The Republic Is in Danger – Part 2 – Treason

by Randy Gonzalez


The cabin was under attack. Perhaps a metaphor for the treasonous behavior yet to unfold in greater horrors. American society continued the intentional devolution of selfish infantile people. Fewer and fewer sought their own self-evolution to bring about creative transformation. Most were satisfied with status quo consensus in the dumbing down of the masses. As one generation dies off in droves, another began to gradually retire from active engagement.

The cabin was under attack. Perhaps a metaphor for the treasonous behavior yet to unfold in greater horrors. American society continued the intentional devolution of selfish infantile people. Fewer and fewer sought their own self-evolution to bring about creative transformation. Most were satisfied with status quo consensus in the dumbing down of the masses. As one generation dies off in droves, another began to gradually retire from active engagement.

Subsequently, the younger ones, less inclined to higher levels of enlightenment, and prone to the immediacy of self-gratification faltered. Peace and property were violated with viciousness. Angry without sufficient cause, except selfish immaturity, generational rifts mounted the threat of bodily harm and death on a daily basis. Not just horrors of violence and stupidity across the social spectrum, but the intentional erosion of centuries old freedoms.

Because most politicians were stupid, and easily succumbed to a parasitic symbiosis with the wealthy elite, the majority of political power fell into the hands of the social upper echelons. Liberty faced one siege after another, as wealth and status became more insidious. On the national scene, the one-party political system continued to pretend there were two parties during elections. With vast reaches of commercial exploitation and gluttonous consumerism, most people relished in their baleful melancholy of safe mediocrity. Others stirred up trouble.

From the shadows of the thickly wooded enclave, the general, often known as Ronin covered his partner, Morticia, a tough Special Forces operative. Her mindset was bulletproof and ironclad. A consummate warrior, Morticia had no time for bullshit. Chitchat, psychobabble and juvenile antics most people indulged, she found disgusting and a waste of human potential. Previously, in the intelligence community, for a particular agency, she had failed her psych evaluation. Seems like an inexperienced consultant, an upper class shrink, made too much of her homicidal tendencies. In response, she beat him to a near death experience.

General Ronin interceded on her behalf. A new shrink was assigned and a different evaluation was provided. Fit for duty, she kept the watch. And now, she focused on the task at hand. An intruder had fallen back from the main group to retrieve two stragglers. Morticia, the amazon warrior, black clad from head to toe, with her covert face gave a grimace and a rabid snarl. Sworn and trained to serve and protect, she killed without hesitation the enemies of her country. In clandestine services, she was at the pinnacle of efficiency and competence.

Update to the last episode, the fight continues, but others had brought the fight to wrong doorstep. At this moment of darkness, two less than experienced intruders, out of team of thirteen entered upon her land and intended to kill her, as well as her associates, the Ronin and his other partner, the .45 caliber Rose. They had come by water thinking their attempted stealth would go unnoticed. Meanwhile, back at the cabin safe house, Rosey had command of the countermeasures console. She deployed an armed drone with night vision capabilities

"Standby, Black Widow, on your twelve o'clock, intruder alert," Rose 'Big Red' Bush signaled Morticia. "Sky Clad is on task. I take them out one by one." She ran a hand through her choppy short cropped red hair. "I have target acquisition." Rosey sucked in a breath, and tugged at the .45 colt pistol tucked in her shoulder holster. "Sheepdog is on your six."

"Roger that, Watcher," Sheepdog Ronin responded. "Black Widow got your six." He slipped through the thick veil of darkness and hid in the pale moonlight. "Bacon dead ahead."

"Copy that," Black Widow Morticia added. "Hold on Sky Clad. Got three on the horizon." She held her position of invisibility. "I need the practice, standby on the over watch."

"One falling back to retrieve two slower ones," Ronin said sourly. "Ready to terminate."

"Bacon bits," Morticia sighed under her breath. "Fucking traitors. Sheep Dog, what the fuck are we doing? These pork fed amateurs play too many video games." She was ready no matter what would come next. "They fucking don't have a clue as to what's going on."

"I know what you're thinking, Black Widow," the Ronin answered. "They crossed a line," he argued. "I know the fight is elsewhere. But, we don't tolerate anyone turning on us."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," she said sourly. "Killing ain't the problem, my love. I can do that all day long. It's the reason for it and the challenge of it that counts, there's no effort here." She drew in a breath, transitioning the mental toughness from talk to tactics. "Fuck'em."

