Diamond and Jasmine Are Genie Partners

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Mark Allen Sears' family not only saw him as Diamond, the genie, but also his three team mates: Adrian, the male rainbow fairy, Fiaria, the female butterfly fairy, and his partner, Jasmine, the genie.

Formally, Diamond was an unhappy and friendless sixteen year old youth. He was rejected by his schoolmates at his local high school, and even his own family rejected him completely. Fortunately, his desperate plight did not remain unnoticed.

Fiaria, the butterfly fairy and Adrian, the rainbow fairy also noticed! Since both Diamond and Jasmine were genies, they became natural partners. However, Jasmine was not only his partner, but also his advisor/trainer. The two of them were assigned to the human world instead of the fairy tale world. What was their first assignment? Their first mission of mercy and peace keeping was Diamond's family.

Each one of them was blaming each other for Mark's mysterious disappearance. However, they were grateful at least, suicide was out of the picture. And they gave praise unto The Lord God Almighty. Wherever he was, at least he was still alive! Mark probably just ran away from home! Every thing was gone except for his bedroom furniture! Why did they misuse and abuse him?

"Diamond, I know they are your grieving family members! But partner, please listen to me by taking my sound advice! I have diligently sought the advice of Jesus Christ! And Jesus, Himself advised me to be the one selected to appear to your loved ones!

Fiaria and Adrian are their own partners, but they are also part of our team." It was Fiaria, the butterfly fairy, who was assigned to embrace Diamond.

Jasmine said a silent prayer to God underneath her breath,"Please Father in Heaven, help us!" The four of them embraced each other and joined Fiaria in her fervent prayer!

The three of them watched as Jasmine appeared into new emerald green smoke. She was enabled to because of her new genie partner, Diamond's blue diamond's smoke. Mark Allen's Sears family watched in amazement as Jasmine's emerald green smoke took the form of a beautiful female genie!

"Please don't be alarmed! I bring you good news about your teenage son, Mark! He is not dead, but he is alive and with me now!"Jasmine proclaimed. "

Where is our son, Mark and in heaven's holy name, what have you done with him?" His family boldly encountered her."

"Mark, your family wants to see you right this very minute!" Jasmine desperately cried out to her brand new partner. His family was astonished to see blue diamond smoke take the form of their very own flesh and blood.

He thought it would be best if he were to appear as himself, to his own immediate family. His family ran to him, embraced him warmly and cried tears of joy instead of tears of sorrow.

"Son, why are you with that genie, Jasmine?"His father and mother beseech him.

"Mom and Dad please do not become alarmed! Recently, as I saw the very first star appear in the heavens, in my telescope! I made a wish upon it. I wished that all of my wishes would be granted to me. What happened to me soon afterwards, was this result. Just because I became, Diamond the genie, does not mean I am no longer your son, Mark.

His entire family watched him fold his arms, bob his head and blink his eyes. What happened next? They saw some more blue diamond smoke, and this time when he reappeared, it was as Diamond, the genie!

Both Fiaria and Adrian also showed up and told his family, they would also take extra special care of their brother and son. "No harm would ever come to Diamond on their watch!" The three of them exclaimed loudly.

The family of Mark Allen Sears' was totally flabbergasted with what transpired next. First they watched the rainbow fairy, Adrian, and the butterfly fairy Fiaria, disappear in multi colored pixie dust. And finally they were still astonished when they perceived their son, Diamond, and Jasmine vanish into emerald green and blue diamond smoke and like wise vanish from their sights!

However, they did not vanish before the omnipresent eyes of Lord Jesus Christ, and His holy angelic beings in heaven above!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

December 07-08, 2020

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