War Within for Nothing to Win – Lancer - a Short Story

by Randy Gonzalez


An introduction to the superheroine, Samurai Mistress Cerulean and her trainee, Lancer, to go on adventure fighting the forces of evil.

"As in times past," the Amazon warrior, exotically naked, spoke to her protégé, "as most notions are seldom new, some claim a predilection toward an unfolding natural theology of thinking. In primeval times, wise ones spoke of an enhanced state of enlightenment, of duty, obedience and dedication." She eyed his naked form.

"Yes, my mistress," the youngling whispered in reverence.

"Self-sacrifice in the sacrament of allegiance to a higher calling," she went on, but watched his presence very intently. "The servitude for which we submit is that way to the unspoken realms of transformation. You can quiet anytime, just say so."

"No, my mistress, I will submit," he pleaded his submissive pledge.

"To receive the many facets of the pleasures we achieve," she warned, "One must suffer. Pleasures are not worthy of pleasing unless there are painful experiences."

"Yes, my mistress," he said bowing to her.

"You will train hard; it will be brutal and you will be punished for your efforts. Do you understand?" She leaned into him and whispered. She smiled as the two sat in the nude with Zen focus, proper kneeling position. "At some point, exhausted, you think you can do no more, that is just the beginning, the real tests come after that." She paused for him to absorb it. "In my dojo, my school of thought is a blend of many things, fluid and self-evolving. We share the journey of our individual quests."

"Yes, sensei mistress," the male adherent, younger and well-toned, said with admiration and respect. Slowly he let out a controlled exhale as she counted the seconds for the release of inner tension. For the moment, his penis remained flaccid. "Thank you, Mistress Cerulean for this honor to train in your clan."

"Ah, my dear apprentice, the honor is mine, to say the least," the tall lithe dark beauty responded fondly. Her Asian heritage spoke centuries of samurai devotion. Yet that was only part of her exotic evolutionary transformation. Her Nubian ancestors played a part as well. "The primacy of thinking," Mistress Cerulean continued, "is the core of a self-evolution for ascendency in wiser differentiation. A multidimensional complexity of creativity that castigates without mercy acts of thoughtless regression and abject selfishness. Not to forget of course, countermeasures to fight aggression."

"Yes, my mistress," he whispered obediently and nearly sagged at the shoulders, exhausted from the intense workout prior to assuming the Zen position. Drenched with sweat, his lean body glistened with shiny reflection. "I will think deeply."

"Back straight," she admonished gruffly and slapped his shoulder with the sting of a bamboo stick. The sound bounced around the dojo. "Do not slouch." Her voice got louder. "Project your inner self and do not slump your posture."

"Yes, ma'am, I obey as you say," the young one whispered and became rigid.

The loud sharp echo of her smack zipped through the training hall like the crack of her whip. He fell to one side. His aching knees curled to his chest for a second or two. At which moment, his legs spread open, and exposed his balls and thick penis. She eyed with an appreciative gaze the length and girth of his cock. Recovering quickly, he kneeled again, bowed before her and sat up straight with his hands folded on his thighs. She stood over him with a strong wide hipped presence.

"You obey me, or you leave at this moment," she demanded. "That's it."

"Yes, my Mistress." He swallowed with a heavy breath.

"Very good, breath, steady, keep your mind balanced, no distractions," she instructed. "Here, this perspective suggests a "theology of personal belief", credence, acceptance, choice and faith that begs liberation in pursuit of greater wisdom. Yet, some choose to avoid change and remain stranded. Such are doctrines of "spirituality" that avoid freedom of insight, ascension and higher levels of transformative enlightenment."

"Your wish is my command, my sensei," the apprentice acknowledged.

"These are dangerous times," she advised softly. "We must keep the watch as the flocks grow desperate, the wolves will hunger more and more for their flesh."

"I have much to learn," the younger murmured, as training had been intense today.

"You must stay on your quest, your training is improving," she told him patiently. "The energy that flows within us is a potent sensuality that manifests from the darkness deep inside our essential human nature. That is what we harness and control." Soothingly, she touched his shoulder. "Lay on your back, arms straight at your side, legs closed and feet pointed straight. Do not move, close your eyes and sink into your core."

"As you wish, my mistress," he answered quickly and complied. "I accept the tenets our belief system. I want to be a warrior in the servant class."