"Channel it, warrior, be swift and deadly," the Ronin reminded her.

"Goddamnit, I'm so tired of the hate, the fear mongering, the political bullshit," she seethed with growing animosity. "Maybe they're right, we're killing the wrong people."

"Stay on target, we'll get to that point later," the Ronin advised eerily.

"Be advised, nine more, breaking into three separate teams," the Watcher signal. "Drone overhead, targeting the threesome," she added with a sensuous slant.

"Standby," the Ronin confirmed the holding pattern for the moment.

"Here we go, number three going down." Morticia readied herself to pounce.

The slender guy came back for his two missing comrades. Earlier they discussed how they wanted to get to the next gamer convention over in the big city. Excited high school drop outs, yet savvy enough to play games all day, the aging millennial made too much noise. Lanky and lackadaisical, the cocky gamer lumbered through the heavily shrouded woods. Having never served in the military or any agency of public service, nor any aspect of first responder experience, such an event as this was like camping out. None of them had ever been boy scouts.

From this moment on, they'd never earn a merit badge for survival skills. After all, they argued this was a like a role play event. Kind of like a dress up game, where the consequences were surreal and not real. To them, practical experience was not really necessary. They figured they would sneak onto the target's property, act out a scenario, as though playing a video game. Just like an online gaming championship, their collective points were high.

Not only that, their magical thinking clung to some extraterrestrial concept that thirteen was their lucky number. Easily, as if sitting behind a computer screen, or big flat screen display, they volunteered to test their ideology of the Anti-Fed Alpha Group. The so-called Anti-Feds had been everywhere when there was a demonstration to attack the First Amendment of others. When they acted up in public, they wore masks to hide their creepy sissified inclinations. Throwing beer bottles, smashing store windows, blocking traffic and then swilling low fat lattes, they relished in their triumph against the federal government and of course their hatred of the police.

The very laws that protected their juvenile narcissism had just been suspended. From a wicked smile in the shadows, Morticia slid effortlessly into position. Her gaming was real and death followed her with hungry anticipation. With a stealthy lightning surge, she struck with a vengeance. When she does, no one stands a chance. No games points and no replays. Gurgling echoed a short distance in the inky blackness. Gasping, unable to maintain any sense of sneakiness or surprise, skinny man gasped and gulped for air. Furtively, his head whiplashed from side to side, as if looking for an assailant to come out of the pitched darkness.

At the same instant, death lay before him. The light on his cell phone flashed in the pitch of the night. Panicked, on the brink of whimpering, the thin man pulled back, as if to avoid touching the dead man, his form hacker pal. His tiny cries brought to the surface of mind the harsh reality of life. Such were the poignant realities of television commandos versus real-world warriors.

"Hey, buddy," the skinny guy's voice stammered weakly and echoed through the chilly breeze. As if the realty was like the movies, this wasn't real. "Oh god, oh god!"

"I am your god," came voice from nowhere the thin man could see.

"Who's that?" The slender man began to cry and blubber as though an infantile thumb-sucking persona had engulfed him. He whipped around with his ornately customized AR-15 rifle, complete with bump stock and 100 round magazine. "What the fuck, man," he whimpered.

"Judgement day, sissy boy," the stern female voice admonished from a hidden dimension. "Seriously, you crying? Give me a break asshole. Geezus what a pussy."

"Help!" Skinny boy broke the silence even more. For a few seconds, his voice echoed in the dark woods. "Come on, stop playing around, man. Wake up, please..." He cried, shook, and felt the blood from the first cut across his torso. "Ouch, what the fuck! what's happening? I need help," he screamed and his voice continued to reverberate through the forest. "Help!"

"You pussy," came the sound of her voice again, an avenging angel from the blackness of moral retribution. And thud, a quick shocking blow to the back of the head, stunned him, while her spinning kick knocked him flat on the cold hard ground. He flopped next to the dead body and whimpered in agony. "On your knees, judgement time. Now, asshole, hands behind your head." Her charcoal blackened face leered down at him. "Do it now, dick head."

For a moment, he thought he'd confronted a monster, a green-eyed harpy, something out of a horror movie or a graphic novel. Maybe it was one of those aliens. He'd often talked about government conspiracies and believed an alien force was already here. He blinked with fear and stared back, as his mind shut down and went blank. Then again, this was the deep state. Those sinister forces behind the scenes secretly manipulating the government.

