Does This Title Work?

by Adventure Wynn

I doubt that accepting big tech further censor us is anymore dangerous than the current condition. I dont see it as a slippery slope anymore than banning the swastika. I see it more like firearms. Theres a few scenarios where they would help but the most common scenarios are disastrous.

The current condition has clearly proven to be disastrous and the alternative to this seems almost hypothetical. Like if you dont have a handgun you're family is in danger. And like all other issues in the US, our minds are conditioned to see Black and White like Love and Hate...The safe harbor of indifference is never a consideration. You dont have to be riding the typhoon out at sea to be concerned. So now most see this issue of censorship the same way. It's either "Liberty or Death!" Give me a break...This thought process relating to censorship is only possible if you deny that The New York times has been censoring us since its creation. It's the same with the Myths of Freewill and the Selfmade Man existing mainly in the under-educated class. Their minds have never been exposed to the depths of intellect. Hence why Emerson referred to them as the 'foolish'.

  If this issue of censorship is so black and white, what has the current condition achieved? I think it's obvious, so why automatically...I think knee jerk is a better description because it is a conditioned response...assume increased censorship will have a negative effect? I find it hard to believe that all the info you need is not always available. The problem is no one wants the inconvenience of searching too hard for it. How are we to survive if we have to leave the couch to find the remote? The library? A six word meme is all you need to be brought up to date on all these black and white issues facing us. In this world a 60 year old and a 16 year old are capable of having the same depth of intellect. Most beating the drum of Free Speech obviously dont have the intellect to filter it.

In "1984" the main character only achieved enlightenment by going where his mind told him not to. Even in that world the info was available. That's closer to freedom than the conditioning allows. What's the quote? "Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious." Who is even aware that enlightenment is only achieved through rebelling against the mind? The opposite direction is the path of social media and makes your mind a prison. Today America's path to 'enlightenment' as with all aspects of life in the US are the paths of least resistance.

It seems a significant portion of the population now have the mentalities of teenagers. I think, and I'm comfortable with you disagreeing, a characteristic of intelligence and maturity is being confident enough to second guess yourself. I think I've always been adept at realizing I'm a fucking moron sometimes. I have won the most memorable and satisfying contests with this ability above all others. The foolish expect brawn to clear every obstacle. In a black and white world there is only fight or flight. "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."

How many times have you seen this ability to self doubt displayed in society today? You see the lack of this ability in a high school crowd. How the f*ck has the current degree of censorship made the US a stronger country? "The foolish have no range in their scale" so black and white is the way they see the world. "You're either with us or against us!" If everything is black and white what use is a library? I have to wonder would a library fire evict the same outrage as banning a shallow douche bag from Twitter?

The degree of censorship will not change the lack of curiosity in most. Like a teenager, most seem desperate to only be reassured they're right. Who today seeks out info to see if they're wrong? Americans today seem frightened by self doubt...that's a teenage mind. And social media is self tailored to this short coming. Think about was designed by college kids and we are letting it turn us into them.

Instead of looking within ourselves to address the core problem we are conditioned to look some group for reassurance. For example, the world's being destroyed so we donate to a group and get a plastic bracelet or we harbor insecurities so we join the NRA. I am confident every problem facing the country is deeply embedded in all of us. "Be the change.." doesn't automatically mean join a group of like minded assholes but that's always easiest to get the sense of accomplishment we seek.

"I have seen the freest among you wear your freedom as a yoke." this still sums the US up perfectly.

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