Without hesitance, he adjusted accordingly on the smooth black flooring that covered the dense brown tatami mats, and extended from corner to corner. Around the outer edges of the training area, the walls were filled with every manner of ancient weaponry. From swords to daggers, staffs, bows and arrows, armor and shields, and mirrors to contemplate the depth of inner dimensional realms. And, below the ground level, there was an armory. Any array of firearms was available, depending on the threat.

Red tapestries, black flooring and dim lighting, illuminated by long burning candles, kept the ever-present flicker of shadows. Outside, a deep constantly flowing moat surrounded her castle. Her fortress was one of several. Defending the coastal region of what used to be northeast Nova Scotia was her chosen task. Most of the earlier land mass gave way to risen waters, which created a few islands here and there.

"These natural emollients will soothe and protect your skin," she told him while she drew near a leather case which contained an array of herbal remedies. "Let yourself flow through all your senses. We will release the pent-up fluids within." Gently, she placed her oiled hands on his skin. "Stress on mind and body must be discharged."

"Oh my, sensei," he whispered effortlessly. "That feels heavenly.

"Know this," she said while she massaged his neck and shoulders. "From that quest, there is a war within which depends as to what comes in the end. In the mission, one seeks to make amends. Such is the adventure undertaken by extraordinary exertion of willful instigation for purposes of mindful change. Energies span a spectrum across a lifetime, with never ending possibilities for enlightened transformation."

"I feel so light, I could float through the room," he hissed slowly.

"Let your mind move with those streams of thought." She poured creamy liquids over his chest, on his nipples, and down his center to his navel. The scent of coconut and mangoes hinted a fragrant allure. "Go deeper into the nexus."

"I'm sinking, my mistress," he muttered sleepily.

"For now, I am your dominant, your mistress-sensei, and you must serve me and only me. As my submissive, that is, of course, until I release you from bondage," the mysterious Amazon whispered darkly. "Is that clear?"

"Yes, my sensei," the youngling obeyed. "I am yours."

"Never forget, we defend and protect this realm," she whispered.

"All the life forms," he said and bowed his head to her, "we protect."

"Without question that is correct." Her emerald eyes spoke the potency of her mystique and power, particular over men. "Peace in this part of the solar system is up to the warrior class. We are the protectors; it is our oath. Unless you quit."

"I will never quit, my mistress-sensei," he countered respectfully.

Mysterious, olive skinned silkiness, dark green-eyed beauty, and much taller than he, her presence towered over his physical essence. Compact, strong, muscular, smooth skinned and of lighter complexion, head shaved, the youngling's angular features were a unique contrast between the two warriors. One the master, the other the apprentice, both determined to prevail in the self-evolution of the higher self.

"We shall see. To reach higher realms, you must submit and, in your submission, you will learn to unleash power deep within. As my protégé, such is the realm of a unified gender consciousness," she said. "This is more than mere fucking."

"I will do as you command, my mistress," he muttered reverently.

"Quitters never win the war within, they only die a tortuous end," the green-eyed mystic spoke wisely as she massaged his penis. "From here on, no turning back. We continue your workout from the physical to the mental. Liberation awaits."

"Yes, my sensei master," his husky voice mumbled as he flinched to her touch.

"Easy, control your senses, move with the energy flow. Like the sword of our ancestors," she said, "You must be tempered and honed to the sharpened edge of your sanities. Your body must be strengthened and molded into a weapon as well as an instrument of pleasure to embrace the pains of life, and self-evolve."

"Mistress-sensei, yes, I accept this," the younger one replied. "I will obey you without question. If it pleases my sensei, I submit without question."

"We train naked, exposed and bare in all our essence," the teacher said to him. "We fight, wrestle and work out nakedly without fear, as the ancients once did."

"I embrace my bareness, sensei, without shame or fear," he answered.

"Whatever unfolds we accept that and relish in the consequences." She gripped the shaft of his cock and held him hard. "To fuck and fight is the spiritual might of our delight. Sexuality is the force. Through it, we overcome the selfishness of pride, vanity and modesty in the lack of appreciation for the amazing bodies we have."

"As you command, my mistress," the young one answered obediently.

"Long before our existence, centuries ago, and before the fall of the empires," the wise Amazon stoically claimed. "Ancient warriors, Roman legions, and later, samurai, openly trained, learned, fought and leisured uninhibitedly in the nude. It was sacred."