Her face was painted green and black in a pretentious role-play of the armchair commando. He saw her jade green eyes that burned through him like laser. She evoked the kind of terror that made nightmares real. The slender man could not move. He heard the patter of footsteps behind him. Someone else was coming, maybe to his rescue. His expensive exotic looking rifle, customized and adorned with a night laser scope, lay nearby in the brush.

"Who are you?" He asked with fear painted all over his face.

"Death, I am death, the walking dead," she taunted and raised a muffled pistol in one hand.

As the fourth intruder ran up to check on the other three, having heard the screams of the slender man, he trotted recklessly into the gathered cluster. As he did, she fired one shot directly into his forehead. Center punched, the entry hole sucked in the skin into the wound, and tore a hole in the back of his head. A stunned look of dead realization animated his face as he fell.

Death was elated in the joy of another fallen one. Hell welcomed with open arms. When the eternal sleep closes in, the blackness if forever when the light goes out. There dead and one knelling, she stood with the exotic commando survival knife in her hand. Slender man disarmed of his prized pistol, the one he proudly practiced with daily, was tucked in her gun belt. Efficiently, the teeth and claws of this pretentious wannabe pit bull were neutralized.

Very slowly for him, the realization this quarry was going to fight back seeped inside the limited cerebral pathways. His inexperience and hesitance invited the final goodnight. Without a word, her head swung swiftly, the precision was smooth and deliberate. The sharp blade sliced the right side of the neck, moved across the throat, severed the trachea, and cut deep through to the left side. Nearly decapitated, slender man fell back, groaned and kicked in torment.

"Four, well done, my love," Ronin said softly to her from behind.

"Goddamn, I could fuck you real hard right now," she said to him.

"Oh yea, the feelings mutual, my love," he gave back on equal footing.

"Clean up time," she asserted, looked down at the carnage, and gently squeezed his groin. She kicked one of the intruders. "Bastards shouldn't mess with us."

"Roger that," he admitted and nodded toward his comm-link. "Sky Clad, what've ya got on monitors? We've got four down, Black Widow style, confirmed."

"Affirmative, Sheep Dog," Rosey answered from her cabin command post. "We got two teams of four. Separate approach, north and south. One team is holding at the dock, down by the river. There other is headed up to the roadway. Looks like they're setting up a roadblock."

"Roger that, standby," Ronin answered. He looked at his partner. "I'm headed to the dock, you cover Sky Clad." He paused for a second to read her face. "Okay?"

"I should cover you, Sky Clad is secure in the bunker," she told him.

"I've already signaled waste management, they'll be meeting me at the dock," he sought to explain to her. "I don't need them in a firefight. Plus, we need to secure the bunker."

"Alright, the odds are good, one to four in your favor," she said with a grin. "Two to eight in our favor, same difference." She blew him a kiss. "When this done, you owe me." She winked.

"Oh you're gonna get it, baby," he affectionately warned her. "My turn on top."

"Wait a second, big guy," she challenged. "It's my turn to dominate."

"We'll flip a coin," he toyed with her and cupped her crotch.

"We'll see who gets who." She held his penis and kissed him hard.

"You're vicious, and I love it," he responded excitedly.

"You betcha, my love cock," she said torridly with a smirk. "Oh my god, I could fuck you so hard right now. Damnit, I'd drain you till you couldn't walk."

"It'd be worth the adventure," he whispered. "Let's finish this and tie up Big Red."

"My loves, I can see you, and I heard that," Sky Clad signaled them as she watch from her drone. "Don't start the fucking without me." While she spoke, she tightened the black cylinder on her pistol. Her brown leather riding gloves fit snugly around her palms. Still naked except for red lacy thong, she carefully watched the monitors. "Two teams on approach," she advised.

"Roger that, Sky Clad," Morbia answered eerily. "We're coming back."

"You take team one, and I'll do team two," Ronin said to her.

"Affirmative, keep that thing warm for me," she murmured and disappeared.

Moments later, the crackle of muffled gunfire, the brassy clack of reloaded pistols, and the slicing tear of blade to meat cuttings ended the assault on their safe house. It was over in mere moments, certain, swift and terminal. A gush of blood here and there, splashed puddles in the dirt, flavored the air with the metallic hint of death. The scent of bloodletting accentuated the primal surge of the hunt. In a bizarre configuration, three neatly piled bodies triangulated the cabin.

