The Ship

by skyler.peplinski

It was a cold morning on the cruise ship, people were walking around drinking coffee and tea to warm up. It seemed like any other day we had out on the open sea. It would warm up later as the sun came out but for now it was very foggy. As we approached land it got warmer as well. The other passengers and I were preparing to dock in about an hour as that is what the captain had said over the loudspeaker. At this point, two weeks into the month log trip. You could hear gasps and small screams and little children crying. I went to the deck to check it out and there were waves like you would see on a beach instead of waves you would see in the middle of the ocean like where we were. I then came to the realization that there is a large sand bar in the middle of the ocean due to the constant changing currents. The fog was starting to lift a little so we had some what of an idea about what was going on. There was panic in many people's voices. I thought we would all be fine, but boy was I wrong. I thought the ship could turn and we would all be fine, but we quickly approached the sand bar. To our surprise the boat turned very rapidly until the ship was parallel to the sand bar, but the force of the waves and the momentum of the boat was still was still pushing us toward the sand bar until we hit it the sand bar and the boat flipped onto its side. Many people on the decks who were not holding on fell into the water above the sand bar. These people were ok. The people that held on the opposite side were no hanging from the deck railing. The crash caused all power and systems to go out on the boat. Some people that were hanging decided to drop to the ground or the slipped these people either got severely hurt or died. The people that were still hanging on wrapped themselves around the poles of the railing or got on top of them to then get to a safe place to drop down or until they reached the ground. There were still people inside their rooms or inside places on the boat. Most of the people on the inside made it out some people that were in larger rooms were hurt from the boat tipping and them falling all the way down to the side of that room. The people inside jumped from the door of one room to the wall of another and walked along the wall until they got to the next door all the way until they were out of the boat onto the sandbar with everyone else. Many people were trying to get service the boat systems were all down and nothing worked. The nurses and medical professionals were helping the injured people nobody knew what to do. You could feel the sense of panic in the air. Many people were soaking wet and cold as it was only about 50 degrease out but it would get warmer. The ship workers and captain discussed for a very long time what to do. They announced that we could go inside in a while as there were clouds forming overhead. We waited outside on the sand bar as they went into the ship and set up safety ladders for us to climb up through each door into a different room until we reached our rooms. The hallways were very narrow so there was no need for a ladder in those hallways as we could just climb into our rooms. People were instructed to move the furniture onto the walls and set up the rooms that way so we could sleep in our rooms. My room was on the furthest side of the of the boat meaning I had to climb up every ladder possible to get to my room. I did wait longer than most people because I didn't mind standing in the rain. On my way in I helped several people with their children as it was very difficult for them to get up the ladders with their small children after climbing up the whole ship and helping other families I got to my room around two hours later. Everything was a mess and stacked against the wall. Me and my wife moved it around so we could sleep. In the meantime there was nothing no power, noting to do, and no end in sight. We were trapped. We passed the time by playing cards with the people across the hall. We had been at it for days and it was a very difficult process to get food. Our only hope was that the same cruise line had a cruise fallowing the same path that left a week later. So, we waited a whole week until we saw that ship. One thing I did not consider at the time was what if the ship had the same problem we did, but it was a clear day, and the water was calm. But the other ship spotted us and reported it to the coast guard, but the other ship never stopped as it would have been too difficult, and their ship was already packed with people. But a few hours later coast guard ships started showing up. These boats looked very small and it wasn't until I saw the much larger ship we were getting shuttled to. First they took all the people that had been injured along with elderly people. Many people volunteered to wait since there wasn't any risk for them they let family's go and people who seemed much more scared by the situation. We were one of the last boats to get to the much larger coast guard ship. When we got there people had brought their phones and were calling their family's. the coast guard took us to the nearest port and the cruise line paid for flights back to the unites states, but many people choose to continue the cruse as they had sent us a new ship. We stayed in the small port town they brought us to we had only brought our valuables and a few clothing items and bought many of our clothes in this small town and waited for the new ship. We aren't sure what happened to the ship we were on it could still be in the middle of the ocean for all we know. Around a week and a half later they had sent the new ship and we were two of around 300 people that stayed on the ship to continue the cruise. After a week longer on the new ship they had reported that around 25 people had died in the reck and 100 injured. We continued our vacation and 3 weeks later were back in Florida. We went home back to Denver with no where near the amount of clothes we had left with but a traumatizing experience we will never forget.

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