My Longest Love Affair

by Ruth Z Deming


Right now I am sipping, not slurping, or gulping, my favorite drink.

V-8 in the small cans?


Pumpkin Spice Tea bought at the Giant Supermarket in Willow Grove, PA before the pandemic?


Tetley Decaffeinated Green Tea, which is supposed to help our immune systems?

Of course not.

When my sister Donna's condo in nearby Hatboro, PA, was practically buried alive in a flood, she gave me a dozen of her coffee mugs.

They are beautiful.

Here I sit in my upstairs office drinking coffee from one of her mugs.

The coffee must be hot or it ain't no good.

Ah, how I enjoyed that hot sip of coffee.

And what kind of coffee are you drinking, if I may ask.

Crazy name. Michael's Red Velvet Cupcake Ground Coffee. From my friend from Goddard College, Coach Iris.

Mmm good, to the very last drop. I've saved some in my Gevalia Thermos I bought at a thrift shop in Hatboro, PA. It is no longer there.

No longer there. So many wonderful places.

And people too. Gone like they were removed by a giant crane and never to be seen again.

Although John Coltrane played A Love Supreme, I will tell you of supreme loves of coffee I have drunk, drank, drink.

Maxwell House Coffee is indeed very good.

Fairly good is Elite Instant Coffee that came all the way from Israel, the land of our fathers and mothers.

An aside. When I awoke this morning I was shocked to find out I had plantar fasciitis.

Went online and did exercises. Stretching exercises. Thankfully they worked.

But, hey, don't let me monopolize. Lemme know what coffees or teas you folks like.

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