch below. It was very obvious the young girl was high on some hallucination drug. Kevin spoke to her in a quiet soothing voice. Dale motioned to Mark and he also climbed up on the roof leaving Mike to keep watch below.

The foolish young girl actually thought she could fly off the top of the roof just like a big bird! Mike called the security police and the student body journalists showed up on the scene.

Along with their campus radio station. Other kids were busily posting it all on their social media and text messaging. Their local radio and television stations were also present and accounted for.

The girl warned her three would be rescuers, that she was gonna fly off the roof top, and they couldn't stop her. Why wouldn't they go away and leave her alone? Very cautiously the three boys wrapped their arms around her and pulled her away from the edge of the roof. Although she fought back, she was no match for the three boys.

The local police climbed up a ladder and took the girl away from the boys. By this time she was sobbing hysterically.

The police turned her over to the paramedics, and an officer rode in the ambulance along with her. Their sirens were blaring away in the quickest route to the hospital.

The officers asked for their identifications and their student body cards. The press kept on pressing closer and wanted to get next to the four young heroes.

Because a three ring circus was taking place, the police put the four boys inside of their police cars. And drove them to the nearest police station.

The press wanted to know if they were under arrest. The three ring circus was transferred to the local police station. The police officers took the four boys into their watch commander's office.

While the press persisted in talking with the boys. Next they transferred them into one of their interrogation rooms. But did not allow the press inside. The watch commander was very careful with Mike's right arm.

"Would you crazy fool hardy kids tell me what that was all about?"

"I'm the crazy kid who spotted Melinda Rushmore on the roof top in the first place. Climbing up on the roof top was an easy thing for me to do." Kevin responded.

"And Kevin wanted me up there for reinforcements." Dale continued on.

"At first I was just a look out until Mike showed up." Mark explained his role.

"Until, I showed up and took his look out place," Mike commented. "Since the other guys were busy, I'm the one who called our campus security police. And they notified you, Sargent. The school press and radio station got there as well, along with the other members of the press core.

And your officers gave the four of us kids a free ride to the police station, Sargent. The news boys keep on asking if we are under arrest?"He concluded.

"No, you aren't under arrest, after you sign your statements, you can call your parents and have them drive you home."

The Sargent finished, "Three of you crazy kids are lucky to be alive. Do us all a really big favor. Live just long enough to finish graduating from high school!"

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

March 08, 2021

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