"Sky Clad, signal waste management, a cleanup is requested," Ronin advised. "Transmit the coordinates and authorize the usual transfer of necessary resources."

"Premises all secure," Morbia added and blew him a kiss in the dimness of the night.

"Roger that, Sheepdog, confirming trash pickup,' Rose said in compliance. "Sky Clad to waste management, over." Rose signaled a special contact resource. "Need immediate hazmat."

"Acknowledged, Sky Clad, over," a distant voice radioed back. "Enroute. The usual?"

"Affirmative, sending the coordinates, over," Rose confirmed.

"Cleanup task initiated," Ronin asked upon entering the cabin through a hidden access.

"That's a roger, darling," Rosey, still naked, except for her shoulder holster greeted.

"Geezus, you look hot, all commando, literally," he said hungrily.

"You look yummy yourself, tough guy," Rose added and reset all the security protocols. "How about a shower? Where's Morbia?" She felt a hand squeeze the crease of her butt. "Oooo, uh never mind, I think I found her." She squirmed in a delighted way. "Glad you two are back."

Overhead, in the thick blackness of the night, they heard the low flying swish of a stealthy aircraft. The dull charcoal colored fuselage settled to a hover and then lowered.

"So efficient, I love it, the quiet removal of the dead," Morbia acknowledged. She eyed the bar and the snacks. "Fighting and fucking, they make me hungry. Let's see, where were we?" She greedily gobbled a chunk of caviar on a cracker. "Shower time, I wanna be naked."

"You betcha, baby," Big Red Bush retorted with a healthy chuckle. "Oh yeah, the carnal instincts of the primal warrior," she murmured and manipulated the electronics console. "All systems at optimal levels. Security metrics at operational capacities."

"We can take a break from our unique skills," Ronin said to Morticia as he and Rosey casually slid up to the bar. Rosey Bush was still naked, but had on her facial war paint. "Enjoy the sensuality of our special bond, but, and here's the but," he continued and kept Morticia's gaze.

"I like your butt," Morticia commented sucking her lips around a plump round turkey sausage. She licked the tip of it and then slid the end between her teeth. "I want your butt."

"Oh, baby, I wanna get in the middle of this," Rosey added sensuously.

"You can have any part of me you want, my loves," Ronin echoed. He poured some espresso, and went on, "However, we need to get to the bottom of this unfolding conspiracy.

"Oh yes, we're definitely gonna get to the bottom," Rose Bush teased.

"Of course we will," Ronin agreed. "I'm all yours." He paused for a sip of the strong brew. "The republic is in danger and there are forces that would overthrow our government."

"Agreed, and they attacked us without provocation," Morticia asserted. "We have an oath to preserve, protect and defend, and thus the dilemma, my darlings." She held up a hand indicating she was not finished. "Sinister forces within and without provoke these uprisings."

"Recommendation?" Rose asked. "Neutralize the agent provocateurs?"

"Yes, Plan A, we go after those in the shadows," Morticia demanded. "Elements of the Alpha Group just trespassed on our turf. They had intent to kill us. The geeks wanted to play." She spun and stood there naked. "They're funded by a private foundation with connections to a billionaire. That's where we start. We go after the cowards who make the golden rule."

"We know who's behind this, Rose has a list," Ronin, the rogue warrior added.

"Yes, I do, my lover," Rusty echoed the darkness of her intent. The strong sexual aroma of her natural botanical lotions stimulated their collective sensuality. "I have emails, phone records, position of prominence, commerce and politics, we know who they are."

"The shadow people, not the ones like us, but those who use the power, prestige and wealth to exploit our republic," Morticia echoed mischievously. "We can reach out and touch them."

"Of course, my darlings," the rogue Ronin agreed and held them both very closely. "They've messed with our family. We are the intelligence community, the military and the cops."

"And, if they mess with the best, they are terminated like the rest," Morticia replied. "We're the ones who keep the watch, the sheep dogs who guard the flock." She began to peel out of her skin tight suit and reveal her exotic bodily attributes. "Threaten our brothers and sisters, and we will unleash the wrath upon them. Vengeance is ours. Fuck or be fucked."