"I serve naked without concern for how I look, mistress," he answered meekly. "I surrender to you, and pray you do with me as you wish. My body is open to you."

"Your submission is accepted," she said with a smile. "You are not to be afraid or ashamed of your body. As in that realm of no time, where creation began, a garden of earthly delights revered the nakedness of human evolution. We are the ministers of those evolving life forces." Gently, she stoked his rigid very hard cock. "Concentrate."

"Yes, my warrior queen," he breathed with a slight pant.

"We shall see, as the great masters have said, there is no dread, there is only the regretful dead," she noted. "Control the forces within, to bend willfully to the end."

Slowly, with exotic emoluments, she held him tightly with both hands, pumping, massaging and cupping his balls and pulling on his penis. Her long sensuous fingers, fingernails like talons of eagle, expertly caressed in strong girthy cock. With skilled precision, her razor-sharp nails gently stroked him without the slightest inclination to scratch his skin. Yet, when necessary, her hands were lethal weapons.

"My mistress," he breathed a sigh of submission to her. As he glanced down at his penis, he let his body relax under her touch. "I submit willingly."

"You must," she whispered as though the echo of a ghostly presence. "Your struggle will always be inside you. And, beware of the self," she noted with a long green-eyed stare deep into his brown eyes. "Unbind yourself, be free of constraints."

"Yes, my sensei," he muttered as his pelvis tensed a swelling ejaculation.

"Your young balls are heavy with cum," she advised approvingly. "That's it, you're getting close to the edge." She drew in a long breath. "I want you to release it."

"Thank you, my mistress, your wish is my command," he muttered and shuttered.

"Tonight, you will cum many times at my direction," she instructed. At the same moment, she lathered him slickly with the clear lubricant, and his young huge phallus responded to her manipulations. "Hmm, very nice, you're twitching."

"Yes, my queen, I'm so close, thank you," he groaned.

"Get ready, learn to control this power," she commanded with her authoritative tone and powerful presence. Her angular face expressed stern dominance. "Not yet, but soon, you will appreciate an act of submission is a form of dominance and power."

"At you command, sensei," the youngster said with surrender in his tone.

"I control you, my male submissive," she said wickedly. Previously before their talk ensued, she effortlessly executed a perfect judo technique, and threw him to the padded flooring in a sudden swift motion. Soothing him, she continued. "Stay, lie still and obey and learn. The action was not without poise and grace in the execution of fluidic movement. Your fall had purpose. A mere twist, whirl, and down you went. Very nice fall, you recovered very well. Stay prone before me, like an altar."

"Yes, my mistress-sensei," he answered with a slight hitch in his exhale.

The amazon warrior adjusted herself next to him. Squatting at his mid-section, she smiled down at him and assumed her Zen-position. Both openly naked, neither feared their nudity. When she knelt near his pelvis, she admired his thick semi-erect penis. With ample girth, a sturdy strong cock head, she felt pleased.

A young pony, gifted with an ample cock, she admired his physique. Not too long and not too short, his genitals were of sufficient proportion to be an instrument of learning, discipline and pleasure. She squeezed his ball with the tight circle of her fingers. He winched but labored to relax and accept. Softly, she caressed his scrotum; he twitched very slightly, but held his composure. A smile of approval etched her face.

"Your manly cock and balls are nicely shaped," she complimented.

"Thank you, my mistress, I hope you are pleased with me," he mumbled. "Please, my sensei, discipline me, do as you wish, I am at your command and pleasure."

His young manhood was growing with each moment. Expertly, magically, and uninhibitedly, she manipulated his body with massaging gentleness. She applied mystical ointments and exotic emollients. He was oiled slick and shiny with special creams for smooth silky lubrication. Likewise, she prepared herself as well.

At the same time, she fingered her vaginal lips, tweaked the head of her clitoris, and massaged her inner depths. Long, lithe and muscled to a finely honed perfection, her totality of mind, body and spirit guided him to an altered state. In their ascension to the nexus of thoughts beyond thoughts, a realm of dreams, they drifted.

"Prepare your mind," she started with the soothing hint of a gentle mountain stream. A sedative for the inner thoughts, her voice put him at ease. "You're a virgin and soon that will change. You will begin your transformation to person-hood."

