Search Prologue

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


When Marie Anne Clark turns up missing, her brother and his friends. And two of her friends try to find her in the nick of time.

"You've got to be kidding me, Sears your younger sister, Marie is missing?" Asked Kevin Allen Holland. Mark Allan Sear's bff ( best friend forever) since kindergarten. "Holland, haven't I always been totally on the level with you? Replied Kevin's best friend forever. "Besides she didn't come home from her Friday night date with this new guy she's been dating lately. And Marie has never done anything like this before in her entire life!" "Your kid sister, Marie is really missing, Sears? interrupted Rick Clark and Jeff Nelson.

"Why not call the cops? All yeah have to do is simply dial 911 and report your sister, Marie missing!" "Maybe its because my parents have already called the police, but they haven't found her yet." Answered Mark Allan Sears. "And I have this funny feeling in my stomach that she really is in very hot water! See yeah all on the flip side." All four friends had to report to their home rooms for announcements.

The next time they all met was during PE (Physical education) Kevin and Mark were practicing for the upcoming base ball season. Whereas, Jeff and Rick were warming up for the upcoming football season. Next, the four friends were able to meet and greet each other for lunch break. During lunch Mark tired unsuccessfully to dial his younger sister's smart phone.

But of course, he received no answer. His friends looked at him, but made no comments. Rhonda Clark was Marie's best friend for life. She and Beverly Lane walked over to their table and put down their lunch trays. It was unusual for lower class-men to eat at the same table as upper class-men; unless they were personal friends.

"Mark, let us guess. Marie didn't pick up her smart phone did she?" Commented Rhonda Clark and Beverly Lane. "We saw her get into a fancy red European sports car with a couple of really hot dudes on Friday night. They picked her up at your place, Mark. Later on those same dudes tried to pick us up! They even tried to grab our arms and abduct us when we told them to get lost jerks. After they drove away and flipped us off, we took a picture of them. Including their license plate number." The two girls showed the four guys their phone's photographs.

The dudes told the gals to come with them. The six of them knew it was wrong to skip classes, but Marie's life could be in double jeopardy! The two girls rode with the four dudes to a sleazy motel. It was there they spotted the red European sports car!

They climbed the stairs to the last room on the third floor. Because the flashy dudes were getting ready to leave the scene, the motel door was opened wide. Marie Anne Sears was bound up on one of the beds and chained there. Clark and Nelson tackled the flashy dudes while Holland and Sears set Marie free.

Rhonda and Beverly photographed the entire scenario on their smart phones. Marie cling to her older brother Mark and started sobbing hysterically! Kevin called 911 and the police promptly arrived in a few minutes. The two officers one male and his female partner handcuffed the flashy dudes and arrested them.

The officers commented, "You young people did a good job, we've been after this pair for a long time now. They are heavily involved in sex trafficking, and part of a much larger ring. You kids know you could have been seriously hurt, but in your place we probably would've done the exact same thing as you did.

" The officers took their personal information and had them sign some forms. Apparently, the flashy dudes did not meet their quota, on abducting under aged females. And were instructed to pick up several more! Which is why they secured Marie so she could not escape nor cry out for help!

They were part of an international league. And they shipped American and Canadian young girls overseas to European countries. Before they were shipped even further east into Communist and Muslim countries! Where they were never seen or heard from ever again!

When they were asked to sign some forms concerning why they left their high school grounds before the end of the school day, both officers did so gladly. The young people contacted their local media outlets with police permission. It was no problem for their school authorities and their parents to sign their excuse forms.

The young people were considered to be the heroes, and the flashy dudes were the villains! They received a warm reception from their peers and their teachers.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

February 23, 2021

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