"The Alpha's, they're not untypical of most people," Ronin added. "But, you have a point."

"Hmm, I know a point I'd like to make," Red Rose whispered, her lips brushed his ear. Her hands worked magically on bringing him to a stiffened state of arousal. "I wanna suck you."

"You can do me any way you want, my love," Ronin answered with a long exhale. He sucked in a breath. His pleasurable ache grew bigger. Her warmth engulfed him. "I wanna lick you all over, spank that lovely ass and bring you to one explosive orgasm after another.

"Oh, baby, I want you to spank me, I've been naughty." Rose sucked his earlobe.

While he answered her, Rose undressed him very slowly and seductively. In an instant, all three were naked, uninhibited and free of fearful regrets about anything. As she pulled his clothes off, her fingers lingered at his penis and gripped the bulbous head. Getting wickedly aggressive, she pulled him, pumped him and stroked the length and girth of his cock.

"Love it, baby," Morticia whispered an eerie slant in Rose's ear. She kissed her neck and made her squirm with delicious delight. "He'll spank you and I'll fuck you."

She did not answer and relished the attention. Easily very smooth and deliberate, Rose pulled the shaft back and forth taunting his responsiveness. At the same time, Morticia moved in closer and rubbed Rose's back. For a moment, the silence lingered in the aftermath of death and the lure of salacious delights. A psychic passage of carnality opened a lustful portal.

"Oh yeah, baby, what a beautiful back, shoulders, sensuous lines, creamy and freckled," Morticia murmured. Her hands smoothed over Rose's skin. "Both of you are so delicious."

"After all that excitement, I need a good fucking," Rose mumbled with a hint of excitement.

"Hmmm, makes sense to me, fight and fuck, I'm in," Morticia added eerily. "I know the feeling, fighting, it turns me on." She breathed out heavily. "I need to fuck really hard."

"Warriors know this." Ronin let them surround him and tease his body. "It's the energy."

"Yes we do, my loves." Morticia sighed deeply and held them firmly. Her hands cupped Rose's big breast. Gently she squeezed and toyed with her big nipples. "Damn, you're good."

"I'll be your fuck doll, do me, baby, I want it rough," Rose murmured.

"Don't worry, love, we need the stress reduction." Morticia groped Rose's fleshy contours, pinched her nipples and kissed her on the lips. "My Daisy Dukes sweet cheeks, god you're hot," she drew in a long sensual breath and let it out slowly. "Oh by the way, my love, did we secure the premises? You know me, Ms. Paranoid Schizophrenic, do a systems check."

"All systems secure?" Ronin echoed the same and asked Rose, while he kissed her neck, gently sucked on one of her big thick nipples. "You're the opsec specialist, my dear." She nodded while she stripped him and he pulled both of them closer. Warm skin to skin they formed a wicked carnal bond of unity. "Okay, we have time to indulge our imaginations."

"Our security mechanism are fully erect," Rose muttered as if floating in a potent sensual haze. "Like you, all girthy, big and beautiful, hard and stiff, ready to fuck me."

"Let's do it, my loves," Morticia affirmed sensuously. "We need some fucking."

"In that case," Big Red said, "let's be as one, tightly knit together." She squeezed his penis.

"Yum, that feels good," he whispered in her ear and stroked her wet pubic mound. She moaned and sighed a breathy gasp. His lips met hers and they kissed. "You're hot and wet, my love."

"Oh damn, that turns me on. I wanna fuck both of you so badly," Morticia moaned. For a second, she recounted the previous moments. "Later, we'll target our adversaries."

"No doubt, darling, all in good time," Ronin agreed and kissed her long and hard.

"Their atonement is coming," Morticia reminded them and pinched his nipples, which of course sent surges of sexual energy throughout his entire being. "Focus on their money trail."

"Together we will track them down," Rose added, while Ronin used two fingers to probe and massage her vaginal depths. She panted, breathed heavier, moaned louder, and whispered back to him, "Oh baby, I need to be fucked, a double penetration by both of you."

"By the fireplace, on the rug." He pulled them toward the center of the room. Rose let her fingers trace the crease in his buttocks and teased his scrotum. Morticia sucked her nipples. "Pillows, let's toss some cushions around and make a warm comfy sex pit."