With long strokes, she pulled his penis and pumped the based until his cock strained to escape its natural girth. She admired her capacity to control him and smiled, as his cock was hard as iron and thick as a drainpipe. She relished in the possibilities of a new conquest, power, control and domination. Her fingers continued to work him.

"I am appreciative that it is you who will change me," he whispered again.

Her hands expertly encircled his burgeoning penis. Underneath, the purplish mushroom of the head, the gripped him harder. A battering ram of muscular proportions, she wanted him to plunge within her to the hilt. Up and down, slowly with increasing pressure, the stroked him and massaged the head. Gushy lotions made him slick and slippery. Well-lubricated, he would be a pleasurable fuck.

From head to toe, she worked her enchantment. Magically, under her spell, he obeyed her. Relaxed and floating on a sea of imagined wavy cascades, he sank into a dream state. His penis maintained its potent stature, grew bigger as it filled with growing expectation. She cupped his large balls and squeezed with skilled gentleness. He did not flinch and that was a good thing. She would not be happy if he complained about the slightest thing. At the base of his penis, she gripped him firmly, but not too tightly.

"Easy, that's it, slowly, take your time," she murmured as her hand pumped his cock. Fully engorged, he was hard as an ax handle. "Ah, my youthful stallion, your inner person is very swollen and stiff, ready for release. I will drain you first."

"Yes, my sensei," he muttered groggily with a throaty hint. "I think I'm gonna cum."

"That's it, let it go, I want you to release," she soothed in a comforting way. "Learn to use it to enhance your mindset. Feel the surge of energy building up," she advised.

"Oh, mistress," he moaned and swallowed hard. "Oh, oh, it's building..."

"There you go," she encouraged and worked his cock steadily, pulling and tugging and jerking the head and shaft. "Close your eyes see your thoughts," she instructed.

"Uh, uh, uh," he groaned, his face etched with tension. "Oh, help me..."

"Go for it, let it burst like a milky shower," she prompted and pumped him. "Bring it to the edge, wait," she tightened his cock. "Hold it; get ready to blow your load."

"Oh, goddess of all things, it's so close," he said with a pout. "It's soooooo close."

"Control it, you cannot cum yet," she stroked him slowly and licked his tip.

"Please, I beg you, Mistress, I'm gonna lose it," he moaned with a whimper.

"You will discipline yourself." She squeezed hard below the bulbous head of his cock. "As the ancients have written, control is power," she told him. "Power commands the focus of vital energy. The imagination unfolds from the mind's Id."

"Uh, uh, it's on the edge, I can't," he pleaded with her, wrinkled his face with tension and hunched in short jerky movements from his hips. "I'm might lose it."

"No, you want, concentrate the potency of your Id," she soothingly told him. As one hand held his balls, the other stroked his cock, up and down the shaft, slick and lubed. Tightening his testicles, her fingers worked their enchantment. "There you go easy, smooth, rhythmic, keep the cadence." Magically, she kept him in a state of pre-cumming suspension. "Hang on to it and transform your inner being with its power."

"I can't, please mistress, let me cum," he begged her and panted.

"You will hold until I tell you to cum," she warned. "Lesson one, control. As the ancient scribes have written," she lectured him patiently while she jerked his cock. "And, some more poetic than others, some more insightful and brilliant than here or over there, the essence of humanity the war within depends on complex inner workings of unique sexual individuality. We are sexual beings from which we grow stronger. Selflessness replaces selfishness and sexuality is the source for understanding the life force."

"Yes, my mistress," he groaned in his stiffened state of anxiety.

"My, my, that is an impressive erection. Huge, swollen, veined, it's perfect," she whispered eerily to him, as though an ancient siren. "Mind over self."

"Thank you, my mistress," he muttered in the blur of erotic excitation.

"Right there, that's very good," she gave him credit for his control. "Now, are you ready?" She asked as she jacked his cock with steady rhythmic action. "Ready."

"Oh god, yes, my mistress," he yearned with mounting anxiousness. His torso tensed and flexed his muscled abs. His butt cheeks tightened. "Yes, please."

"Steady, ride it, that's it, stay on the edge," she coached and held his balls.

"Whew," he mumbled and breathed a long exhale.

"Alright then, release that silky wave of cum, my apprentice," she ordered.

At her command, he shot his load in a high arc. She looked up and watched his milky spew leap several feet in the air. Sensei Mistress smiled. From the center of her circular grip, her long sensuous fingers holding him tightly, she lowered her head. Close to her tender grasp, around the head of his cock, her lips came closer to his bursting manhood. At the same time, her youngling convulsed at the explosive release of the creamy gush.

