The Angel Patrol's Sister Against Sister Prolouge

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The Angel Patrol commences with sister against sister and ends with the short introduction of "The Angel Patrol."

"Hi! My name is Angela Parker, but all of my friends just call me, 'Angel' for short!" She introduced herself to her new locker partner at school.

The other girl smiled right back at her. She was glad her new locker partner was a nice girl, and not one of the 'mean girls.' "My name is Grace Allen, but all of my friends just call me Gracie!" She smiled right back at her. "It's nice to meet you too!"

"Hello Cynthia!" said her sister Angela. "Hello, Losers!" greeted her sister. "See yeah later Angel Child," she said as she walked by.

"So long Cindy! Cindy! remarked Angela." "How many times do I have to remind you to call me by my real name, Cynthia! Not Cindy! Cindy!" Snarled Cynthia, the leader of the mean girls.

"Oh! I don't really know? How many times does it take for you to call me, Angela!" Angela retorted.

"How cum I have to call you Angela? When Gracie gets to call you Angel?" Cynthia asked plainly.

In case you don't know by now, you may be my sister, Cynthia! But you will never in a million years become one of my friends! retorted Angela.

"Agreed! Loser! Ifen I was one of your meager friends? I hafta become a Loser just like the rest of you clowns!" Just exactly then they were saved by the bell!

Their parents, in their infinitive parental wisdom, had the foresight not to enroll their daughters in the same classes. Cynthia was a Junior in high-school, and her sister, Angela was a lowly freshman, so they did not have to have any difficulty after all.

Since Cynthia was the oldest child, she had her own room and none of her siblings were allowed to enter, just the other mean girls. Cynthia thrived on dissent and strife, and so did her peers.

Whereas, every time Angela argued with her older sister, she felt she was lowering herself down to her level. Because in her heart she felt she sounded and acted just like one of her older sister's mean girls!

Angela decided not to even try to compete with Cynthia in any of her extra circular activities. She did not even want her as a role model! In fact she never acknowledged her as her older sister!

Next year her sister would be a Senior and graduate. Upon graduation, she would become a full time model. Already, she had modeled for several summer time television commercials. It was in her contracts that she was to have regular speaking roles. It was a good thing her voice did not match her personality!

Instead of being a cheer leader and trying to attract the Jocks, Cynthia was a drama queen. Therefore anything remotely related to drama, Angela would avoid like the plague.

But Cynthia had another side to her as well, she had a beautiful body. And she knew plenty of models broke into acting, and vice versa. That is why she made lots of money for a teenage girl her own age; because she she modeled bikini swim suits. In fact she even was photographed as a bikini Cover Girl. Not just on magazine covers but on the world wide web as well!

Cynthia had a stubborn streak and decided to graduate from high school, and confine her modeling to summer vacation. It was the only way her parents would sign her contracts. She would explain quiet frankly to her professional contacts.

Angela was blessed with the voice of a young angel and how she wished and prayed. She would have the temperament to match! Angela sang in the freshman girls' glee as well as the freshmen and sophomore choir.

Already during her summer vacation, she was a background singer for several recordings for different groups. When, their local PBS station was looking for some background singers for one of their fund-raisers, her name was recommended.

She was surprised when her older sister, Cynthia showed up! But she was on her best behavior, and even she had to admit, Angela's voice had a unique quality to it!

Angela would never display most of her body in a bikini swim suit, and always wore one piece swimsuits. Angela would never flirt with neither teens nor men, but Cynthia did both.

In fact Angela was not even the remotely interested in having a boy friend of her own. Cynthia's boy friends would remark upon her cute kid sister because they had younger brothers Angela's age.

"What was wrong with Cynthia's kid sister?" They wondered. And then they started to notice the type of kids that Angelia hung out with. Several of them had tried to catch Angela's eye, but she was not interested in boys like that.

She was a good girl and had every intention of remaining that way. Her parents had named her Angela for a good reason, and she wanted to live up to her own name!

There was a boy that did catch Angela's eye, and he carried a Bible under neath his arms. Since it was her break Gracie and she decided to follow him. There was a sign on the door, "Bible group."

Both she and Gracie sat at the back of the room, and they were surprised when two boys sat down right next to them. One of them was the boy she saw carrying a Bible, and the other one was his very best friend.

Of course his best friend also had his own Bible! There was a good looking man, who was the first boy's father! He was the one who lead their meager numbers in prayer time.

In the room was one man, two boys and two girls. He motioned for their tiny group to bow their heads and pray. He next had everyone introduce themselves, which they did so.

"What in the whole wide world were all of them most thankful for?" No, they didn't have to answer right away, they could start out by making small lists. They could either read them out loud, or keep them to themselves. "And may God bless this, His Angel's Patrol!"

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

December 10, 2020

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