In the background, sensual jazzy music drifted salaciously in the air. A fluff of red, green and floral patterns cushioned the languishing repose of their burning carnality. A room atomizer ensured the light haze of scented roses that filled the air. They fell in a pile. Enraptured in the unity of lustful urgency, intimacy fueled their smoldering passion. Wrapped together, they landed upon the padded pallet, rubbing, sucking and stroking each other in their naked Eden.

Heating their intensity, the warmth of the fireplace enflamed shadowy reflections of mounting desire. Ghostly alter egos reflected their primal essence upon the walls. Their salacious dance of uninhibited sexuality reflected the dual imagery in the dimly lit room. While they hugged and tugged with arms, legs, lips and fingers, Rose mounted Ronin. She climbed atop his hips, straddled him and clutched his cock. Her aim was good as she guided him.

"Geezus, Ro, you take one of them pills, baby?" She smiled wickedly down at him. Her bountiful bosom brushed his face. "I can barely get my hands around it. Wow, the girth is very nice. Oh woo, like a stallion mounting a mare, oh honey, I want this."

"Well, you try to plan ahead, have back up," he smiled in his sardonic way. "Damn," he hissed a guttural tone of pleasure. "You're amazing, feel wet and warm, oh so nice."

"I'm gonna drain you like an irrigation pump in freshly plowed field," her throaty twang from her country gal origins made him and Morticia chuckle. "You'll be milked dry."

"Oh my god you're something else, from the field to the barn," Morticia whispered from behind Rose's back, as she mounted her in a slow easy manner. "You're special." Morticia adjusted her black straps and tightened the crimson strap-on penis. "I wanna fuck you so much."

"Fuck me, baby, and love you fucking me," Rose exhaled breathlessly.

Rose's deliciously expert hands held him firmly. Her fingers massaged the bulbous head of his cock and pointed its dripping tip at the entrance to her vagina. Sensuously, her firm thighs slid slickly over his hips, braced against his butt cheeks, and held him steady. A skilled hunter and archer, she took the fleshy arrow and pressed it to her outer lips.

"Oh, Rose, my darling, Rose," he sighed with raptured surrender. "Oh baby, do me."

Rose's sky blue eyes gripped his gaze in the pale amber light. Flickers of flames danced upon the wood logs in the fireplace. Soon to be consumed by the burning intensity of enflamed excitation, the molten consumption burned with salacious hunger. Seemingly but not actually, hypnotized by each other's seduction, they hugged, rubbed and thrust in one union.

Three into one, Morticia gently stroked Rose's sweat streaked back. Long strong fingers gripped Rose's love handles and groped her butt cheeks. At the same time, Ronin tweaked Rose's heavy breasts tenderly, and suckled her big nipples. She moaned with clinching pleasured, as he nursed upon her ample chest, and let out a thrilled squeal. While Morticia rubbed lubricant on the faux penis, Rose guided his engorged penis into her vagina depths. For a second, she winced slightly but smiled as the girthy head of his cock pressed into her.

"Oh my loves, this is beautiful," Morticia hissed lovingly at them. She held his balls and squeezed the base of his cock while he pressed between Rose's thick pubic lips. "Yeah..."

"That's it baby, right there," Rose hummed in a syrupy throaty sigh. "Slowly, I want to feel every inch going in me. Thick, oooh yeah...tight, uh, nice and wet..."

"I wish I could explain how wonderful," he moaned and clutched Rose's left thigh, while at the same time, balancing the feel of it all, he pulled on Morticia's calf muscle. "Oh, wow..."

"Mmmmm, this is gonna feel good," Morticia, at the same time, having strapped on her fake cock, position for a slippery rear entry into Rose's big ass. "Damn, I love you ass, honey."

"Take my ass, baby," Rose let out, as she mounted Ronin to the hilt. "Oh, fuck!"

A final slickly ooze drenched slide, and he was deep inside Rose. Her hips began to pump with swelling momentum. She arched her back, tensed her butt cheeks and flinched slightly as Morticia inched the strap-on cock into her ass. Their unison of cadence became as one, in the flush of flesh melding together. Moaning, panting, giving, and taking, their voices muted to the hint of sensual tones. Sweat gleamed over their bodies, as the musky scent of sex filled the air.