His pent-up fluids continued to spurt for a series of back arching jerks. With her other hand, she felt his big balls retract and pull in tight at the base of his penis. Multiple spasms followed as his cock jolted and spurted the ooze over his bulbous dick, and drip down the curvature soaking her fingertips. As his youthful musculature contracted, as though a fit of neural seizures, her plush lips brushed the tip of his cock.

"Thank you, sensei mistress," he panted and regained his breath. "I am yours."

"Yes, you are, my trainee," she eerily whispered with satisfaction. "I will train you."

"I am grateful, my mistress," he muttered, his cerebral energies fluctuating, racing and calming down from his new learning experience. "I submit freely."

"As you should, so long as you desire to continue your training," she added sternly with a fierce look, yet inched nearer to his cock. "Now, remain flat, relax."

Her long pink tongue reached for the crease under the opening to his semi-erect penis. Still hefty, a girthy handful, Cerulean smirked; her eyes sparkled in her joy for teaching the young apprentices. Male or female, it did not matter. She stared up at him as he tried to control his breaths. Yet, breathless his young anticipation warred within, as his inner selves struggled for balance. He shuddered as she kissed his cock.

"It's okay, stay calm, focus," she soothed, her tone languid but erotic. "I'm going to suck you and taste the very essence of your inner being. We are bonding."

"Yes, my sensei mistress, as you desire," he muttered tensely. "It's sensitive."

"Of course, it is, a divine part of you, the real energy of life that is you," she told him instructively. "Your potency for life's evolutionary transformation is this lovely liquid silk, the milk of transcendence to higher consciousness." Her lips pressed the thick flesh of his cock head and kissed the tip. "It's your spiritual being that came out of you."

"Please teach me these mysteries," his soft voice pled with her.

"You submit, I teach," she warned. "You will get a new name for your transition."

"I am honored, sensei," he said and let out a slow breath.

"Lancer, I will call you Lancer, for someone I knew a long time ago," she added. "A valiant warrior and trusted friend. He no longer resides in this realm."

"Thank you, Master Sensei," Lancer answered in a submissive manner.

The blare of silence filled the dojo for moments. Scents of sexuality, masculine and feminine mystique exuded the essence of humanness. In the background, the yellow and red candles glowed in shadowy cadence to the hints of potent incense. A solitude of serenity held sway for the necessity of introspective contemplation. Both naked and kneeling, facing each other, the nudity melded into mindful allegiance to their calling. With the advent of Lancer, Cerulean would once again raise up a tribe of warriors.

As to his lance, his strong thick phallus, she would train him hard. His exhaustion would be his strength. To pierce the psychic darkness of human thinking, she would expose him to all manner of sexuality, as well as the vast range of martial lethality. For his training, his spear, his sword and his javelin will transform his psychic state to heights of perfection. Lancing with the prick of deep puncture into the darkness of mind, Lancer's physicality eventually emerges as ascendant transformation.

"Apprentice Lancer," Cerulean started to say. Her golden-brown nakedness easily shown her fit and trim presence. "Now, we wrestle. First to yield submits."

"Yes, my mistress, understood," Lancer said with a bow and gazed at her body.

"The dominant chooses his or her submission device," she warned him. She took a deep breath. Her smallish breasts with large nipples, pierced with tiny gold rings, rose and fell in cadence with preparation. "You're free to pick any sexual mechanism."

"I accept your commands, my mistress," Lancer replied quickly.

"Now!" She gave a loud martial arts cry, a kiai, signaling an instant attack.

In a split second, they locked in hand-to-hand combat wrestling, grappling, and twisting in locked engagement. Like a wildcat, she leapt at him with a fury. Moreover, yes, a wild lioness she always ways. With an ornate colorful tattoo carved skillfully in charcoal and blue hues and red tints, the cougar arched down her back on the left side. Around her leopard, there were also pink lotus blossoms with green stems.

From muscled shoulder to her tight hard buttocks, the cat fought alongside her. Artistically etched into her skin, the brilliantly colorful flesh art depicted a leaping black panther. Likewise, she would have the privilege to tattoo her protégé.

