Put Litter in Its Place

by Adventure Wynn

Let's talk about litter, garbage, trash... refuse. Remember the slogan "Put Litter in its Place"? That got me thinking years ago. It's one of the things that causes brain storms and keeps me up some nights.

The place for litter is in public view. If it's not in view it's not litter. So the city streets is a good place for it but the best place for litter is our "sacred" National Parks. At the entrance of every park there should be at least one garbage bag of McDonald wrappers and diapers exploded. Some people are conditioned to call National Parks "churches". A church is a place for moral introspection. It's not a place to hide from your problems, it's a place to confront them. So what better place for our trash than a church?

What got me thinking was the photos of bird carcasses on Pacific islands mixed with plastic bits. The bird disintegrates but the plastic continues. How many birds will die from those same bits of plastic? 500 years is a lot of time for it to work on the population. The plastic that exists in the ocean might already be what it takes to wipe out life on this planet but that wont stop us will it? But we will all be focused on climate change because that's a more profitable movement. Countries around the world are banning plastic shopping bags but the US in many states are banning bans on plastics.

What's the difference between "littering" and putting your garbage on the corner for the garbage man? Conditioning has convinced most that sending your garbage out of sight is a "responsible" act. Out of sight out of mind. So conditioning supports the mindless consumption and support of industry. Industry has fully seized on our weakness for convenience. I suspicion Climate Change is a distraction in some part to divert your donations.Much like I suspicion the concern for Honey Bees is a distraction from the real problem facing the 10,000 other bees that have no industry supporting them.

Consider these analogies, if Monsanto was the largest donator to the "Save the Honey Bee" industry or Phillip-Morris turned out to be the biggest supporter of the "Clean Coal" propaganda machine, wouldnt you wonder why? I am guessing Coca-Cola, who is the largest producer of plastics will also be the largest contributor to the Climate Change industry.

Everyone is talking about Climate Change as the threat. The globe will cool down at some point regardless of us but the continent sized plastic island floating around will never disappear.

What better place for garbage than the useless city streets where you cant ignore it? Would that offend you? The result will be exactly the same the mountain of garbage would grow to the size it would be unavoidable..it would just happen a lot quicker if it built up in plain sight instead of the ocean. If mountains of garbage collapsed on poor neighborhoods like in India. Do you think we the consumers of the worlds plastic garbage would think twice?

A revolutionary approach is needed. So remember "Put litter in its Place". I suggest an urban park. This has just begun...

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