Slippery, a well-oiled skin piston in a heated flesh tube, he thrusted skillfully upward, while she slammed her pelvis downward on his girthy cock. Behind her, Morticia raced Rose through the saddled paces of galloping butt fucking. She hugged rose lovingly, yet in a dominating way, rode her ass with head tossing wildness. In the ecstatic blur of intense pounding, rose let out a squeal, as her vagina squeezed his cock in successive spasms.

Bucking hard fucking, their oneness rode the urgent demanding waves of unrestrained carnality. While Morticia pounded Rose's big ass, Ronin slammed her vaginal depths. To the hilt, he pumped her hard as she jackhammered his engorged cock. In the smoldering sensuality of their lust, Rose squealed and locked her lips to Ronin mouth. Their tongues dueled relentlessly. his hands gripped her ass cheeks and spread her so Morticia could take full advantage of her ass.

"You cumming, honey," Morticia whispered close to Rose's ear. Her fingers massaged Rose's nipples from behind. "Do it, baby, cum for me, oh god, sweetie, I'm right there with ya, on the edge, I gonna gush, right now. Oh fuck, I'm cumming, baby..."

"Geezus, me too, close, yes, yes, close," Ronin muttered as he pumped harder. "Yeah! That's it. Damnit, fuck, Oh what the hell...I came twice, geezus..."

"Damn it, give it to me, my loves," Rose screamed. "Oh fuck! I'm gushing, damn it, fuck me, harder, fuck me!" Her voice thundered with an echo of guttural intensity. "Get it, loves..."

"That's it! Fuck her baby, fuck her." Morticia whispered with a husky tone. Her face contorted with a pleasurable glow. She hunched her hips and shook with the quake of orgasmic convulsions. "Cum, baby, that's it blow those loads. Oh my god, I' cumming again! Fuck!"

"Wow that was beyond the imagination," Ronin whispered and held Rose tightly.

Rose came repeatedly. Her vaginal oozes flooded Ronin's cock, after he flushed her with his huge orgasmic injection. As they held each other and released their sexual energies, their bodies languished in the drips of gushy oozes. With them, in unison, as one, Morticia exploded with them. Ronin, still deep inside Rose, thrust upward to the hilt a few more pumps.

He bottomed out again, and pushed back with sensuous lustful strokes. Still hard, to each thick girthy stroke, Rose rocked, bucked, and rode him hard. She milked him for every drop. At the same time, Morticia hugged Rose, held her and kissed her back. She sighed heavily and slumped in the pile. In that moment, together, they rolled to the side and sandwiched together.

"What the fuck was that?" Rose sighed, slick and slippery, between Ronin and Morticia. "Geezus, I lost count. Damn, I was cumming like you wouldn't believe."

"Oh yeah, baby, my love doll, geez, wow..." Morticia hissed. "Damn, we came as one."

"I love you both so much," Ronin muttered and held Rose's left hand, while he held Morticia's right hand. "Whew, that was awesome, just can't describe the potency of it all."

"Defies description that's why it is so powerful and blows the mind," Rose told them.

For the blissfulness of the escape, through the mindful salaciousness of time and place, they cuddled in front of the fire. Refreshed and bathed in their fleshy cascade, their presence relished in the closeness of each other. Around them, sophisticated electronic mechanisms scanned the surrounding areas. On the mantel of the fireplace, an antique clock ticked in annoyance to the silence of the solitude. Collective murmurs animated the shift in sensory awareness.

"That was beautiful," Morticia spoke first and shifted reality. "The republic is in danger."

"What do you propose, my dear?" Ronin asked and gently patted her ass.

"Executive action protocols," Morticia answered. "Unitary authority sanctions."

"Hmm, let me get this straight," Rose began and rolled over to face Morticia. She kissed her on the lips. "So, we've gone from joining the resistance, to selective independent action?"

"Uh huh, my love, yes, special executive action," Morticia said and licked her lips.

"Are you proposing term limits for selected politicians?" Ronin asked with a near whisper but more like a gentle sigh. "That's more covert but at the same time direct action."

"Yes," Morticia answered immediately and curled up with Rose. "Sure, certain and swift, action necessary to the republic, as traitors work their secret agendas to destroy the country."

"Dangerous ground, my loves," Rose uttered as they held each other. "Yes, the clowns are running the circus and most laugh it off as harmless political ranting."