For now, covering defensively, he tried to dodge the sudden onslaught, anticipating, twisting and maneuvering sideways and bracing for the attack of the cat. Instantly, she overwhelmed the youngling and held him in a contorted scissor lock. Nakedly sweating their exertion, she felt the heated dampness his skin against hers. With electrifying intensity, the clutch of his nubile bareness rubbed roughly against her pelvis.

Within seconds, her lightening reflexes overwhelmed his youthful reactivity. Again, the physical, mental and spiritual exertion strained their bodies beyond normal limitations. Pining, holding, clamping and clenching, they wrestled in vigorous naked ground fighting. Moments passed, and the echo of gasping, sweating and heaving flesh tormented the senses to a well-honed precision. She had him easily bound.

"Fast, you're fast, my mistress," Lancer stuttered to speak. He gulped for air.

"Yes, I am," she noted playfully and darted her tongue in and out of his ear. Licking his face, she whispered mystically, "Hmm, what is this?" She reached from behind his nicely muscled back and gripped his cock. "I think you like our naked workouts." Jacking him slowly, she smiled. "Very nicely done, you're have an erection."

"Yes, my battle mistress, it's so exciting," he muttered and tried to fight back. His hands tensed while he held on to her arm lock. Sweat drenched his brow. "Whew," he muttered and swallowed heavily. "That feels good, my mistress."

"That's it, never quit, you fight until the end," she demanded warmly. Between her legs, she knew she was wet again and effortlessly let her hips rotate. Slickly, she slid warmly around him. "Orgasm, the great release, give us power." She moved him and adjusted her body to fit his. "There," she whispered. "Now, you're on top, even though you're under my control, I choose this position for submission."

"Thank you, my mistress," he blurted and controlled his breathing. His long erect penis jutted like a harpoon ready to impale its quarry. "I'm gonna burst."

"Focus, control, discipline," she warned him. "There, right there, the entrance."

His cock head brushed her sleek damp vaginal lips. She eased her chokehold around his neck, and gently held his huge young cock at the base. Wrapping her legs tighter around his waist, she pulled him down and guided his penis into her moist thick pubis. Her ankles comfortably locked together at the base of his spine, while her strong thighs hugged his hips. Slowly, she let led him into her inch by inch.

Once positioned, she pressed him with a forceful shove to the hilt inside her womb. For a second, she hissed out a long exhale, enjoyed the plunge and accepted the deepness. His cock fully engorged her and she opened wide to take all of him. Together, they moaned in unison and he hit bottom deep inside. In seconds, the fucked with precision. Meeting each other stroke for stroke thrust met thrust in potent unification as one. Pumping hard and bottomless, he slammed into her with full force. Wet, warm and forceful, she dug her nails into his back and drew tiny droplets of blood.

Clamping with tight muscle tension, she held him close. Arching his back, while she humped him from beneath, his buttocks tightened while he drove back and forth inside her vaginal grip. His knees firmly planted on the mat, he bucked furiously and slammed his hips to meet her pounding lifts. She wrapped her legs around his waist and captured him. With her long sensuous thighs, her very essence of potency held onto him. While he groaned and panted in youthful urgency, her ankles locked together at the base of his back. From there, no escape was possible from furious fucking.

"That's it, my youthful apprentice, do it," she murmured softly, after an initial gasp of fleshy impalement. "Fuck me hard and fast. Drill me, open me up!"

"Oh, yes, my goddess, yes," he blurted in anxious ecstasy. Carefully, he interlocked his hands at the base of her head and held on securely. "Oh, my goddess, please..."

"Beg for it, slave boy, you are min. Oh, yes, there you go, fuck boy, fuck me as though there is no tomorrow," she moaned at each forceful down stroke. Each rack of her dagger nails left her markings on him. "That's it, ride my pussy, work it, arch yourself, maximum depth. Go for it; let me have it, unleash your energies."

Pounding away as if he needed to take control of himself, Lance hammered his huge cock to the depths of her flooding nectar. Their sexual union smacked with juicy sounds of intense carnality. His swollen balls slapped her ass cheeks, and made spanking noises as they fucked excitedly. Like a jackhammer, Lancer's cock curved up into her with increasing tempo. Pressure was building. While her strong vaginal lips swelled around his girth, she could feel him reach the point of climatic surge. He grimaced ready to cum.

"My battles mistress," he moaned achingly. "Please, permission to cum."

