To My Brother Tom

by Jackie Johnson

To My Brother Tom

I lost my friend, I lost my Brother

Your life was so short, But you were like no other.

You were a wonderful Son and a loving Father,

You were the kindest Uncle, and a gentle Grandfather.

You were taken from us when it really mattered,

You had had your share of being beaten and battered.

You slipped away from us and you went home, In

peace and contentment that we will all come to know.

You were silent in your going, and you kept us not knowing, and the shock washed over us but we knew you would go.

We knew in our hearts, but didn't want to face it.

Our family feels broken, where it was once strong and

we now have to fake it.

We have grief, we have guilt, each one of us.

We loved you so dearly, Had we done enough?

But I know you Tom, and I know what you would say,

"Get on with your lives, I wanted it this way.

The disease that took me, took all my pride.

But I know you all loved me and it's hard to say good-by.

I am so much happier now I get to see you all here.

I can walk now, and I am free,

Please don't grieve for me.

I'll be with you always, though not in form, If you look you will see, open your hearts, and I will be.

So try and be happy, I am finally free. I know you all love me, so be happy for me.

Keep me in your memory, keep me in your thoughts.

I know that you cared, or it wouldn't hurt so much.

Think of the good times that we had. Don't think of how I was in the end or it will make you sad.

I know that you love me and cared so much, don't feel guilty, sad or scared.

It was no ones fault, not even my own, And I had the best life I could ever have known."

If I know my Brother, I know what he would say, "keep living your life, we will all be together someday."

We love you Tom, we will never be the same.

Jackie Johnson

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