"Regardless, it's a deadly move against duly elected office holders," Ronin replied, caressed Rose's big breasts and kissed her large nipples. At the same time, he toyed with Morticia's butt cheeks and ran his fingers up and down between the crease of her ass. "We agree however, something has to be done to safeguard the country from the clowns, the incompetent idiots who stumbled into office" As he massaged Rose and Morticia, they got aroused again. "Well?"

"I think I'm getting horny again," Rose sighed a long breath. "Yeah, yeah, I'm in."

"Me too, we need to make a point a very serious one," Morticia echoed the same. "We're going rogue, as it were, outside the scope of any such agency authority of official order."

"We are part of the intelligence community as independent contractors," Morticia lovingly injected into the conversation. "We would be acting in the best interests of the country."

"I agree, previous executive orders have been rescinded," Rose commented and playfully stroked Morticia's neck, shoulders and arms. "Assassination is not prohibited."

"Depends on the perceived threat, the present potential of danger to the country," Ronin continued along with her. "And, a finding of illicit activities detrimental to public safety."

"Overall," Morticia began and started rubbing Ronin's cock up and down. "Regardless of how morally repugnant this might seem, the republic is under attack and action is needed."

"The thought occurs to me," Rose continued. "Those who would give aid and comfort to our enemies jeopardize the very freedoms we have fought for. They're committed treason."

"We must tread here carefully," Ronin suggested. "An insurrection is out. A rebellion is not realistic; very few people would join the resistance. Another American revolution is out of the question. Not only that, less than 3%, maybe 5% of the population has the training, skillset or fortitude for such a thing." He paused for a moment to enjoy and soak up the warm feeling of Morticia's hand on his penis. "Nice, that really feels good, my dear."

"Agreed my, darling," Rose answered Ronin. She kissed Morticia's nipple. "The vast majority of the sheep do not have the stomach for such things. The feds would crush the resistance."

"Therefore, the action taken must be covert," Morticia added.

"That brings up a question," Ronin pointed out. "Why did Alpha really attack us?"

"Hmmm," Morticia moaned in his ear and mounted him. "Good question," she breathed sensuously and straddle him like a horse to be ridden. "Don't move I wanna fuck you."

"Alpha is a deception," Rose murmured behind Morticia. She kissed her neck, licked her ears and rubbed her hard muscle back. "My god you have broad shoulders. Geezus, I love your muscles, this back, the tightness, magnificent, damn you're so developed, my love."

"Oh love me, baby," Morticia whispered to Rose, closed her eyes, threw her head back, and rode Ronin. "Uh, wow, it feels good, both my loves on me, as one, us together."

"Nothing else is of concern," Ronin uttered, held Morticia's thighs and thrust his hips upward. "Right here and now," he panted, "it's just us, the love and lust, we're one."

Minutes later, the echoes of pleasurable moans filled the air, decorated the walls with reflections of intense carnality in motion. Screams of orgasmic release animated the flow of gushing rushes, as they came in rapid successive bursts. In the union of their mounted desire, the close intimacy they shared, these moments captured all that really mattered in the whole universe. Bounding up and down in relentless pumping, Morticia ground her pelvis onto Ronin's cock. In a flash of movement before that, rose strapped on another belted dildo and slid into Morticia.

"D-P, baby, love to do you from behind," Rose whispered affectionately as she mounted Morticia tight muscled ass. "Oh damnit, I wanna fuck you so much," she hissed.

Volcanic images of hot white explosive flashes filled their minds with the haze of climactic relief. Panting and searching for breathes of joyous fleshy repose, they curled in a skintight ball of sweat-drenched unity. Twice culminating in the glorious ecstasy of spurting orgasm, the scent of sexy lovemaking flushed over them, as moans and groans resonated pleasurably.

"A deception, the Anti-Feds," Ronin muttered as he held Morticia in his arms.

"Yes, they're a front, I'm betting on it, those treasonous bastards," she answered.

"Funding?" Rose asked while hugging Morticia. "Let me answer that, I'm guessing certain members of congress are playing this out for political clout in the next election."

"We need to get on the money trail," Ronin offered. "Our first sanction will be one of the traitor's in the legislative branch. Hypocrisy follows the fool who speaks loudest."

"And, abuses their power, not for the people, but for personal gain," Rose chimed in. "I'll get on it right away." She snuggled in between the both of them. "We need a target."

"No doubt, it's time to go deep cover, off the grid," Morticia reflected.

"The republic is in danger," Ronin added with a hint of sadness.

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