"Permission granted," she murmured and steadied herself to cum with him. "Let me feel you." She reached between and held his penis the base. "Cum for me."

"Oh my god, yes!" Lancer blurted with the depth of guttural excitement.

"That's it, my little fuck toy, fill me up," she whispered wickedly.

With a sudden clutch of his contracting balls, he exploded inside her. Full of young cum, he could not hold back any longer. The moment for regenerative carnality burst through the organic primal restraint. His huge penis jerked with potent intensity. Likewise, she shuddered with a series of orgasmic contractions. Holding each other tightly, they bucked with shivers and shakes in mutual cumming. With erotic savagery, they consumed each other with hot volcanic blasts of sexual eruption.

Her fingers gripped his ass and pulled him in her. His butt cheeks contoured into the tightness of firm muscles. He froze for an instant. In the bottomless reach of her vaginal clinch, his engulfed cock convulsed like a fire hose. While he held on tightly, hugged her and kissed her plush moist lips, she humped him wildly. At the same moment, she panted and shoved her hips up to meet his gushing release. Spurting blasts of cum flooded her and oozed out the sides of her swollen pubis, while his cock convulsed.

Streams of the silken milky fluid drained down the crease of her butt and pooled on the green mat under them. He continued to thrust and shoot his cum for what seemed like endless minutes. With a satisfied smile on her face, she knew her protégé would do well under her tutelage. At which instant, she rolled him over and saddled him like a young pony readied to be ridden some more. Rocking back and forth, she continued to milk his cock, as his bulky penis remained lodged inside her.

"Thank you, my mistress sensei," he muttered lost in the brilliant white explosion inside his head. "My submission to you will never cease. You wish is my command."

"It is as it should be," she murmured in his ear. "You belong to me."

"Yes, my mistress, I am your willing servant," he sighed and felt his cock slowly retract and slip from her vaginal grip. "Do with me as you wish."

"Oh yes, I will," she quickly assured him without hesitance. "Discipline is essential. And, you must obey without resistance the training you receive."

In a dystopic time, duty, discipline and devotion remained among the valiant few. As most sought illicit gain in one way or another, various factions warred for dominance. For Mistress Cerulean, the vanguard of an ancient warrior cult, the only mission was personal ascension to higher planes of enlightenment. That meant warfare.

In so doing, pursuing the embattled consciousness of dangerous reality, she would teach him the ways of the war within. For that, the emphasis was nothing to win. As to the end of life and all things human, nothing and no one mattered after that.

"I only follow you, sensei," Lancer readily agreed. "Teach me the ways."

"Stay, don't move," she commanded and sat upright, while she straddled him. "Feel this deep inside you, not just physically, by psychically, use all your senses."

"Yes, ma'am, my mind wanders the depths," he admitted and held her hips.

"Sense your pains, your struggles, your very life itself," she admonished. "The mind is a metaphor for what the vast reaches of what your brain is telling you." She paused, closed her eyes and enjoyed the throbbing sensations. "Use your sexual energy to manifest the potency of your mindset. Transform yourself beyond this realm."

"Yes, my sensei," he muttered and sank into an altered state of meditation. His girthy but limp cock twitched, as she gingerly rode his length. "Thank you, sensei."

The big mushroom head of his penis slowly withdrew from her vagina. Slick, shiny and streaked with mutual cumming, his cock slipped to the top of his thighs. She gently massaged the shaft and held him down by the shoulders. Her back curved like the blade of her sword as she worked him. While he controlled his breathing, his mind opened and pondered the development of selfless sacrifice for the greater good.

At that moment of salacious recovery and solitude of silence, the echo of entry into the hall interrupted the amative repose. A female assistant, a smaller reflection of Mistress Cerulean, attired in black combat gear, entered. Immediately, she approached the mat and kneeled, gave a ceremonial bow, and waited for acknowledgement. With all due respect, she slanted the blade of her sheathed katana away from the Mistress.

"Yes," Cerulean said without looking at the attendant.

"Forgive me for the interruption," the attendant began with a bow. "An urgent matter has arisen. "The commander requests your presence on the telecom link."

"Affirmative, thank you," Cerulean acknowledged with a regal hint in her stature. She rose up and returned the bow to the attendant. "Lancer, on your feet, follow me."

"As you command, my sensei," he muttered with a groggy utterance. Seemingly satiated for the moment, he cleaned up. "I will clean our presence on these mats."

