Current Events 01/11/2021

by Adventure Wynn

Civil War comes to mind a lot these days. If by Civil War it means challenging the Federal authority then I guess it's obviously happening. The spirit of the South may be rising but ultimately it will be hammered back down and in the long run that's why it shouldn't concern anyone too much. The idiots and adherents to the army of states rights have never ever been at more of a disadvantage. Its comical to think that these boobs will dress in body armor with a M16 in one hand and a selfie stick in the other and compete against our military.

This will drive the nails in the coffin of that whole idea. I am sure this will be good for the country. They dont want to give up their statues, let's take them by force. I look forward to things like the Stars and Bars and Swastika being permanently outlawed as a hate symbol, southern Civil War leaders being seen in the true light as inspiration for traitors and removed from pop culture. But I think these are still not the biggest problems facing us. Corporate domination is whats really fucking the world up not this pop culture BS. Today's problems are more like a distraction from the worlds real sell clicks. That's the way I feel anyway.

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