"Very well," she answered him. "I will check in." She watched carefully.

In an instant, a move so quickly calculated only a warrior would comprehend the essence of the potential that waited for action. Cerulean's gate was lithe, smooth, confident and sensual. Her unabashed nakedness brazenly demonstrated her liberated spirit. A trim angular physically fit body, Mistress Cerulean was the consummate warrior. As the attendant withdrew, the mistress headed to an opposite wall. After she retrieved a hand-held controller, she pressed a button. Ornate red tapestries with Asian script adorned the wall, but slid to one side to review a large screen monitor.

From the curtains, dragons stared at her brazen bareness, her pointy breast and smoothly shaved pubis. Behind the ornamental paneling, electronics woke up in an instant. Proudly naked, Cerulean patiently waited seconds for the system to activate. The hidden monitor the size of a forty-eight-inch flat screen came alive. From a recessed camera, the system assessed her from head to toe.

From red to green, confirmation acknowledged her, as the monitor lit up in full three-D coloration. She smiled wickedly and with the wave of a hand summoned her apprentice. Obediently, he came to her side and knelt. Lancer bowed reverently. She gave a flick of her fingers, and Lancer stood offset slightly to her rear. While they waited, she massaged his semi-erect cock. Tugging his flesh, she felt him tense up slightly.

"Relax, Lancer, control, discipline," she admonished in a whisper.

"Yes, ma'am," he eagerly answered and stood very still.

"Training never ends regardless the encounters one wins," she reminded.

"Sensei Mistress Cerulean," an aging grey-haired commander smiled back from the screen. He mused at her confident stature. "You are needed." He nodded a bow.

"Commander, we are always needed," she said and returned the bow.

"We need our best hunter-tracker on this one," he quickly admitted. "I will cut to the immediacy of the objective. An agent has gone missing in New Florida." Silence filled the room for a few seconds. "Signal from the G.I.S. for assistance."

"Who?" Cerulean asked evoking a serious expression.

"Someone you trained, Agent Sage Tumbleweed," the commander said flatly. His eyes were sad. Agent Tumbleweed was a legend. "We will find the agent."

"We're on it," Cerulean answered without hesitation or further questions. "Send all notations to us while we are on the move. Use of force orders?" Was all she asked?

By intuitive assessment, which took place instantly, and sensory appraisal, she had what she needs to instigate action. Reading the commander facial expression, listening to the tone of voice, Cerulean understand the gravity of the situation. Aside from the possible play on words, the teleportation transport was ready for her. Instantly, their journey would be quick, painless and without the stress of travel. The commander knew central command was sending one of their best warrior hunters.

"Locate Agent Tumbleweed, ensure her safe return to duty, expose any conspiracies, and terminate anyone responsible for her disappearance," the commander noted but held back for a moment. "That means any extraterrestrial interference.

"Affirmative, commander," Cerulean replied with a stoic gaze into the monitor. Her mask of discipline held back concern for her friend, Agent Tumbleweed. She sucked in a breath and let it out slowly. "I am hearing the use of wide discretion is confirmed."

"Roger that," the commander said sourly. "We could be on the brink of war."

"Understood," Cerulean confirmed wryly. The screen went solid blue, as she turned to her apprentice. "We need to pack quickly. Make certain your weaponry is ready."

"Yes, ma'am," Lancer replied respectfully. His nude body glistened with his anticipation of her next training session. "You desire is my command."

"Eager one, aren't you?" She smirked and rubbed his cock back and forth. "We must move quickly to the launch center. She pulled him by his penis. "Let's go."

Inside the transport pod, they waited for the countdown. Attired in matching blue field dress uniforms, representing the provincial enforcement command, she made a few minor adjustments to the tele-port module. Cerulean side glanced her protégée.

"All set, my mistress," he said nervously.

"You have done simulations, correct?" She queried.

"Uh, no ma'am, I haven't done those yet," he answered with his head down.

"Well, no worries," she sought to comfort him. "You'll be fine." Cerulean smiled that nearly hinted with affection. "It's like having an orgasm, cumming without cumming. Although," she hesitated in a fun way, "Some say they actually do cum." He smiled slightly. "Ah yes, my pet, war within for nothing to win, its transformation."

The end.... Cerulean and Lancer join forces with Agent Sage Tumbleweed in other short stories and adventures.

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